8 Steps To Success When Launching A Freelance Interior Design Business

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If you love working with the physical environment to improve its aesthetics, have a sharp sense of style, and a keen eye for detail, you might be on your way to becoming a successful freelance interior designer in Dubai. Setting up a freelance interior design business in Dubai might seem like a huge task. However, breaking it down into eight key steps can maximize the potential of your success in the venture.

With the creative industry spaces getting crowded by the day, you must make yourself stand out from the crowd. There are real opportunities for individuals seeking to make stunning interior designs from clients who wish to decorate their homes. Freelancing gives you the chance to become the go-to expert only when customers know about your business. Therefore, a freelance interior design business is suitable for anyone with a creative mind.

Top 8 Successful Tips To Starting Your Freelance Interior Design Enterprise

Here are the eight steps you should consider taking when launching and growing an interior design business. 

1. Build a website that wows customers

You cannot convince anyone you are a designer if you cannot even create an extra-special site. Clients need you to prove to them that you are a forward-thinking designer. To do this, make sure your approach is reflecting across your brand, from your website to your outfit among others. For that reason, heavily investing in this area is essential when starting your interior design enterprise. 

2. Do initial projects without pay

You will not get anywhere by launching a business without pictures to showcase your projects. Therefore, it means completing a few projects. Consider finding three or so clients that are willing to let you work on their projects and waive your design fee as long as they give you full creative control. While getting full artistic control is almost impossible, find a client that allows you to express your style. 

3. Get stunning photos

Your design business is going to live and die by the style of photography you invest in. You cannot start as an interior designer without images to highlight your projects. Do not rely on shooting the photographs yourself unless you are incredibly confident in your ability. Consider hiring proper interior photographers to cover finished projects. 

4. Know who you are 

Are you an interior designer, decorator, or architect? The three professions are distinctly different. Therefore, communicating what clients should expect when working with you is very important. That way, you will not end up attracting clients who need a full redesign of their home’s layout when all you want is to work on the décor side of interior design. 

5. Understand your ideal client

Having a clear-cut vision of who your client is, is essential when launching your interior design business. Without this, communicating that you are the right professional for the job is going to be nearly impossible. Additionally, you will not cut through the regular interior designers in the market who are yet to define their style or ideal client. 

Understanding your ideal client begins with knowing your brand values and style before starting to attract the right customers. If you are unsure about this, you have a lot of homework to do before going out there to launch your enterprise. Once you know your brand and ideal client, the next important thing is adequately branding yourself visually in a way that attracts those customers. Think of your niche and find the right specialty. 

6. Do not start a business that is not sustainable 

The first thing you want to avoid is starting a freelance interior design business for those seeking interior design services on a budget. You will spend a lot of time trying to create a company that is not going to happen since those people will not have the money to make it worth your effort. 

One of the primary reasons the idea is not going to work is that finding excellent furnishings and finishes on a budget will take so much of your time. Therefore, while you might be able to work within those clients’ budgets, you will not be including the time spent on finding the products in your pay, which is equivalent to working for free and not having a business. 

Even though you might pull it through for a year or so, it won’t be long before it dawns on you that the idea isn’t sustainable. You will soon start attracting clients coming to you with a small budget expecting miracles. If you need to appeal to those clients, consider running a YouTube channel to share popular improvised interior design trends that will allow the customers to do it themselves. 

7. Create your marketing strategy

Once you are sure of what you are doing and your target clients,  it is time to create a solid marketing strategy. In the face of all the fun on social media, most interior designers get business through search engine optimization or SEO and word of mouth. If someone is seriously looking for an interior designer, you are unlikely to find them scrolling Facebook or Pinterest to find the right person for the job.

Instead, they are going straight to Google and typing freelance interior designer Dubai, for instance, or asking their colleagues who did their incredible property. Therefore, consider learning SEO as much as possible and asking your past clients to refer you by offering them incentives. 

8. Build your brand

Don’t be so quick to dismiss all social media because of the above. Social media is where you create PR opportunities and build your brand. Therefore, consider spending as much time on these platforms as you do on your SEO, including in-person marketing. Ensure the best brands know about you, mainly when using their products in your projects. Besides, you can follow top interior design trends to learn more secrets about the trade


Launching an interior design business is challenging, mainly because it is a saturated market that makes it difficult to stand out. However, the tips above should help you get started and cut through the rest of the market competition and develop a strong client base. Additionally, you can join online local communities like Bawabba to connect you directly to service seekers and potential clients near you. Sign up as a freelance interior designer in Dubai today for free on our website and improve your business prospects. At Bawabba, there are no intermediaries to ask for commissions.

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