The 7 Tasks Every Company in the UAE Should Outsource to Freelancers

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Talking facts; every company out there wants to make more profit. While doing so, they want to ensure that much of their time is dedicated to the most important things that only they will accomplish better. Ever heard of the famous phrase, “I have too much work to do but I do not trust anyone else to do.” If you are one such people do not worry, there are more than a million of you. Lucky for you, you no longer have to get concerned about whether or not to outsource such tasks as there are highly qualified freelancers in the UAE that you can trust. 

Why Would You Outsource These Tasks?

Generally, there are many reasons why companies in the UAE should pass some tedious tasks to freelancers. Apart from saving on your finances, freelancers can also produce astonishing results. This is attributed to the fact that they have majored in delivering such services. Some of the other reasons why companies or other people delegate their tasks to other freelancers might include;

  • Your company is growing pretty fast and the workload is off the roof. If you fail to deliver certain projects on time due to unavoidable circumstances such as sickness, it could mean disaster!
  • You do not have the level of expertise required to carry out a task. You might have a design boutique but you have not specialized in some fields. This forces you to hire a freelancer who has specialized in that field.
  • A particular task might be part of your job description but you just do not like it. In other words, you hate doing it. Since you do not want to completely do away with the service, or it is directly related to something you love working on, freelancers are your best shot.

Here are comprehensive details of the tedious tasks which companies in the UAE can give to freelancers;

1. Content writing

Any business, wherever it is, needs content for its marketing pages and website. Posting new content to your platforms on a very regular basis can become daunting at first as it is quite hard to juggle between your career and writing content. Furthermore, content writing needs skill and is one of the most tedious tasks freelancers can work on. 

This is why it is advisable to outsource content writers. Managing content writers is very simple. As long as you provide them with all the guidelines that need to be followed, they will produce results that are more favorable to you. 

2. Web development

Web development needs skills and a lot of experience when coming up with a professional website. If you own a hospital or a business which will ideally take up much of your time, web development should not be one of your greatest concerns. There are professional web developers in the UAE who will deliver you world-class websites. 

Furthermore, it is very easy to communicate with them as you guide them on every step until the project is completed. The good thing about hiring such web developers from the UAE is that apart from developing your website, they can also help in managing it, for a period you will agree upon. 

3. Photography

The world is constantly changing and everything is improving and advancing. The type of photography that is appreciated at this age was not the one that people loved 10 or so years ago. In order to sell your products or brand in the UAE, you better have those stunning photos speaking out for you. Investing in good photography and an experienced photographer should be on top of your priorities list. 

Not all companies can manage to hire a full-time photographer or have the funds to invest in good photography equipment. That is why the majority of high-ranking companies in the UAE hire the services of such photographers. Doing so eventually improves its brand visibility and saves them tons of money in the long run.

4. Videography

Videography is more or less related to photography. However, these are two different fields of work. While they both help in building a brand’s visibility, videography needs a more experienced skill set. The equipment used might be more expensive. Videos help brands to easily pass their messages. 

It is recommended that for any company which wishes to make the most out of its marketing strategies, a videographer ought to be involved. These professionals do not just plainly shoot videos but also further help in editing them to your liking. 

5. Social Media Management

The field of marketing shows no mercy to anyone who is slow and lacks the correct strategies. In this tech-oriented era, you should have learned the tips and tricks of making your brand more visible on all major social media platforms. The main problem with social media management is that it is very time-consuming and might hinder you from providing other important services to your clients. In order to save yourself all that trouble, you should get a social media manager from the UAE who will not only post, react, and interact with your followers on a daily basis, but also work on building the numbers.

6. Bookkeeping

Most, if not all,  business needs up-to-date bookkeeping and payroll services. However, many of these companies might have financial constraints which may hinder them from hiring permanent auditors. Freelance bookkeepers are basically the best bet these companies have. They will receive all the services they would have otherwise been receiving from their own staff, if not better. 

7. Graphic designing

Literally, every company will require the services of a graphic designer at one point. Graphic designers sort out an array of issues from creating logos, business cards, graphics for your website, social media platforms, etc. Instead of hiring a permanent graphic designer for your company, why not save all that cash and hire a freelance graphic designer instead? 

Over to You

Do not let the tedious workwear you off both physically and financially. For any company based in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, Bawabba offers a wide range of freelancers who offer different services that might be of use to you. Start building your company today!

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