6 Questions To Ask Freelancers With Less Experience To Find The Most Suitable Candidate 

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If you are looking to build a successful freelancing team in the UAE, you must be ready to include diversity in your workforce. Mixing people with different levels of skills in your workforce helps to add value, increasing profitability, and productivity. You must keep in mind that the cost charged by a freelancer depends on the skills and scope of the job. Although it is necessary to have the best-skilled freelancers in the UAE working for your company, some tasks may be best left to less-skilled workers. The highly experienced remote workers usually prefer specific tasks, avoiding those they find tedious.

While the best freelance accountant in Dubai will find joy and satisfaction in handling your tax issues and reconciling your financial records, they may find the bookkeeping tasks a bit boring. In this case, you can hire an experienced freelancer to deal with the taxation and financial statements and a less experienced individual to work on the bookkeeping duties. Anyone with basic accounting knowledge can handle the bookkeeping work satisfactorily. Differentiating your work on the level of skills can help you save the operation costs, as it would be less expensive to hire newbie freelancers.

However, the fact that you are looking for a less experienced freelancer in Dubai does not mean that hire anyone who applies for the job. Instead, you should follow the same procedure of hiring skilled employees. Set out the necessary skills they should have and other requirements for the job in your job description. Once they apply, consider the best profiles and invite them for an interview. The interview should help the applicant know more about the job while allowing you to know the candidate better. Questions that you should ask your potential candidates are as discussed below. 

Questions to Ask Freelancers with Less Experience

1. What are your goals as a freelancer?

Since they may not have past experiences that you can use to gauge their suitability, you should ask about their goals to learn about their personality and character. You should define the character of the person you would like to have, including the things of value to your company like honesty, efficiency, and loyalty. Do not ask them straight up about their personalities. Look for the qualities you need in their answers.

2. How did you get into freelancing?

This question helps you find the passions and natural talents of the candidate, including their work ethic and attitude. As you listen to their story, you can determine their primary motivation for entering their field of work. Did they start because it is what their parent wanted them to study? Or did they fall in love with the work during a special class and choose to pursue it further? Look for someone who loves what they do as it means more positive energy, resulting in better work.

3. Do you have other commitments?

The question is to help you determine the availability of the candidate. Some freelancers take several jobs, making it impossible to meet deadlines due to extra work. If they have other commitments like school, they cannot be available anytime, depending on their school schedule. Make sure that the freelancers are available when you need them. The purpose of doing this is to avoid inconveniences and disappointments.

4. What are your medium-term goals?

Although most people are not honest about this question, it can help determine whether the freelancer is interested in a lengthy commitment. You do not need to keep looking for new employees, and thus, you should look for people interested in a long contract. A high turnover rate can affect the overall productivity and expenses.

5. What time do you work?

The purpose of this question is to find out whether freelancers have a strict work schedule. First, you must understand their time zone. When hiring an overseas freelancer, you must factor in the different time zones and the complications they bring. For example, if you need the candidate to work from 8 am to 5 pm, look for the freelancer’s willingness to make adjustments. Make sure that the freelancer is willing to work at odd hours, including late at night and during weekends.

6. How will you handle the project?

It is essential to evaluate how the freelancer will handle your project. The question gives an insight into the candidate’s work method, organizational, and time management skills. Understanding how the freelancer will approach the project helps you know if their strategy correlates with your business approach. It also lets you know if the freelancer understands the scope of the project, milestones, and goals.


The fantastic thing about hiring freelancers in Dubai is the vast array of choices. While the most skilled will likely charge higher fees, the less experienced freelancers can complete the same job at a cheaper rate. However, you should not compromise on quality to save money. Always look for the candidates that are best suited for the job by asking interview questions that demonstrate talents and personality.

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