8 Best Instagram Accounts For Vloggers in 2021

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Videography is both a highly technical and incredibly creative field. As the creator of visual stories, you will want the autonomy to work on the gigs that inspire you the most. Freelance may, therefore, be the best employment option for you. 

Videography has become a vital part of content marketing, event organization, and artistic creation. Videography in Dubai involves an array of different industries and as a freelancer, you will get to experience them all.

You will find that freelance, unlike traditional economies, involves inconsistent working periods and frequent, thorough research. As a videographer, you will want to familiarize yourself with the arts and events scene in Dubai to know what your audience is looking for with every booking. You will also want to find inspiration in some of the Videography legends of the Insta-sphere. 

This is where our guide comes in. Here are the top 10 videography Instagram accounts every Freelance videographer in the UAE should follow. 

1. – @Water 

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To make it as a freelance videographer in Dubai, you will need a range of skills spanning beyond commercial and event shoots. You will want to know how to convey a strong, memorable message with your videos, and what account is better equipped to do so than @water? 

As one of the oldest non-profits on social media, Water has inspired millions of followers the world over with its striking videos. While their content is quite poignant, there is also a poetic, pleasant beauty to their shots. 

2. Philip Bloom – @Philipbloom

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Philip Bloom is a critically acclaimed, award-winning videographer best known for his work on the BBC, CNN, and Skynews. His daily posts are an exhibition of absolute skill and breath-taking inspiration. Bloom will teach every avid videographer in his following how to use simple equipment to produce prolonged scene shots, and how to apply simple coloring to complex shots for an interesting paradox. 

Bloom posts plenty; therefore your timeline will be filled with quality content with just one click on the follow button. 

3. IG Dubai – @IG.Dubai

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IG Dubai is a company of videographers in Dubai known for its event videography. From weddings to birthdays and conferences, they have covered most of Dubai’s event scene. Their profile is packed with footage from the events they cover. These frequent clips will offer every budding photographer valuable tips on shooting local events and editing skills. 

IG Dubai does not provide particularly unique content. However, its social media page is optimized impressively and will offer every freelancer an example of how to manage their Instagram page. 

4. Matthew Vanderput – @matjoez

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Matthew Vanderput initially saw his rise to Instagram recognition as a Youtuber. Therefore, he knows his way both in front and behind the camera. As a freelance videographer in the UAE, you may need to expand your professional horizons to vlogging and other forms of content creation, to expand your revenue stream. You will want to follow Matthew to see how he uses his expertise behind the camera to film unique content shared by millions. From stunning time-lapses to ethereal night sky shots, Vanderput offers videos of incredible quality on a relatively frequent (every other day) basis. 

5. Uniquefilms –

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Uniquefilms have a team of experts in Asian wedding videography. With wedding cinematography being a massive earner on the Dubai art scene, you will want to be versed in the film structure, editing, transitions, stills, shot frames, and color correction of Asian wedding cinematography. Uniquefilms provides, among its generally good content of 30-second videos, a few shots of the grand weddings the company has covered. 

6. Nat Geographic – @NatGeo

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Nat Geo has won accolades the world over for decades now – mostly for its stunning video graphics work. As a freelance videographer in Dubai, you may need to cater to projects which will require hyper-quality, still shots, sharp zooms, and attention to detail. You may be required to film in unfamiliar environments, and even travel across the UAE to cover some tasks. You will have to know how to film different environments to make both the scenes and their objects stand out. Frankly, we believe Nat Geo is one of the best to ever do it.

7. The Videographers – @The_videographers

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Yes, this is another Asian wedding photography account. As a freelance videographer in the UAE, you can never get enough of the wedding – and other glamorous celebrations – videography inspiration. 

A lot of “per-gig” bookings in Dubai will require creating quality videos for lavish events. These videos will immortalize the celebration of colorful weddings and emotional graduation parties. You can expect your clientele to expect you to know how to create Instagram-friendly videos of their events, so you may want to follow all the experts in the field you can find. The Videographers are a Pakistan-based collective of videographers in Pakistan and the UAE. They post mounds of content daily, from which you can be certain to learn a lot about wedding videography in Dubai. 

8. Nowness – @nowness 

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As a videographer, you will want to know how to capture even the most artistic of content effortlessly. Your gigs may involve pushing your creative edge, therefore you will need to be versed in social media-friendly contemporary art. 

Nowness provides some of the most memorable visuals on the internet. The page’s inspirations span the entire world, with frequent allusions to Middle-Eastern craft, culture, and history. By following Nowness on Instagram, you can expand your repertoire of artistic conceptual interests. The pictures and videos on the page are all copyrighted; therefore you will find exclusive content on their Instagram you would otherwise have to pay premium magazine rates for. 

A Concluding Note 

Inspiration is crucial to a videographer’s craft. You will need a solid resource of fellow creatives to learn from daily, and the ability to discern their strong and weak points. At Bawabba, our professionals are encouraged to inspire themselves from the top-earning experts in their fields and emulate their most effective methods. Our team of freelance professionals is trained, equipped, and most importantly – inspired. 

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