5 Top KPI Measures For Freelancers That Can Help You Track Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience

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If you are hiring a freelancer to help you acquire more leads, drive more email sign-ups, or push sales, you need to track performance. This is to determine whether hiring freelancers is working for your company. It will be difficult to tell the value of freelancers in Dubai if you are not tracking their performance. Every successful digital marketing starts with setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). What would you like to get at the end of the campaign or project? KPIs refer to quantifiable measures that you can use to gauge the achievements as per pre-set goals and objectives. KPIs take into account your entire website’s data over time to define your business success metrics.

Before you begin measuring your performance, you must create smart goals that align with your business objectives. Defining your goals helps you get a clearer picture of the things you would like to achieve and the timeline. Different companies can have dissimilar KPIs depending on their needs. In this article, we bring some of the most useful KPIs for freelancers that you can use to track and tweak the performance of their work.

Top KPIs Measures To Help Quantify Performance Of Your Team Based On Different Goals

Marketing KPIs

If you are hiring a freelancer to help you market products, you can use marketing KPIs to measure the benefits based on essential goals like generating qualified leads. The marketing KPIs can help you gauge how freelancers help you increase awareness, enhance trust, and improve the subscription rate. They are further explained below:

1. Conversion Rate

The purpose of hiring freelancers is to help businesses increase their rate of conversions. Conversion is not all about sales. Signing up for your newsletter, contributing to a cause, and downloading an e-book can be translated as a conversion. In content marketing, conversion is the number of visitors who find your content engaging and helpful enough to sign up for something or become paying customers. You should track the conversion rate by content type to determine the area that is performing better. It is also necessary to analyze why some of your traffic does not convert.

2. Qualified Leads

Although a high number of website visitors means there is something you are doing well, it is not a measure of success on its own. You need to tell the actual number of visitors who are buying from your website. Those who purchase are the qualified leads as they meet the qualification you have set. You may have to invest in customer relationship management software to get a number of qualified leads. Traditionally, people would track the URL on the “Thank You” page, but that is only effective in managing the total number of leads.

Sales KPIs

This KPI measure is necessary for helping you determine whether the website is doing well in helping you achieve your sales goals.

3. Sales Conversion Rate

If all your sales happen on your website, you can use tools like Google Analytics to the underlying data behind every purchase. The analytic tools help you gather a variety of data on your sales conversion rate, including the number of transactions, total revenue, and the number of items purchased. You can use the data to find the most important sources of traffic in terms of the quality and quantity of their spending. The sales data can help you improve your marketing strategies by optimizing them based on success metrics.

4. Time Before Purchase

Most businesses do not usually measure how long it took a customer to convert. A customer visiting your site several times before finally buying does not necessarily mean trouble. It means that the customer needed more time to familiarize your company, among other reasons. The problem is when the customers cannot get the information they need to help them close the deal quickly. Your website should be optimized to help people find and purchase suitable products as soon as possible. Some of the advanced analytics tools can help you gather more customer behaviors by offering you the visits customers make to purchase.

Design KPIs

You can use your website KPIs to determine the value and effectiveness of your freelance web designers in Dubai. They are useful in measuring customer experience. Your desktop and mobile version should offer the best experience irrespective of the point and device of contact. All your design metrics, including page load time, and navigation should work towards improving customer satisfaction.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Tracking customer satisfaction is highly subjective and requires a hard metric to track, but it offers greater value. You can use tools like surveys and customer reviews to measure experience and satisfaction. You can gather a lot of data that can help you identify problems and make adjustments.


It is pointless to hire a freelancer if you do have measures of tracking their effectiveness. The best freelancers in Dubai work with data and can help you track your project’s progress based on your goals. It further helps you determine the areas that need improvement to help you get the best returns from your freelancing team

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