5 FREE Voice & Video Apps for Interviewing Freelancers Online

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As more and more companies continue to embrace working remotely, the number of freelancers in Dubai has shot up. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to limit face-to-face communication, it has become harder to have physical interactions with potential freelancing candidates. Most of us are relying on voice and video calling apps to stay in touch with our friends, family, and work colleagues, and also for attending virtual conferences. 

Luckily, employers can also utilize these platforms to conduct interviews with prospective freelancing candidates. Here are five free voice and video apps that you may consider:

1. Zoom 

Zoom has become one of the most popular videos calling and conferencing apps due to its amazing features. It is well-known largely because of its easy-to-use interface. Originally, Zoom was pushed for corporate use. However, the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has taken its toll on the economy has forced the company to offer a free, basic version for individuals.

The free version allows for up to 100 people to meet. However, it has a 40-minute limit for every meeting of more than two people, which is quite inconvenient for many users. The advantage point of using this as an interview tool is that it offers unlimited time for one-on-one meetings between two users. 


  • Quality image and audio
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for virtual backgrounds
  • Offers a variety of meeting settings
  • You can easily screen-share during a call.


  • It doesn’t have end-to-end encryption, making it a privacy concern.

2. Skype

Skype has been the go-to platform for real-time virtual meetings, ever since it was released in 2003. To date, many freelancers in the UAE still trust Skype to be their option when communicating with clients. This is because it not only offers a video feature but also includes a messaging ability. One can send real-time messages to individuals and also to groups.

Apart from that, this is a good app for conducting virtual interviews since both the audio and video qualities are top-notch. Moreover, you can up to 50 people to join the meeting without a time limit. 


  • Ability to record and store the call for up to 30 days
  • You can blur the background
  • Ability to share screen and also presentations
  • You can include up to 50 participants without a time limit


  •  Your video or audio connection will only be as good as your Internet connectivity.

3. Webex

Webex is a videoconferencing app that has been around since the ’90s but was acquired by Cisco in 2007. While it has made its name in the corporate world as a business application, Webex has a fairly generous free version that is worth checking out. The app has an easy interface that makes it easy to operate and focuses more on communication than many other unnecessary add-ons.


  • Invite and remind participants
  • Record your meeting
  • Ability to share and transfer files during the meeting


  • It is not as customizable as other platforms are.

4. Google Meet

Until recently, Google Meet (which was formerly Hangouts Meet) was only available to users who subscribed to Google’s paid suite services. Most of them were companies and educators. However, seeing the rise in popularity of virtual conferencing apps, the tech giant, Google, decided to make Google Meet available to everyone. Anyone with a Gmail account can use this platform to communicate with up to 30 others.

The app also allows users to join pre-scheduled meetings in various ways, e.g., entering a meeting code, following a link, joining from their calendar, dialing straight in, etc.


  • Supports high-definition video quality
  • Supports a meeting of up to 30 people
  • There are various ways of joining the meeting
  • It offers a noise cancellation feature


  • Only users with a Gmail account can use the app.

5. Google Duos

Yet another app from Google, but with a less sophisticated layout and interface. Duos are the go-to application when you need to conduct a simple question-answer interview. Apart from its simplicity and the support for real-time HD video communication, you can add up to 12 people to the meeting.


  • The app provides high-quality video calls even to those with low speed and bandwidth internet.
  • You can call someone on your contacts list directly.
  • Uses end-to-end encryption
  • You can record a message


  • It does not enable screen or file sharing during a call.

Take Away

Times are changing, and as more companies begin to appreciate remote working, tech providers will continue to come up with new and better platforms for virtual meetings. However, having been key players for a while and with millions of users, these five apps are the go-to platforms for interviewing freelancers in Dubai.

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