Building a Successful Freelancing Team in the UAE: A Complete Guide

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The major five parts of an organization include finance, operations, sales, human resource, and procurement. If you want to grow your business, you must integrate it with these five parts. 

These five parts must be run successfully. Of course, you will require employees to run these five essential parts of your organization. Sometimes, you may not have enough money to hire full-time employees. Don’t let this situation stress you out. You can get highly skilled remote workers by posting freelance jobs in Dubai on online recruitment platforms! 

You can hire freelancers to help you manage these five significant parts of your organization. Then, outsource most of the tasks which you need to complete. For instance, you can hire remote workers for; 

  • Accounting and book-keeping tasks 
  • Website development and design
  • Writing 
  • Advertising 
  • Data entry 
  • Online virtual assistants 
  • Telecommunication 

Hiring freelance workers is an excellent way to grow your business. Here is how you can build a successful freelancing team;

Finding Freelancers 

It is quite simple to get a highly qualified and experienced freelancer if you sign up for a popular online recruitment platform. This recruitment platform has a complete directory of all available freelance jobs in Dubai and remote workers who have the right skills in a wide array of areas. 

Hiring Freelancers 

Depending on the online recruitment platform which you have selected, you can either post a project or message a freelancer whom you think would be the best fit for your business. When posting your project, try to be elaborate as much as possible. For instance, you should give a quick overview of what you require; and the skill set of the freelancer whom you would like to hire. 

After your project is live, wait for a few days so that many qualified freelancers can view it and apply. The best way to find the right candidates is to ask your applicants some specific questions which are related to your project so that you can gauge their skills. Keep a job description ready. 

Never consider applicants who don’t answer your questions, since this shows that they can’t follow simple instructions. Once you have eliminated those who didn’t answer your questions, review the rest of the applicants. Shortlist them to around three people.

Then, you can personally message your shortlisted candidates and interview them. You can request their portfolio too. 

If you find it challenging to choose one freelancer from multiple applicants, you can request them to do a short test. However, make sure that you compensate them for their time. When you finally select your preferred remote worker, negotiate rates with them, and give them the complete details of your project.  

Managing Freelancers 

You can hire a project manager to supervise your remote workers. If your project is small, you may only require 1 – 2 freelancers. In such a case, you can personally manage them

Clarify to your freelancers about deadlines, project milestones, and the specific tools they should use to do your work. However, never make the mistake of micromanaging your remote workers. 

If you have selected the right freelancer, they will complete your project in due time. Also, they will always reach out in case they have any questions. If you are unsatisfied with their work, you can request them for revisions, and they will happily do it.

Assigning Tasks

You can assign tasks to different freelancers using free as well as paid tools. Freedcamp and google sheets are amazing tools for assigning tasks and monitoring performance. You could also create a WhatsApp or skype group, where you can assign tasks to different freelancers. You can also use group discussions to improve coordination between your team of freelancers. This way you will not have to manually transfer files from one freelancer to the other. For example, the content writers can send articles directly to the web developer who can post on your website. At the same time, the graphic designer can create images for the written articles and include them in the article, provided it was shared on any cloud service, for example, Google Drive. Dropbox, iCloud, etc. 

Daily Reports

You must advise your freelancers to send you daily reports, to make sure every dollar you spend on the freelancers gets you the highest returns. Daily reports can be created in Google sheets. They can also be generated in Basecamp and other similar tools.


Always have clear instructions and job descriptions for all of your freelancers. These instructions can be explained further with the help of Video Tutorials on how to perform each step. You can record the steps and corresponding videos in Google sheets and share them with your freelancers. Freelancers, sometimes tend to forget the previous instructions when you assign them new tasks. They may miss out on important steps. With the help of clear written instructions and videos to explain each step can remove chances of error and omission of important tasks.

4 Tips for Building a Successful Freelance Business

Here are the four essential tips which you should implement when posting freelance jobs in Dubai and building a remote online team for your organization; 

  • Know What You Exactly Want. You should know the specific skills which your preferred freelancer must have. Know the things you can tolerate and those you can’t. For instance, you should discern beforehand whether you can work with a remote worker who does not speak your native language or who is not in your time zone. 
  • Measure the Need for Freelancers in Your Organization. Don’t make the mistake of signing a contract with too many online workers. Before you hire any freelancer, you must have a complete list of the number of projects to be completed remotely. You can always start with the most significant ones. 
  • Conduct a Thorough Interview. Make sure that you set up a thorough screening process. This way, you will be 100% sure of the kind of remote workers you are hiring. The interview procedure is the foundation for building a strong freelance team.
  • Labour Division. As illustrated by The Entrepreneur, you should assign your freelancers jobs per their expertise. Also, it is better to hire a remote worker who has specialized in a particular niche than to hire someone who can carry out plenty of tasks that are of low quality. 


Your business will grow quickly if you build a successful freelance team. Working with freelancers is a cost-effective strategy that enables you to take advantage of highly talented people. 

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