5 Easy Tips That Will Make Your Freelancer Search Easy 

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Hiring a freelancer in Dubai can give your company a competitive edge as it enables you to find the best skills without the costs and commitments that come with training and maintaining employees. Freelancers are highly skilled and experienced. They can start working on your project immediately; you give a contract, making them ideal for tasks that need an immediate turnaround. They are also cost-effective as you do not have to deal with the benefits and expenses that come with maintaining employees. If you need someone with different skills, you only need to look for the right candidate, thus, no training expenses will be incurred.

Most freelancers in the UAE have all the items they need to complete their clients’ projects, helping you save the amount you could have used to purchase tools. They also work remotely, eliminating the need for a spacious working space. In addition to helping businesses save on operation costs, they bring fresh new ideas, which is the main reason why UAE companies are starting to prefer freelancers. Since they are used to dealing with varying projects, they can offer new, effective ways of solving problems. The freelancers are flexible and can empower businesses to operate 24 hours. Freelancers can work at any time, including evenings and weekends. Instead of paying employees overtime to work late at night, it is more cost-effective and productive to hire a freelancer.

Despite the benefits and value of hiring freelancers being obvious, some companies are struggling with the freelancing stigma, holding back from outsourcing their services. Others shy from hiring freelancers because of a few bad experiences they may have encountered in the past. Although you may encounter a few problems, you can make hiring freelancers work for you by adopting the best recruitment strategies.

Before you start looking for a freelancer, you should establish your goals for recruitment and lay down the details of the job. You are less likely to attract the best-qualified freelancers in Dubai if your job is not clear on what you want the person to accomplish. You also need to know where to look for the right candidates to make the process straightforward. In this article, you will find tips that make the search for the right freelancer uncomplicated.

Easy Tips that simplify the search for the Best Freelancer

1. Know the places to find freelancers

You are less likely to get it wrong if you know the best places to find freelancers. Marketplaces like Bawabba and Upwork are the best places to start your search. The marketplaces let you post your job for freelancers to review and apply if they find the job appropriate. Once the candidates apply for your job, you will be able to review resumes and quotes to find the best person for the task. The best thing about posting your job in a marketplace is the long list of candidates, giving you more choices.

2. Sample hire

Applicants will always include samples from their past work for your review. The samples should be your first point of review, but you should avoid hiring based on the samples alone. The fact that the sample looks well done does not necessarily mean that the individual is the best for your task. Instead, you should make them complete an example of what you would like them to work on a day-to-day basis. Select the best candidates and make them work on an original piece of work to find the best-suited person for your job. It is always nice to pay for the sample work.

3. Conduct thorough interviews

Some clients make the mistake of hiring freelancers without subjecting them to an interview. You should treat hiring people online the same way you hire full-time employees. An interview lets you know your prospective candidate and iron out differences and misunderstandings for a productive relationship. If you are hiring a local freelancer, you should insist on a face-to-face interview. However, if it is not possible to hold a face-to-face interview, you can use video chat platforms like Skype to conduct an online interview. Look out for personalities and other barriers that can keep you from moving forward.

4. Check employer feedback

Marketplaces have made it easy to check past work through ratings and feedback. A previous employer’s feedback can give you an informed decision on how the parties interacted during the project. Feedbacks are more accurate as freelancers cannot interfere with them, unlike referees. However, if you are looking for a local candidate, you should pay attention to referees.

5. Agree on all details from the go

The candidate should know the scope of the job before agreeing to the terms of the job. Everything should be clear, including the major deadlines and fees to avoid future disagreements that can affect productivity.


Hiring a freelancer in Dubai adds value to your company by enabling it to adopt new, better ways of working. A freelancer will not be held back by rigidities like strict working schedules, making it possible 24 hours. However, you must have the right candidate to enjoy the full benefits of hiring a freelancer.  

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