How to Choose the Right Free Zone for Your Business in the UAE

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Freelancing requires a comfortable, quiet, and appealing place. Starting as a freelancer in the UAE, you should identify an incredible free zone for your business. You need a place where the environment alone gives you one more reason to work. There are many free zones in the Emirates. Therefore, you have a chance to choose the best among the best. 

Each freelancer in the UAE has a definition of what a perfect free zone is. Nonetheless, there are fundamental factors that each freelancer should consider. What exactly should you look at before settling for a free zone? This article gives you some excellent ideas about what the right free zone is all about. 

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Zone in the UAE

1. Location

The location of a free zone determines the type of investors you will find within. Local investors may prefer certain free zones to others. If you want to open your business to the global investments and market, you should choose a free market filled with foreign investors. Dubai International Academic City and Dubai International Financial City are examples of free zones with foreign investors.

The location also shows what surrounding you will have. Do you prefer working near the sea? What view do you enjoy most? Is there any scenery that excites you? What about the distance to public spots like the airport? These should help you choose the right location, and hence, the right free zone. If you prefer a free zone near the sea, Hamriyah Free Zone and Dubai World Central free zones should be a good list to choose from.

2. Types of Business Activities Allowed

In every free zone, there are specific types of activities that freelancers can undertake. What type of business do you want to start? Which free zones allow the kind of activities you’re planning to take part in? Some free zones allow multiple activities, while others do not. A good example is the Dubai Media City Free Zone, which only houses media-related business activities like advertising.

The best idea is to go for a free zone that permits all the activities you wish to undertake in your freelancing career. A general-purpose free zone will be the best place to start in case your business is not specific. If it’s a Limited Liability Company, find out which free zone has the best terms favoring such business.

3. Licensing Requirements

Prior to starting a business, you need a license. Each free zone has different licensing requirements depending on the types of business activities allowed. For instance, a freelancer in Dubai may want to choose a free zone with the easiest licensing procedures. You’ll also need to understand how licensing works. Even so, the complexity of getting a license depends on the type of business activities and the size of the business.

The best free zone for you is the one you can comfortably meet the licensing requirements. Also, note that the more activities you engage in, the more the licensing requirements.

4. Amount of Money Required for Starting Up

Free zones exempt you from paying taxes. However, you need to spend some starting costs before starting a business as a freelancer in the UAE. Each free zone has a specific amount of money that a freelancer needs to pay. For instance, you can pay around AED 20,800 for licensing and Flexi desk. You will also need to add more money for residence visa charges depending on the number of employees. Each of your employees will require a residency visa if you want to pursue freelancing full-time.

 Every free zone has different packages for visa charges. The packages depend on the number of visas you require for your business. Find out everything you should know about freelance visa in the UAE.

5. Type of Facility Suitable for Your Business

If your business only needs small space, then a shared desk or a Flexi desk in a co-working space should be enough for you. However, if your company has clients that meet with you physically, you should find separate places for meetings for maximum privacy and professionalism. 

In case you want to expand your business soon, you need to choose a facility that has room for expansion. Note that you can only use the facilities in the free zone you’ve registered your business. Therefore, you should check if all you need is within the free zone. You can also opt for a separate office provided it’s within the free zone you choose.


Since you are your own boss, freelancing should be fun. Freedom should start with you choosing the free zone of your preference. Whatever you choose will count a lot in the outcome of your business. That’s why you need a perfect free zone in which you can enjoy a relaxed environment, fantastic views, comfortable amenities, manageable requirements, and above all, affordable costs. A pleasant working environment is a motivation for any worker. As a  starting freelancer in Dubai, you can find some more information, settle for a free zone that stands out and gives you a perfect experience. It’s the perfect key to a booming business.

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