5 Digital Rules Of Freelancer Recruitment That Will Help Create Talented, Motivated Team

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Although the UAE companies are starting to prefer freelancers, the COVID 19 pandemic will change the way businesses operate forever. The epidemic is forcing employees to work remotely, a model that will continue long after the disease is contained. Now that almost every company and employee in the UAE has had a feel of working remotely during the containment measures, you can expect most to turn to freelance. A good number of employees will become full-time freelancers in the UAE, while most organizations will find the need to build a successful freelancing team. Freelancers are highly skilled and can support all aspects of a business, including finance, human resource, sales, procurement, and operations, making it possible to run a company with a remote team.

Initially, companies would outsource the most tedious tasks like content writing and web development, but that is changing as organizations start to outsource services like accounting. You should start creating a remote workforce as you notice that you need an extra pair of hands to fulfill ideas. If the tasks are becoming overwhelming, you need to increase your capacity. Furthermore, if you are spending more time dealing with administrative tasks, you need to hire an admin assistant to take the pressure off and let you focus on growing the agency.

You will also benefit from hiring a freelancer in Dubai if you are expanding your service offerings. Instead of hiring and training your new employees, it is cost-effective to look for a freelancer offering new skills. Freelancers can also help you with customer service, improving customer experience and satisfaction. In this article, we will help you position your company for the new remote working world by bringing you the digital rules of freelancers’ recruitment.

Digital Rules of Recruiting a Robust Team of Freelancers

1. Build a unique recruiter profile

Creating a public profile page offers you a platform where you can market your company as the ideal workplace. Use the page to share important company news as well as the details of the potential talent. Make the page as engaging and informative as possible to attract attention and make people want to work for you. A compelling recruiter profile should have a short description of your company, the fields of specialization, and functions. It is also beneficial to include your experience, achievements, and awards to help candidates know you better. The purpose of the profile is to help you increase engagement with job seekers with features that will help you monitor and view your followers.

2. Leverage your network for recruitment

Optimize your networks to ensure they work for recruitment. The purpose is to ensure that your messages are reaching to a more targeted and relevant audience. You can use your page to share links of your job openings as well as other related posts with your network. The goal is to ensure that those interested in your company are aware of every recruitment opportunity in your company. Hiring people already interested in your company helps to create positive energy that can keep employees going even during tough times

3. Keep tabs on users

To keep updating your followers is one thing. But to make an effort to engage with potential candidates is as much important. Keeping a tab on your followers helps you to identify exceptional talent. It not only makes you notice potential candidates with inherent qualities but also lets you see those with a proactive approach and a greater understanding of your company. Review the visitors who have accessed your page in the last few months and find their details like their current company and designation.

4. Work on your company image

The best talent only works for the best companies, and thus, you must seek to be viewed as a top company in your industry. The secret to improving your overall company image lies in a coordinated marketing strategy. You can quickly build the perfect business branding and visual identity by creating a consistent design on all elements of your brand identity like logo, website, and business cards. Your followers should be able to identify your company easily on all your networking platforms.

5. Promote your networks

You need to push your message to potential candidates. Making sure that your networks seamlessly integrate with other channels like social media platforms can help your message reach more people. You should keep inviting more people to like and share your content. You can also ask them to recommend ways that you can improve, allowing your followers to be part of your day-to-day decision making. Through their suggestions, you will be able to find the candidates that understand how your business operates and who suits the job perfectly.


The benefits of recruiting the right freelancers in the UAE cannot be understated. Getting it right can help your business easily withstand tough times by riding on the positive energy. Following the above digital rules in your freelancers’ recruitment will not only help you find the exceptional talent, but those candidates ready and yearning to be part of your team.

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