Helpful Tips On How To Set And Use Milestones For Freelancers 

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The Corona pandemic has changed the business world as we knew it before 2020. Businesses have to adapt to the new changes brought about by COVID-19, such as maintaining social distance and working remotely. Remote workers have seen more jobs as companies start to prefer freelancers in the UAE for jobs that would be done by internal employees. Companies are expected to have the majority of their employees working from home, with only a few remaining in the offices.

It is now becoming a new normal for companies to build a successful freelancing team in the UAE to carry out basic accounting, marketing, and operations functions. However, unless you have built your online recruitment reputation, you may have to do things differently to attract the most suitable candidates. In the same way, you would give benefits to appeal to the best employees; you may have to offer distinctive elements in your job description to make your job competitive. A simple way you can use to differentiate your job offer and attract exceptional talent is to offer milestones.

Why Offer Milestones To Freelancers?

Milestones play an essential role in helping businesses track the progress of projects and provide an integral tool for measuring the success rate. Milestones keep everyone focused on the project, ensuring that the parts contribute to the outcome. Every freelancer involved in the project is aware of the end goal and smaller goals that are part of the bigger picture, including their efforts in contributing to the final goal.

Before delving into how to use the milestones effectively, you need first to understand what they are and how they add value to your business. Project milestones enable you to break down a project into small sections to give your freelancers a clear idea of what you would like and how it should be done. Milestones are not deadlines but smaller tasks that need to be achieved as part of a more critical job. For example, when you hire freelance web designers in Dubai to help you create an online store, you can break down the tasks into various tasks like designing, hosting, content creation, and customer experience. Breaking down the project ensures that your designers do not get overwhelmed by instructions.

What are the advantages of setting project milestones?

Schedule activities

Milestones give you the power to schedule the critical points of your project and the timelines on when they should be completed. They help to keep the team on track, ensuring the final project will be completed on time. Make sure that the freelancers clearly understand their roles and the need to deliver on time.

Evaluation on the go

Breaking your project into several parts makes it easy to evaluate and undertake the necessary changes. It will be time-consuming and expensive to effect changes at the end of the project, which might need the whole work to be redone. Monitoring the project on the go enables you to spot areas that could be problematic. It also makes it easy to include areas of improvement that may not have been factored in earlier.

Celebrate success

Meeting a milestone successfully is a sign of progress. Although your freelancers may be busy working on the next phase of the project, you can use the milestones to keep your team’s spirit high. Acknowledge the efforts the team put into attaining the milestone and motivate them to work harder to achieve the overall project objectives.

How To Set Milestones for Freelancers

  • Mark critical tasks – Define the tasks that should be completed and their timeline
  • Determine the end of a stage – The end stage is when all payments and other steps should be finalized
  • Establish the deliverables – At what stage will you consider the project complete for use?
  • Focus on goals and key results – Review the progress of the launched project and track results to ensure that it is hitting the targets.

Setting milestones for freelancers in the UAE is a good start, but you will not receive the full benefits unless you look for ways to track and report on the progress. You can use the milestones as great reporting tools for people who may not be interested in the technical details of what you are doing. The data from milestones enable stakeholders to see the phases that have been completed and how close you are to the final goal. You can also see the roadblocks that can hinder you from achieving the set targets and working on them to keep the project on track.


Setting milestones for freelancers in the UAE is a successful way to keep your project on track and employees remote workers motivated to finish the work on time. However, you need to use them effectively to attain the set goal and objectives.

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