Why Should We Hire You? 7 Responses to Look for Before Hiring a Freelancer

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When it comes to hiring an excellent freelancer in Dubai, you have to play your cards right. It would be best if you made the perfect choice to avoid regrets later. With the increasing number of freelancers in the world today, you are sure to meet a lot of mismatches. 

So how do you ensure you choose candidate great candidate? The responses the interviewees give will assist you in making the right decision. Read on to know five answers you should always look for.

1. They Are Motivated

Motivated freelancer is passionate and determined in whatever they are doing. How hungry is the freelancer for the gig? What do they seek to achieve in the long run? Ask them their expectations for working with a client. You can also ask them the limits they are willing to go to perform tasks. A motivated freelancer will go miles to ensure your project is correctly done. 

2. They Can Fit You in their Schedule

Freelancers typically work with more than one client, and it is best to know if they have room for you. Some might take more gigs than they can handle for the money. You don’t want to pick someone who has too much on their plate. They would probably submit the project past the deadline or submit shoddy work.  

You should paraphrase this question in numerous ways during the interview to discover whether the freelancer’s response was genuine.

3. A freelancer who is willing to learn

The freelancing industry is always evolving. There is always something to be learned every day. Hence you should opt for an open-minded person. As much as you might be their first client or 10th client, any freelancer in Dubai should be willing to learn and accept constructive criticism. This is a great way to grow their careers as well.

4. Experience With Collaborative Tools

Every freelancer should understand how to use different collaborative tools such as Trello, Google docs, and Slack. It means they can work with you comfortably, together with your team. You won’t go over the hassles of teaching them how to navigate such tools.

5. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is essential in the world of freelancing, and the more reason to be keen when it comes to these replies. How long do the freelancers in the UAE take to reply to emails, texts, or return calls? They need to strive to respond within 24 hours of you sending the message. In case of any emergencies, they need to tell you beforehand that they wouldn’t make it, and not past the deadline.

6. A high number of repeat clients

A freelancer with several repeat clients means that they are doing something right; hence clients love to re-hire them for future projects. From this, you can know they are competent and also reliable. To avoid scammers, you should ask for testimonials to confirm the legibility.

7. Available for a long-term engagement

As much as freelancers work for a fixed amount of time, you want to ensure that you hire those that might be around for longer. This also enables you to create amazing relationships with them for future engagements, and you don’t have to start from scratch when you need someone to work on your new projects.

Final thoughts

How a freelancer in Dubai responds to questions in an interview determines whether you will hire them. Hence, all you need is to get the replies you desire and win yourself the perfect candidate.  

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