5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes A Freelancer Can Help You Avoid In 2020 

As one of the proven methods to promote a blog, products, and services, email marketing should be at the heart of every company’s marketing strategy. Most companies tend to hire freelancers in Dubai to help them manage existing clients and reach out to new potential customers. However, for most startups, it may not be feasible to hire a freelance email marketer in Dubai especially if the company has a few email subscribers. Although it may not be a walk in the park, you can make your email marketing successful by avoiding the common email marketing mistakes people make while reaching out to their subscribers.

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2020

1. Starting on the wrong footing

What is your first action when someone joins your subscription list? The joy of increasing your subscriptions can make you forget the basics of creating a conversion. Most email marketers include the new subscribers to the next batch of emails, which is very wrong. You should treat your new subscribers the same way you treat people in real life to keep the interaction going. Other than sending your new subscribers your sales email, send them welcome emails immediately they sign-up.

Introduction emails have the most successful open rates as they target people when they want to know more about your company, products, and services. You should also not wait long before sending the welcome email. If you are too busy to respond immediately, we advise you to hire a freelancer in Dubai to help you out. Engage your subscribers as soon as possible when they still remember the reasons why they joined your subscription list. In the welcoming emails, you should welcome your readers, introduce yourself, and prepare your subscriber on what will follow.

2. Not including a call to action

What would you like to gain with your email marketing? Some people fail to give their subscribers a clear call to action in the emails. For example, it is wrong to talk about a landing page or a blog post without including a call to action that will make subscribers quickly access the page or post. Other email marketers include a call to action in places that are difficult to notice. Although you would like your subscribers to read your email message word for word, most people tend to scan for information, and thus, your call to action buttons or links should be readily noticeable.

Before you compose your emails, you should have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve with the message. You will benefit by ensuring that all elements of your email, including images, texts, and design are optimized to help you achieve the intended goal. Make sure that the call to action is visible, eye-catching, and directs the reader towards what you want to accomplish with the email before you can hit the send button.

3. Failure to meet expectations

Are you delivering what you promised your readers? Do not convince subscribers to join your mailing list with something that you cannot deliver. For instance, if you are asking people to join your mailing list to get the latest discounts and promotions, make sure that you stick to promotions and discounts. Anything other than what you promised will make people unsubscribe from your mailing list or channel your emails to spam. You should also avoid overdoing it. If you promised to send your emails weekly, stick to that frequency.

4. Not looking professional

In this era of email phishing, people will not think twice before dismissing an email that does not look professional. Readers are skeptical about emails and websites that look sketchy and thus, you must always maintain a high level of professionalism. Some of the things you can do to ensure professionalism include;

  • Check spelling and grammar to avoid apparent mistakes
  • Use original images in your emails
  • Avoid attachments on your emails and instead offer a link to your PDF
  • Always use respectful language

5. Failure to personalize messages

It is easier to send all your subscribers the same message, but those emails are least effective in creating conversions. You must master the creative ways that you can use to increase customer engagement if you would like your email marketing to be successful. You will capture the attention of your readers if you talk to them directly. Instead of using TV-like ads, you should make every person on your list feel special and treasured by your messages. Some of the ways you can personalize your email messages include;

  • Use of the first name in the subject line
  • Make use of customer demographics like gender, birthdays, age, interests and location
  • Target your customers based on their behaviors when browsing your site i.e., purchased and those who have not purchased


How you respond and treat your mailing subscribers will determine the success of your email marketing. If you are planning to start an email marketing campaign, you should contact the best email marketing freelancer in the UAE to help you increase your conversion rates by personalizing your emails to capture the attention of your readers. They can also optimize the design, images, and texts of your emails to ensure the call to action links are visible and eye-catching.

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