Tips for Effective Communication for Freelancers

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Thanks to globalization, freelancers in Dubai can now get employed from any part of the globe. All this is thanks to the internet and better communication channels. As a freelancer, you ought to have mastered the skills necessary for you to be successful in that niche. However, even with all the training that you have, there are other requirements needed for one to become a professional gig worker.

Communication is one of the most critical soft skills every freelancer has to master, as it is the determining factor whether or not you get a successful freelance business. With the right communication skills, you are halfway to landing yourself a major deal. 

Communication in the online business has to be efficient since the clients and the employees hardly ever meet face to face. Some of the benefits of effective communication in the freelance world include:

1. Boosts the relationship with the client

Regular communication between the client and the employee helps in improving their working relationship. This is a necessary aspect before, during, and even after the completion of a project. One gets to earn goodwill from their customers with effective communication after the end of each stage of the assignment. 

Even though the skills needed might be standard for a particular field, each client has their taste and so, understanding their needs calls for a sound conveyance of information. You will be able to know what exactly they are looking for, and you can use the platform to inquire in case you don’t understand something. 

2. Boosts your career

If you want your career as a freelancer in Dubai to grow, effective communication is the key. It is an important factor in all three stages of your dealings with a client; before, during, and after the completion of the project. 

Before you win the project, one has to wow the potential client with excellent communication skills ‒ both written and spoken, in their proposals. If your proposal is professional enough, the customer will be pushed to reach out to you. 

Communication becomes a critical factor when you win the job. You will have to prove your worth by handling the task at hand well, and adhering to all the instructions from the client. All this is done through regular and timely communication between the two parties. 

Maintaining contact with the customer even after the completion of the task is ideal, as this motivates them to pay you wholesomely. This part is also crucial because if it was a one-time deal, you might be considered the next time they’re looking for the same services. Moreover, these clients may recommend your services to others, thus boosting your business.

Tips for Effective Communication with Freelance Clients

Regardless of who you are working for, whether it is an overseas company or working for several clients, remote working presents an array of challenges when it comes to communication. 

Freelancers are, in most cases, less familiar with the values a company has; therefore, they may not be much aware of their client’s expectations, as opposed to an in-house employee. This is why having proper information passed to them concerning the job they are getting is vital.

Here are some effective tips used by professional freelancers in Dubai when communicating with clients:

1. Use proper language.

While you may be used to abbreviations and the use of other popular slang words, you should refrain from using such when communicating with your clients. A business language is the most preferred mode of communication, and depending on how long your relationship has been, your tone can change to a rather friendly one and not formal. 

Chat abbreviations such as gr8, thru, etc., are inappropriate, especially before you get well acquainted with your client. Others such as FYI, btw, pls, and others of the sort may be permitted, but not for all clients, and especially not during the initial stages of your working relationship. 

2. Reply on time.

This might be a subjective point, as different companies or clients have their own policies regarding communication with their employees. Some customers may require their freelancers to be online and available to respond to any concerns raised within the shortest time possible. This is the case, especially for those who get paid by the hour

For others, a timely response should be within 24 hours. However, this is a tricky bit. It is not recommended to reply to a client’s email right away. Such instant communication might imply that you are always available to respond to their messages instantly. When you fail to respond at some point as you usually do, they might develop a feeling of delay, which might not turn out to be in your favor. 

The bottom line is that in the initial stages of your working relationship with a client, you should set the ground rules regarding the time and mode of communication. It would be paramount to take note of the difference in time zones so as not to disturb each other past the official working hours.

If you are unable to address the message from the client within the agreed timeframe, then you should respond to them, explaining that you may not be in a position to react to their issues. It is also good to indicate when you will be able to do so. Doing so not only portrays your professional attitude but also goes a long way in helping the customer to adjust to your time frame. 

3. Ensure there is clarity in your messages.

Do not leave the client or your other team members hanging by not being clear and being precise on the message you are trying to pass. If it is a written form of communication, you ought to take your time before posting the message so as not to leave room for misunderstanding. 

Furthermore, you ought to be clear and precise with your messages if you’re in a virtual meeting so as not to create ambiguity. 

4. Have a written confirmation of change requests.

This mostly happens after a virtual meeting. If whatever that was discussed includes you having to make certain changes or work on something else, it is advisable to make a follow-up on the same but in a written note. People are fond of forgetting, so this ensures that there won’t be any problems that come up in the future. Doing this will also help you steer clear of getting scammed as a freelancer. 

5. Communication should never frustrate you.

Finally, to address the elephant in the room, a language barrier is, in most cases, the end of a relationship between a client and a freelancer. However, one of the skills freelancers in Dubai ought to portray is patience. You should be patient enough, even if there is miscommunication, which primarily happens during the initial stages. 

If the client is unable to communicate to you clearly, try to change your mode of communication and see whether it helps. You can use examples, screenshots, or stories to help bring out the message. 

Either way, you should not get frustrated or start feeling helpless. Remain calm and learn how to deal with such difficult clients. However, if at the initial interview you feel like the client does not know how to articulate themselves well and giving you a rough time understanding what they want, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to turn down the offer.


Communication is a crucial element for any remote worker. Improve your skills with these tips and boost your business to become one of the best freelancers in Dubai

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