5 Things To Look For In The Profile Of A Freelancer – Look Beyond Basic Requirements 

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As companies in the UAE start preferring hiring freelancers, the focus is shifting toward the recruitment of the best talent. Freelancers are becoming an essential part of modern businesses, especially small and medium enterprises. Startup companies are finding it more economical and sustainable to hire a freelance web developer to help them develop their websites instead of hiring an internal web designer. Freelancers in the UAE are seeking to continuously empower themselves with the latest industry skills to remain relevant, giving your company a competitive advantage. Irrespective of your budget, you can easily find a remote worker to help you with different roles, including- accounting, photography, web designing, videography, graphic designingsocial media marketing, and content writing.

Building a successful freelancing team in the UAE is no longer a problem, thanks to freelancing platforms like Bawabba and Upwork that help clients easily find the most suitable candidate for the job. Freelancers give businesses flexibility by offering a ready workforce when necessary, which is beneficial in managing operational costs. They also bring new, fresh ideas to organizations like a new way of doing things due to their wide exposure. Freelancers are also highly flexible. If your website stops functioning in the middle of the night, you do not have to wait until the following day to get it fixed. Freelancers can work at odd hours or during the weekend, ensuring that your business is running 24/7, seven days a week.

However, you should have the best remote working team to enjoy the benefits of hiring freelancers. In this article, we will make it easy to find the right freelancer by highlighting things that you should look for in a freelancer profile, just beyond the basic requirements.

5 Things To Look For In The Profile Of A Freelancer

1. Communication Skills

Although most freelancers work alone at home, you need to have exceptional communication skills to succeed as a freelancer. Since you will not be able to oversee the freelancers’ work before submitting the final project, it is necessary to ensure that you understand each other at the deliberation stage. You will also need to ensure that the freelancer understands your instructions fully. The freelancer will need to keep submitting the progress of the work, and thus, it is paramount to have outstanding written and spoken communication skills. In case of a misunderstanding, the freelancer should ask for clarification without sounding rude.

2. Problem-solving Skills

Most people include problem-solving as a skill in their profile, but few understand what it means in the freelancing world. The best freelancers in the UAE can recognize a problem, scrutinize and understand it, and develop a solution. Freelancers experience different problems in their work. Sometimes you will not understand the project and at others, you will not be able to meet a deadline. You may also meet a client not willing to pay for the work done. If you fail to do a good job, you will have to deal with revisions. A freelancer has to recognize the issues and look for solutions before they become too serious. You should hire a flexible freelancer ready to search for answers to the problems they encounter.

3. Organizational Skills

Although freelancers have the freedom to work at any time or day of the week, you will need to have outstanding organizational skills to have a successful career. You need to get your schedule on track if you are looking to earn good money with freelancing. The top freelancers have to juggle between different projects, requiring them to have a strict schedule. Being organized helps you increase your productivity, enabling you to handle several projects.

4. Stress Management Skills

Sometimes you have to work long hours to meet deadlines, including late at night and over the weekend. You may also have to deal with uninspiring, boring tasks as part of the project. Stress management skills are a critical part of freelancing as they help you remain focused when dealing with a crisis.

5. Teamwork Skills

The right candidate should be able to work with your existing team. A team leader will add value to your project by maintaining close collaboration with other employees. Team players understand their role in the workforce and give their best in a way that fits with other employees’ contributions. Building a team of remote workers with team working skills helps to minimize conflicts, ensuring that everyone is working towards the success of the company.


The best freelancers in the UAE should be able to demonstrate their ability to work in a team, handle difficult situations, and help clients solve problems with innovative ideas. Although it may be difficult to find a freelancer with all the qualities, making sure you are hiring a candidate with multiple skills will increase productivity and satisfaction.

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