Facing the Realities of Freelancing: How to Know if it is Right for You

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The dawn of the internet has made people discover new avenues to make money and for others to get their work done. Enter freelancing, a career path that has since seen millions of people joining the gig economy. But why such a huge number? What is so fascinating about it that has seen the number of freelancers in Dubai skyrocket over the past few years?

Well, the answers to such questions are all based on what can be seen and not speculated. Even though freelancing has its own fair share of challenges, it still boasts a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

1. The flexibility of schedules – the flexibility of the gig economy is probably the most common reason people venture into freelancing. One can work at whichever time they choose to. However, this is subject to various factors, such as the nature of the gig.

2. Be your own boss – another reason why the gig economy continues to roar is that people love to be their own bosses. As a freelancer, you get to be the master of your ship. You decide on your style, who you work with, where you work with, and when to work. 

3. Growing your passion – freelancing generally entails selling your services to different people, either simultaneously or one after the other. In most cases, these services are usually from a field which you cherish more; with better skills and experience. Since no contracts are holding you back, you can work with as many people as you wish. In that process, you get to expand on your knowledge, making yourself even better at what you do. 

As you could have imagined, freelancing is quite liberating, unlike the standard 9 – 5 jobs. There are many job opportunities since many companies are starting to prefer freelancers in the UAE

Unfortunately, not everyone is suited for this type of career. For you to succeed as a professional freelancer in whichever field you wish, there are certain natural tendencies and character traits that you need first.

So, how do you tell whether you will love being a digital nomad or it will be another anxiety-inducing struggle for you? Here are 7 questions whose answers will help you discover your next path to follow:

Can you work alone?

More often than not, freelancers are lone rangers who mostly work alone. Unlike in a corporate setup where they work under one roof, freelancers mostly have their individual spaces in which they conduct their businesses. They hardly meet up to work with others not unless collaborating on a project. 

While most of the freelancing tasks are done online, some tend to prefer to meet their clients for physical meetings. There are some good venues to meet clients in Dubai if a meeting has to be set up first before reaching an agreement.

Either way, if you are content spending long hours all by yourself, working alone, then you are free to delve into freelancing. 

How well do you manage your time?

As a freelancer, you have full control of how you spend your time. There are no restrictions whatsoever, unlike when you are in full-time employment – you won’t have a boss on your neck when you decide to waste the entire day doing something else unrelated to work. However, such liberation comes with great responsibility. 

Can you manage your time well? Discipline is one thing a freelancer should have for them to succeed. Sometimes it might be a little hard to follow every agenda on the day’s list, and that’s why some freelancers get tools to help them manage themselves better. 

If you know how to manage time, ensuring that you make the most of every passing minute, then freelancing is truly your calling.

How do you deal with rejection?

Rejection is inevitable for a freelancer – it is all part of the process. This is probably the most dreaded thing by freelancers, but they all respond differently. Are you one to react poorly to rejection? This means that you don’t receive the news well and might end up in tears (pun intended). 

Well, if that’s you, then freelancing isn’t the best way forward for you. To become successful in this field, one needs to grow a thicker skin to handle all the rejections you will face, in the future. 

Can you wear many hats?

A professional freelancer in Dubai is not just tied to their field of expertise but also has the ability to carry out other tasks diligently. When you just started out in this field, then you probably think that freelancing is simply working on a client’s project and that’s it. 

Freelancers run their business on their own, so there are a lot of things to consider. For starters, even if you are a freelance content writer in Dubai, you ought to be skilled in marketing (your brand to get more and better clients), accounting (which includes invoicing and taking charge of your finances, etc.), contract negotiation, bookkeeping, and many more. 

Learn all these skills first before you go fully into freelancing. Without some of them, you will only be open to leading yourself into disappointments.

Can you focus in any environment?

One of the perks of becoming a freelancer is the ability to work from any environment. Although many freelancers in the UAE work from home, some of them prefer to co-share spaces or even work at restaurants, as long as there is an internet connection.

The problem here comes when your job demands you to focus. Are you able to concentrate whenever working in new surroundings? Distractions are huge out there, and if you can still get the work done well, then you should take your freelancing career to the next level. 

How do you cope with uncertainty?

Nothing is predictable in the gig economy. There are no guarantees that you will succeed when you decide to take that path. Furthermore, even if you are not new in the game, keeping clients is never assured. So what happens to you in case of such unpredictable moments?

Determination and intelligent planning are the core virtues to have as a freelancer. Without them, you may end up in frustration during your lows. While it takes time to build a lucrative career in freelancing, you should always get prepared for any eventuality. Furthermore, you should learn how to land clients if you are facing a dry spell.

What are your skills?

There are many professional freelancers in Dubai, who make a lot of money doing what they love. Before deciding to get into the world of freelancing, you should know the skills which you are bringing to the table and what gaps you desire to fill. Are people willing to pay for such services?

While there are some top-paying jobs that have low competition, the opportunities for others are quite limited, so one must understand how to make a name for themselves. Otherwise, if you have not settled on a niche, or worse still, you lack the necessary skills, then you should brace yourself for a fierce uphill battle. 

Is Freelancing Good for You?

Take your time when answering these questions as truthfully as possible. It is only then that you will decide whether you wish to join other freelancers in Dubai or not. 

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