5 Best Tools To Monitor Freelancers When Paying by the Hour

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Monitoring your time as a freelance writer can prove challenging even to some freelance in Dubai. You need to know how to manage your time. When you have a team of freelancers, you need to ensure that you are on the same page. Using time tools to monitor working hours ensures freelancers are more productive. 

Since freelancers work with more than one person, you should ensure they complete your projects, or else you might lose some of your clients because of incomplete tasks. These tools are advantageous as they can help you prepare invoices, monitor team activities, and meet deadlines.

Read on to find some of the tools you can use:

1. Harvest

Harvest is an amazing tool that you can use to track time,  manage team performance, and eliminate distractions. It has a time tracker, and you can monitor your team’s productivity using it. The best part is, that it works both online and offline. 

You can tell the team members to have it installed on their mobile or desktop devices. Harvest also sends reminders to freelancers to submit their timesheets. With it, you can easily edit, review, and approve the team members for payment. You have to pay $12 per person in a year for two-plus team members.

2. Toggl

If you are on a budget and want to manage your finances as a freelancer in the UAE, Toggl is your way out. This fantastic time tracking tool is not only easy to use, but it’s also reliable. It has a generous free tier of service and access to some of its apps on android, iOS, and Linux. 

You can also connect with other online apps, and it doesn’t ask much from you when you start timing a task. You can set when toggle should stop recording a task. It’s excellent to detect idleness and prevent recording if your computer has been sleeping for too long. With its chrome extension, you can set when toggle should stop recording tasks, for instance, when you forget and leave the timer recording overnight.

3. Due Time Tracking

Due time tracking is excellent when operating on a tight budget, as a freelancer in Dubai. It enables you to keep track of the working hours. It detects idleness and stops when you are no longer working. You can use it to generate invoices, depending on the hours you’ve worked. Lastly, you can manage client details like the name, address, currency, and hourly rate.

4. TMetric

This is a low-cost time tracking app. with it, you can record the time through a web app, desktop app, and mobile app. It incorporates details such as reports and lightweight invoicing. TMetric supports collaborations and is excellent for freelancers as well as small business owners.

It accounts for every minute that you work and also breaks that you take. You can quickly generate invoices for clients, using your time logs. Also, you can integrate with other tools like GitHub, Basecamp, Asana, and Trello. There is a free plan that supports a team of 5 members while the paid plan goes for $48 per year.

5. Everhour

This is both an app and a browser extension and can easily be integrated with other web apps. Everhour is a great online tool to help you collaborate with your team. You can sync it with other productivity apps like Asana, to show projects as they appear in Everhour. There is a timer for how long one has taken on each project.

Here, you can easily add start, stop, and edit the time. You can also add a time estimate or scheduled time off. Your team can enter how many hours they are available in a week. You can easily see each team member’s availability, who’s working, and whoever is not working.

Summing Up

Managing freelancers shouldn’t be a daunting task. With the right tools, you wouldn’t have a hard time monitoring and working on your projects. Freelancers in Dubai agree that time tracking tools boost the productivity of freelancers. You can try the above tools and monitor the results.

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