5 Tips On Writing A Professional, Noticeable Job Description For Freelancers 

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It is becoming paramount for modern entrepreneurs to build a successful freelancing team to remain competitive and improve customer experience. As more professionals adopt freelancing due to its flexibility, it is increasingly becoming possible to run a company with a remote workforce. You can find qualified freelancers in Dubai, offering the major parts of a business, including operations, finance, human resources, sales, and procurement. Some of the leading companies are now opting to hire remote workers for tasks such as accounting and book-keeping, writing, website design and development, data entry, advertising, and online virtual assistants.

Although the number of people working remotely is increasing, you may need to adopt the best recruitment strategies to make hiring freelancers work for the company. Writing a title and a few instructions on how to apply will not attract the best talent. People are looking to work with the best companies, so you must demonstrate your uniqueness in the job descriptions. The purpose of writing a job description is to entice the best talents, and thus, you must ensure that your job description looks professional. You should put the same effort you put into looking for internal employees to ensure that you are attracting the right candidates. With the right job description, you can easily find highly talented freelancers for free to create a robust remote workforce.

Luckily, it is not difficult to create an effective, engaging job description, but you must be attentive and thorough to attract highly talented candidates. A haphazardly done description will only turn off talent even before they apply. A top-notch description contains a bit of marketing, necessary skills and competencies, the reality of the role, and an organization’s culture. It is also imperative to emphasize the mission, culture, and values of your organization to get the right candidate.

Tips on How to Write an Eye-catching, Professional Job Description  

1. Work on the title

 The first thing people will see is your title. In the marketplaces like Bawabba, jobs are listed on the page, with the title being the only visible part of the description. Your title should make the top talent click on your job listing. People search for jobs that match their skills and experience. The terms in your title must relate to what you are looking for in candidates. Including jargon and funny terms in your title can confuse job seekers and put them off from applying. It is beneficial to avoid long titles and only use industry-specific terms.

2. Write a short, engaging overview of the job

Once potential candidates click on your job, they are interested in knowing more about the job. The overview should be short and precise to the point. It should have one to four sentences that show how the job contributes to the success of a company and society. Although you can adopt several techniques in creating a capturing overview, showing how the role contributes to making people’s lives better or how it solves existing business problems is more effective. Use invitational language creatively to encourage candidates to apply and avoid extreme modifiers and superlatives.

3. Focus on responsibilities and development

The purpose of this section is to make candidates fall in love with your company. Avoid tedious daily tasks and a long bulleted list of responsibilities. Instead of giving little details about what the employee will do, you should describe the critical job functions in about five to seven bullets. Explain how the tasks will contribute to business objectives and potential advancements. It is also necessary to indicate how the candidate’s achievements will contribute to improvement. Ensure that the description is engaging and exciting by enticing the candidates to be part of the anticipated growth of X this year.

4. Skills and educational requirements

This section is the most critical as it helps the customers know whether they have the right skills and training to fit in the job. Include the top three or four skills that the right candidates should have to apply for the job. Indicating the skills and training does not mean that you won’t get candidates without the right skills, but it will increase the chances of getting the right person. Although you might be interested in rare skills, you only need to include the must-have requirements. You may also include special skills that act as an added advantage, but make it known that they are optional.

5. Payment and other benefits

It is important to include payment details. People should tell whether you are paying on an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Also, include the frequency of payment and milestones if necessary. You may also include the mode of payment disbursement to help candidates plan.


A good job description is a win-win situation for both the employer and the candidates. It helps the best freelancers in Dubai decide whether or not they should apply for the job depending on the requirements and terms of service. It is also the first form of interaction candidates have with your company, and thus, you must ensure that it captures their attention.

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