5 ways Dubai freelancers have been affected by the pandemic.

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1. The demand for freelancers has decreased. 

The world has changed since the pandemic struck. People have changed their ways and are adapting to them. It has also affected the freelancers in Dubai.

As per a report, there is a 60% fall in freelancing assignments. Compared to other freelancers, writers, photographers, designers, and makeup artists have had a huge downfall.

Because of the pandemic, people have stopped their extravagance. And now fewer people prefer to have their clothes designed or have their scripts written by someone else.

In this pandemic, they think it’s better to work themselves than pay massive amounts to the designers and artists. Similarly, because of the epidemic, all weddings, fashion shows, and TV shoots have stopped.

This has put the jobs of photographers and videographers in danger. The freelancers in Dubai are not getting enough payments and are struggling to find better jobs. These freelancers have no option but to survive on their savings.

Many companies have also shut down their operations because of the pandemic as they were unable to manage their work along with a lockdown in the world.

The shutting down of the companies has caused many freelancers to lose their jobs.

2. Health at risk 

COVID- 19 is one of the most dangerous diseases that has spread throughout the world. The entire world is shaken by this pandemic. This situation is also hazardous for freelancers.

The freelancers are already worried about losing their jobs and getting infected with the virus also adds up to their anxiety. This includes freelance event planners and those who work on-site.

Because of this risk, the freelancers cannot perform the work that requires their physical presence. As a result, their work is getting dramatically redundant. Even if the freelancers get a job, the pay is excruciatingly low.

As compared to full-time employees, freelancers are not offered many benefits like sick leaves and health insurance. This puts a freelancer at a bigger disadvantage than a permanent employee working a corporate job.

3. In some cases, the demand for freelancers has increased. 

The pandemic has proved to be extremely disadvantageous for many freelancers, but it has proved to be a blessing for some. This pandemic has been a blessing for freelance doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

Everyone from the medical industry is benefitting from the pandemic. As thousands of people are falling victim to the virus every week, working opportunities are increasing.

They all need medical attention. And since the hospitals are understaffed they have started to hire freelance doctors and nurses.

It is a very strenuous task to get a job in a well-known hospital. Although working at a hospital during the pandemic is very dangerous for freelancers, they do get paid a handsome amount.

The same is the case with the pharmacies as well. Because of Covid-19, pharmacies are now open 24/7, which means that more employees will be needed.

Ultimately, it creates a vacancy for a freelance pharmacist. In this way, freelance pharmacists benefit from the demand created in the market.

Due to the spread of the virus, people all over the world have been advised to stay at home. This would help in the prevention of the further spread of the virus.

This has increased benefits for the entertainment and media industries as well. Freelance entertainers and media workers have immensely benefitted from this opportunity.

As people are in lockdown, they prefer to watch entertainment channels, youtube, and Facebook. They use similar modes of entertainment to pass their time at their homes.

Since the cinemas and theatres are closed, freelance media workers and entertainers have seen a growth in their viewers. There has also been an increase in demand for more entertainment. This gives the opportunity to video editors and animators the to put their skills to work.

4. As everything is online, freelancers have more ideas and skills in online work.

Usually, Freelancers in Dubai work online. Companies around the world are also adapting to new ways of doing business. Because of the pandemic, almost all corporations have started to shift their businesses online.

There is a need for young people in the market. The reason for that is their close understanding of technology and the internet in general.

It is observed that most old employees do not possess enough expertise in the management of online work. As a result, companies have no option but to hire new people as a part of modernization.

They look for workers who have good experience in e-commerce or business management. They hire freelancers that are qualified and have the skills to manage work online. This gateway has opened up a lot of opportunities for them.

Dubai is well known for having a lot of enterprises. A website like Bawabba provides them with the best freelancers in Dubai. They are extraordinarily talented, and they know how to work online as well.

5. More time to enhance their skills.

Because of the pandemic, some freelancers have been made redundant. Which means they have an opportunity to upgrade their skills.

They can do this by taking online classes or working as interns at different companies. This way, the freelancers will be able to gain more experience. This newly-acquired experience will be useful for them in landing a job in another sector.

The freelancers will also have an opportunity to start their personal businesses. Many freelancers around the world have become entrepreneurs and started their own ventures.

Most of them have been very successful in their pursuit of personal business. When freelancers start their own enterprises, they get more exposure to the market.

They build connections, gather clients, and market them through this. Their own venture also acts as a positive point on their resumes.

These freelancers are working hard to get good jobs. Where there are advantages, there are also many disadvantages to freelancers in this pandemic.

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