Take Your Freelancing Business to the Next Level: 5 Amazing Reporting Tools Used by Freelancers in Dubai

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When freelancers in Dubai want to leverage their businesses, they take action. They incorporate specific tools to make their lives easier. When growing your business as a freelance writer, you will get overwhelmed sometimes.

There will always be one thing that will ever slip your mind, making the journey challenging. Hence, the more reason to become smarter. To avoid all the trouble, you have to incorporate certain useful freelancing tools. They will not only ease your work but enable you to work effectively. You will be happier with less stress and more joyful days.

The following are some of the effective tools you can use.

1. Things

When you want to manage your tasks and achieve credible results, Things is the best tool. The tool is fast and well-designed to enhance your experience as a freelancer. It’s available for Mac, iPhone, apple watch, and iPad. 

You can decide on which elements you want to see and focus on, and which ones you don’t. This will ensure that you focus on the urgent tasks first, and the less urgent ones later. You get to focus on what’s essential only.

2. Trello

Trello is a visual project management tool. Over 25 million across the globe use Trello. It provides an avenue and visual way for teams to learn and collaborate in an organized manner. You can separate projects into tasks, track individual contributions, and progress smoothly. 

Additionally, you can add comments and easily upload attachments. Freelancers in Dubai use this tool to sync across their devices as it allows them to use lists, and boards to organize and prioritize projects. It enables more time for one to work on their projects.

3. Slack

For organized communications, slack is a fantastic tool. It’s not only fashionable but allows instant messaging. It can be frustrating when you are looking for specific messages only for your efforts to hit rock bottom. Slack enables you to retrieve your messages faster, making it a time-saving tool.

It also makes your conversations searchable, and you can easily organize them into channels, teams, projects, topics, and whatever makes sense to you as a freelancer. Slack is usually faster than hunting irrelevant messages or emails in your inbox.

4. Mailchimp

Most freelancers in Dubai use MailChimp for email marketing. It’s the largest email marketing plan in the market. The tool enables them to grow their audience. If you are looking forward to growing your business by sending out emails, this is a fantastic tool. 

It has dominated the freelancing industry for several years. MailChimp is also flexible and easy to use. Hence, you don’t have to worry about how to use it. In case you doubt its ability, you can opt for the free plan, which allows 2000 subscribers and for you to send up to 1200 emails per month.

5. Rescue time

For managing time as a freelancer, rescue time is an incredible tool. With it, you can know how to use it and save time. It runs into the background of your device, and tracks which site or apps You spend the most time on and how long you are using them. 

With the tool, you will be able to plan and make your projects effectively. You get to know where you are wasting your time on and rectify the mistakes.


These free reporting tools are great for anyone who wants to ease their freelancing work. They help to ensure that you become a lot more productive in your endeavors. Freelancers in Dubai are making a lot of progress just by incorporating these tools into their business.  

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