Beginner’s Guide To Becoming An In-demand Freelance DJ In Dubai 

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DJ-ing is undeniably among the most glamorous professions in the world. From traveling to exotic locations to performing at exclusive events, successful DJs get to inspire enjoyment and pleasure from millions of people. To become a successful DJ in Dubai and other vibrant cities, you will need to know what the massive events and nightlife industry will require from you. Worth over $550 million in America alone, the club scene is a source of both wealth and enjoyment. As a DJ, you can earn your slice of this money by becoming a freelancer. This will require you to also know the basics of creating and changing moods in events such as birthday parties, weddings, exhibitions, and other settings.

If you are looking to become a freelance DJ in the UAEDubai is the right place for you to begin. With millions of trendy, affluent event-goers looking to Dubai for the entertainment of a lifetime, this city has everything you need for a successful DJ career. Dubai is known as one of the entertainment capitals of the world. However, with the best access to the entire world’s resources, Dubai has become demanding, so finding DJ gigs isn’t always easy. 

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Becoming A DJ

CareersInMusic considers love for music the primary factor in making it a successful DJ. Therefore, your priority as a DJ should be the discovery, sharing, and perhaps the creation of music, as opposed to money-making. DJ job vacancies in Dubai are often filled out relatively quickly. Instead, you may want to operate as a free agent to maximize your revenue. 

Becoming a freelancer in the UAE is always a little challenging; particularly if your offered service is creativity or entertainment-based. Your prospective clientele will need to sample your work before they are willing to pay heftily for it. For a DJ, this means that they will need to experience an entire set of yours before they consider you apt in your craft, or worthy of disc-jockeying at their events. 

This often requires investing hours of free work into developing a musical portfolio and DJing at your local events. You will also need to spend hours of research, listening to new music, and paying attention to the latest trends. 

Every successful DJ will require a level of versatility. Both the Dubai event and music scenes are constantly evolving with its influx of tourists and investors. Therefore, you will need to be hungry to learn about every DJ specialization popular in the UAE if you wish to make it to the top. 

Specializing For Bookings 

DJs have different types of duties or responsibilities based on their specialization or the types of events they mostly cater to. Before you engage in your career, you will need training in the specific type of DJ-ing you wish to do. Once you have trained, you will have to book events and gigs to practice your craft by signing up to an adjacent platform as a Freelance DJ in Dubai. You will need to cite a specialization: 

Club DJ-ing

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The club DJ is potentially the most famous kind of DJ in the world. The job of a club DJ is to encourage club-goers to fill the dance floor, order at the bar, and overall, have a memorable experience. Of course, the atmosphere of every club is different. Some DJs will wish to focus on Trance Music, others on Electro, Pop or Hip Hop, etc. Your focus should be based on the music you love most, rather than the one you believe “popular clubs in Dubai” will want to hear. Innovation in Club DJ-ing is encouraged by club and event promoters because it is fantastic marketing. Therefore, as a club DJ, you will need to be willing to push the envelope and constantly come up with new content to build a solid name as “the new hot DJ act in town”.

Turning Tables 

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Performance DJs are known to pack up venues and sell millions of records. This type of DJ-ing requires the most skills, transition ability, and overall expert tricks. Fortunately, courses are available in Dubai to train as a turntablist. 

Turntablists generally get fewer bookings than other DJs because their rates are higher and events with their interested demographic are more seasonal. However, they have the ability to negotiate much higher rates because of the sheer skill required in this specialization.

Mobile DJ-ing

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These DJs cater to corporate events as much as weddings or proms. This type of DJ-ing requires entrepreneurial skills such as self-marketing. You will need to promote a non-unique but quality service to as many events as you can, getting frequent bookings and ensuring the music played throughout is consistent. You will also need to build a client base. Therefore, Mobile-DJs should be comfortable with playing it safe with their music choices. 

Mobile-DJs must also be familiar with the use of most DJ equipment, as they will be responsible for all the setups and sound-checks at the events they are booked for.

Radio DJ-ing

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Originally the main form of disc-jockeying, radio DJ-ing involves curating content that varies from music to entertainment and news. Large Dubai radio outlets now have professionals in charge of song selection. For this reason, local radio DJs are for the most part required to have journalistic and entertainment skills. 

Selecting A DJ Software 

You are likely to play with software selection as you complete your Disc-Jockey training. Here is some basic information about the 3 platforms you will be offered to use:

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  • Rekordbox – A Pioneer Creation entirely free of use which will allow you to create and export libraries smoothly.
  • Serato DJ Pro – A hyper-efficient DJ-ing tool that allows you to train without connected equipment
  • Traktor Pro – A fantastic performance software ideal for EDM and Hip Hop DJs. This software can be purchased for $99 or AED 365. 

A Concluding Note 

If you are tired of browsing through “Dj jobs near me” and other vacancy ads to no avail, it may be time for you to switch to Freelance work. Freelance work will require you to know the Dubai music scene like the back of your hand. Many DJs ignore the importance of research, training, and practice in becoming successful. However, only this expansion of knowledge will provide you with the expertise to build a loyal fanbase DJ-ing in Dubai. Sign up to Bawabba to get in touch with qualified freelance Djs in Dubai.

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