5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring Freelancers with Zero to Low Experience

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Hiring freelancers in Dubai with zero to low experience can be quite challenging. You should be careful with the choices you make lest you make the wrong choice. Opting for new freelancers is an excellent move when you believe in new talents and need an extra hand.  

So, how do you ensure that you choose the right freelancer? This means a freelancer who wouldn’t give up on the way or present shoddy work. Remember, they might still lack testimonials from prior clients; hence, you won’t be able to gauge their expertise when you hire them. The following are 5 qualities you should always look for before hiring a freelancer.  

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is crucial when you hire a freelancer. There will always be instances of different time zones and cultures; thus, you need to ensure that you pick a freelancer with excellent communication skills. Check if they are good with communication apps and always respond to your concerns on time.  

It is always recommended that freelancers respond to a client within 24 hours. When they get committed elsewhere, they should at least acknowledge receipt of the message and would get back to you as soon as possible. Also, they need to be good listeners and ask you questions in case they don’t understand anything. It doesn’t hurt to go for someone who enjoys jokes.

2. They are Honest

Honesty is an important virtue to booth veterans and rookie freelancers in the UAE. Unfortunately, not every freelancer upholds this virtue nowadays. Many are of the idea of fake it till you make it. Some can go a step further by stealing other people’s work and claiming them as their own. 

You don’t want to hire someone who’s a liar and wouldn’t complete the project as intended. Ask them for samples of their work related to your project. Check if it’s something you are looking for. How they respond to the job questions and answers also matters. During the interview, ask the freelancers a lot of questions concerning their personality, work ethic, and reliability. Put them through several tests until you find the one.

3. Keep Deadlines

Deadlines are vital when it comes to freelancing work. Do they submit their assignment on time, or are they lazy and would always come up with excuses every time they need to submit a task?    Working with new freelancers in Dubai for a couple of days will determine whether they are fit for the project or not. 

They need to be trustworthy and open to sharing their schedule with you. When the freelancer can’t complete a task, they should tell you beforehand. 

4. Full of Determination

You should hire a determined freelancer who shares your goal and would strive to do their level best to assist you in achieving your aspirations. Also, they should be hungry to succeed in the freelancing industry and be willing to go the mile to achieve that. 

Lastly, they need to be open and accept constructive criticism. This will enable them to learn and build their skills while growing to extreme levels in the freelancing industry.

5. Professionalism

Freelancing is like any other profession in the world. You need to go for someone professional that takes the business seriously. Do they deliver tasks on time and produce quality work?  Check if they are ethical, keep promises, and also honor preliminary arrangements. You owe yourself a perfect freelancer.


Getting a freelancer in Dubai who meets your expectations isn’t easy. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find one. Many great freelancers are starting their careers and need someone to believe in them while holding their hands in this journey. You should always strive to go for the best. Happy hunting!

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