6 Top Questions To Ask Highly Experienced Freelancers When Creating A Successful Freelancing Team 

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Building a successful freelancing team can help your business overcome the challenges of COVID 19 by lowering the cost of operation while ensuring quality output. Instead of recruiting internal staff, you can choose to create a robust team of freelancers in the UAE that is available on demand. Freelancers are flexible and can work during odd hours like late at night, early in the morning, and over the weekend. Furthermore, you are flexible in seeking alternative skills without adding to your operation costs, giving your company a competitive edge.

However, finding highly trained freelancers is not always straightforward. You need to have a quality, engaging job description to attract the right talent. You also need to know what to look for in profiles as skills and experience do not necessarily indicate the candidate’s suitability. In addition to the necessary skills, the right applicant should match the company’s values and mission. They also need to have the right personality and character. Some of these requirements cannot be ascertained by reviewing profiles. You will need to hold a face-to-face interview in case of a local freelancer or video chat in case of overseas candidates. Adopting the right recruitment strategies can make hiring freelancers work for you by eliminating mistakes and optimizing the search process.

The biggest challenge recruiters experience is selecting the best candidate as it requires careful consideration. However, a thorough interview will help you find the most suitable candidate. Candidates can meet all your requirements, but if they are managing multiple projects, they may not be able to meet deadlines. In this article, we bring questions that you should ask experienced freelancers to find the most suitable candidate for the job.

Top questions to ask an experienced freelancer

1. Are you working on other projects?

You need to establish whether the candidate will have time for your project. While an experienced freelancer can juggle several projects, over-committed candidates will find it difficult to meet deadlines. It is necessary to find how your project will fit into the overall workflow. In case of tighter deadlines, make sure that the candidate can work faster. Ask about past projects and the turnaround time to find out whether they always meet the deadline. However, your timeline should be reasonable for the scope of work.

2. What tools and equipment do you have? 

One of the benefits of hiring freelancers is that you do not need to invest in tools and equipment. The best freelancers invest in their tools. It will be a red flag if you find a freelance graphic designer without one of the best designing tools. Unless your job requires a unique software or tool, the best person should have all the necessary tools. They should also be able to demonstrate above-average skills with the top tools. For example, a graphic designer should have exceptional Photoshop skills.

3. What is your preferred mode of payment?

Some freelancers prefer hourly rate payment, while others find a fixed price more effective. You should discuss with the applicants on the most convenient type of payment. The scope of the work can also determine the ideal type of payment. Some tasks like support service work best with hourly payment while a logo designing task works best with a fixed budget. You must talk about your preferred channel of payment and the schedule of payment to ensure the applicant is comfortable with the plan.

4. Are you willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement?

Depending on the scope of work, you should ensure that the freelancer is ready to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Signing the nondisclosure agreement is necessary for protecting your business, especially if the freelancer will access critical information like client details.

5. How do you manage difficult situations?

Despite the best efforts, a freelancer is likely to meet a difficult client. Asking applicants about their worst situations with clients will help you know about their problem-solving skills. Some people take criticism differently. Your goal should be to find out how they treat the other person as you could be in the same situation if things fail to work out. The best way to gauge problem-solving ability is by giving a specific situation and asking the applicants what they could do if faced with the same scenario.

6. What questions do you have?

An effective interview should help both parties have a better understanding. The last part of the interview is to let the freelancer ask questions to get clarification about the project. Giving applicants the stage to ask questions show that you are not dictatorial. If they do not have questions at the time of the interview, you should explain more details about your company, such as the culture, goals, and achievements, to help establish a good working relationship.


The success of your business largely depends on the talent and skills of your staff. With this set of interview questions, building a team of professional freelancers in the UAE will not be difficult. You can schedule interviews on different days to have optimal time with every candidate if you are dealing with several applicants.

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