8 Benefits Of Hiring a Freelance Project Manager 

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Running a business on your own can be hectic and exhausting. You are not going to give your customers the best when you are dealing with sales, management, customer care, and administrative work at the same time. Hiring freelancers in Dubai is an effective strategy that startups can use to outsource different tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the primary function of the business. The biggest challenge most startups experience is inadequate capital. Hiring freelancers allows you to navigate the issue of capital as you only pay for the work done, giving your company a competitive edge. However, if you forget to review and approve freelancers’ work, you should consider hiring a freelance project manager.

You can benefit from the work and experiences of a project manager if you have less time for your freelancers. In some freelancing platforms, failure to approve a freelancer’s work within a specified timeline can result in automatic approval. Furthermore, failure to address the issues of freelancers quickly will result in delays in the completion of your project. A freelance project manager comes in handy in ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget. In this article, you will find the top reasons why you should hire a freelance project manager.

8 Ways a Freelance Project Manager Can Add Value To Your Project

1. Timely delivery

Project managers use their skills and experience to ensure that everything is delivered within the stipulated timeline. The lack of clarity is one of the major reasons why projects experience delays. A project manager negotiates achievable and reasonable milestones and deadlines among teams, stakeholders, and management before the kick-off, for a successful launch. During the planning stage, the project manager defines and clarifies the project scope; develops project schedules and policies that support the achievements of the objectives.

2. Cost-saving

Cost management is a critical part of every project. The cost can spiral depending on other factors like failure to stick to scope and timeframe. The project manager ensures that all stakeholders are sticking to their role, avoiding delays and mistakes that can negatively impact the project. If changes and additions are necessary, the project manager will look for effective ways to accommodate them, considering the cost effect.

3. Quality output

Despite their efforts in ensuring timely and cost-efficient delivery, project managers are continually measuring, evaluating, and correcting the work to provide high-quality output. They ensure that the work is of the highest quality by putting up control tools and techniques to ensure the project meets quality standards at all times. They also put in place quality standards that offer a basis for corrective action.

4. Supervision

It is necessary to maintain close control to ensure everyone is giving their all towards the successful completion of your project. A project manager organizes your project into task lists and phases for easy monitoring and supervision. They also assign tasks and requests for status reports, ensuring that everyone is on time and within the budget. The managers are aware of where the project is and where it is going next, ensuring that the components are in place for a smooth transition.

5. Accountability

A project manager encourages clear and concise communication with the project team and other stakeholders, avoiding conflicts. With clear, concise communication, it becomes easy to give clarifications when necessary, decreasing confusion. Furthermore, since the project manager is involved in the day-to-day running of the project, you can get immediate reports on the progress, increasing accuracy.

6. Flexibility

Although hiring a contractor can help deliver what you want, a project manager adds versatility to your project. Contractors may find it difficult to consult with you to avoid creating a perception that they do not understand their work. Hiring a project manager can help bridge the gap, ensuring that the contractor can ask for clarifications at any stage of the work.

7. Efficiency

Even when the project is still within the budget and timeline, a project manager can help find areas of wastage. Increasing efficiency in a project can result in massive cost savings and quick delivery of the outcomes. A freelance project manager can study how your team works to find loopholes that do not add value to the work and align the process, increasing efficiency.

8. Full focus on your project

It isn’t easy to maintain a 100-percent focus on your project when dealing with other tasks and duties. As an entrepreneur, you will need to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. A project manager lets you focus on your business while enjoying peace of mind that your project is progressing well.


When dealing with complex, multi-faceted projects, you can increase efficiency, control costs, and ensure that your project is within the timeline by hiring freelancers in Dubai specializing in project management. A freelance project manager acts as your right-hand person in managing your team, tracking project progress, and ensuring completion.  

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