5 Ways to keep Freelancers Always Motivated

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Losing motivation isn’t something uncommon amongst freelancers in Dubai. Life can take a toll on freelancers. They could be fighting little demons amongst themselves, making them lose interest in their work. What can you do to ensure that you keep their souls burning or bring them back on track? 

You need to ensure that they continue producing the quality you want. Finding ways to motivate freelancers can be challenging, especially when you want to build a successful freelancing team. The following article covers 5 amazing ways to ensure that freelancers are always motivated.

1. Offer Financial Motivation

Financial motivation is vital to freelancers in the UAE. You need to pay the freelancers fairly the money they deserve. Don’t underpay them as this may keep demoralizing their efforts. You can also decide to raise their salaries when a freelancer has worked for a long time in your organization.    

Before you increase their freelancing rates, you should ensure that you don’t strain yourself trying to impress your employees. Let it be an amount you can afford. You can decide to increase the payment based on the freelancer’s performance. Once they see you appreciate their efforts, they would strive to work even harder.

2. Share the Big Picture with Them

A freelancer is essential just like any employee in your organization. It would be best if you showed them what you aspire to achieve at the end of the day. Share your goals, aspirations, and values with them, and let them be on the same page as you. Make them part and parcel of your projects. 

You can do this by having a zoom meeting or skype meeting with them. Send them materials to keep learning about your business. Such details would motivate them to continue working smart, thus helping you towards your goals.

3. Engage with the Freelancers Often

Instead of sending them projects their way, and keeping quiet for days, always have regular communication with the team. Ask them about the project and how they find it so far. You can also question them about what they would love you to improve or change. Let this be the moment to connect. 

Don’t bother them about revision at this moment, or something that they did wrong a while back. You can also organize weekly meetings. Alternatively, you can send them emails, or use skype or facetime for audio and video calls.

4. Set Clear Expectations

You don’t want to issue projects with vague instructions to the freelancer and expect them to do an excellent job. You will probably force them to conduct numerous revisions, which will undoubtedly demoralize their efforts. 

Be clear with what you want and always communicate with the person working on your projects. You should discuss what you expect from the employees. Define their roles and responsibilities clearly. Tell them the hours you expect them to work per week or per day.  

You can also set challenges and give non-monetary rewards when they manage the challenges. The award could be something that will add to their expertise, for instance, a free course. Let them feel a sense of recognition, despite the distance.

5. Trust Your Team

Once you hire a freelancer, you should trust them. You shouldn’t doubt their capability. Believe in their ability to handle tasks. Instead of focusing on how they do work, you should focus more on the results.  Your actions would clearly show whether you trust the team or not. 


Motivating freelancers is a great way to ensure that they work exceptionally on your projects. To achieve more exceptional results in your endeavors. Freelancers in  Dubai recommend that you try doing this to your freelancing team for fantastic results.

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