Benefits For Women Freelancers & Entrepreneurs in the UAE

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Female entrepreneurs and freelancer in Dubai haven’t had their opportunity until recently. Yes, it is true that the statistics of 2017 represented that Dubai has one of the lowest rates of female entrepreneurship and female labor in the world.

However, the MENA region has been showing impressive progress. According to the World Economic Forum, It is closing more than 60 percent of its overall gender gap.

Previously, female entrepreneurs used to be in lack training, equipment, or capital. But recent developments have shown promising results. The first Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit has caught the attention of the world.

A fund of 100 million dollars in investment for Fintech is used to support the industry. Apparently, the numbers are bigger than ever and 2020 seems to be an exciting year.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has been leading the front by empowering its women.

Those who wish to work inside their homes in a freelance marketplace could do so. And those who want to go out and develop businesses have the freedom to do so too.

It would be unfair to say that without any training or expertise, one can be successful. It is important for a person wanting to increase their wealth to learn the right skill set.

It would be difficult for a woman but there are organizations ready to serve and guide the way.

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone or RAKEZ is a world-class industrial hub that helps businesses. It promotes various payment solutions to help clients. Recently, it introduced holding companies set-ups so that investors could diversify.

RAKEZ has introduced the UAE’s first-ever businesswomen package. It helps female entrepreneurs that are aiming to make their mark. They will provide the majority of the support required by a woman initiating a business.

It provides a zero-balance bank account so that women can embark on this journey without a single worry.

Additionally, RAKEZ provides eight different types of licenses for women entrepreneurs. Ranging from e-commerce all the way to trading. And that too at 50% off.

With its enriching webinars, this organization holds open dialogues with clients. Their “MY BUSINESS” package has been unveiled to help entrepreneurs in difficult times. Such a wide range of support makes this institution one of a kind.

Quite recently, RAKEZ rolled out medical check-ups for 10,000 of its laborers. This indicates an enterprise that cares for its employees.

Dubai Business Women Council

Next in the picture comes the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC). Established in 2002, the DBWC has been providing services to businesswomen of the nation.

This organization works on training, educating, and providing networking opportunities for its members. By connecting potential investors to business owners, they help them find capital for their companies.

They prepare women with the essentials that they would need for being an entrepreneur. Its members are taught communication skills, sales, micro-management, and many more. This training makes them competent in the modern-day business environment

Moreover, it holds tailored workshops to equip women with the necessary skill set. It also provides contacts and guides them on their journey to being successful.

Abu Dhabi Business Women Council

The Abu Dhabi Business Women Council or ADBWC reactivates the role of businesswomen. It cares for the creatives in the private sector and helps maintain their businesses.

It has an agenda of establishing integrated and innovative business incubators. And also adopting the creative ideas of women entrepreneurs and freelancers in Dubai.

The ADBWC focuses on the sustainable development of business by women. It also enhances the role of Research and Development (R&D) in the female entrepreneur’s work.

As the world evolves, innovation is in demand. Any business that does not innovate, loses out on revenue. Therefore, ADBWC’s focus on R&D is important.

In its five-year plan, it strives for accumulative cognitive experience within the ADBWC. It ensures the ongoing development of its services in conformity to the labor market.

It works on the dissemination and awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation in women. And it also puts huge efforts into providing professional consultancy.

Dubai Women Establishment

In 2006, The Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) came into being to support the women of the UAE. This organization’s focus is on the introduction of supportive policies for women.

It empowers women in the workplace and fosters an environment that encourages innovation.

The DWE has played a huge role in spreading awareness about women in corporations. The cabinet of UAE made it compulsory for corporations to put women on their boards of directors.

Also, DWE researches the quality of life of women. And thus, cares for the career and children of businesswomen and freelancers in Dubai.

This organization also has a manual on setting up child-care facilities in workplaces. They helped in installing them too.

Women Entrepreneurship Summit MENA

The Women Entrepreneurship Summit MENA is a strategic platform. It serves aspiring businesswomen and freelancers of the MENA region.

This organization empowers women by providing the perfect platform for proficient women entrepreneurs.

It helps them in networking, sharing ideas, and access to capital which is crucial.

The freelancers of Dubai need people to help them find work and promote their gigs and offers. Hence, this is the right place for women looking for a way to financial independence.

The UAE government allowed a year’s extension on the house visa of a divorced woman, widow, and her children. This adds to a woman’s desire to climb up the ladder of the business world

There are many benefits for female entrepreneurs and freelancers in Dubai. And all they have to do is step into this business world and let these organizations be their guide. If you are looking to work with one such freelancer, log in to Bawabba and get started.

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