Dealing With A Bad Freelancer – How To Get The Best From A Freelancer in Dubai

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Hiring a freelancer in Dubai requires due diligence and a lot of attentiveness to ensure that you have a professional with the right skills and capacity to handle your project. The top reason why businesses hire freelancers is to help deliver quality work without the commitment and challenges that come with dealing with staff. The ideal situation for most clients is to find an experienced freelancer, give instructions, and the freelancer complete the task to deliver a masterpiece that goes beyond expectation. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. Some clients have to hire different freelancers before they can find the one that best suits their project. If you are finding yourself hiring the wrong freelancer, you should familiarize yourself with recruitment strategies that will make hiring freelancers work for you.

What are the common problems you will likely experience with a bad freelancer? 

1. Low-quality work

There is a high chance that a bad freelancer will not deliver quality work. The problem could be two ways. Perhaps you hired the wrong freelancer for your projects. A freelancer could be good in web design but poor in copywriting. We recommend that you hire the right freelancer with the right skills for your project. Another problem could be due to a lack of experience. Mostly, highly experienced freelancers will cost higher than beginner freelancers. Some tasks may be difficult for most beginners to handle, and thus, even if you are looking to cut costs, you should make sure that you are not undervaluing your project. Instead, hire the best freelancer in the UAE with the required experience to ensure that you do not regret hiring a freelancer for your project. Familiarizing yourself with the things to consider before engaging a freelancer will help you hire the right freelancer for your project at all times.

2. Missed deadlines

The life of a freelancer can be exciting and overwhelming at times. A freelancer is less likely to miss their friend’s party or a wedding to work on a project they can handle at any other time. People quit their full-time jobs to gain freedom. Unfortunately, most people fail to realize that freelancing requires a lot of discipline. Freedom does not mean that you should fail to meet deadlines. Instead, it gives you the freedom to work outside a structured timeframe. Unless you are being paid overtime, you will be expected to work from 8 am to 5 pm in an office. As a freelancer, you can start working from 3 am up to 1 pm, enabling you to grace your friend’s wedding at 2 pm.

Highly experienced freelancers have learned how to juggle between the social world and work, enabling them to deliver work before deadlines. Another problem could be the freelancer is overwhelmed with work, especially if your project is not well paying. Most freelancers prioritize work that pays well, usually leaving others for when they are free, resulting in missed deadlines. You should talk with your freelancer to know what the problem could be and how you can solve the problem. The freelancers usually have a solution to how they can best deliver work. 

3. Poor communication

It is not uncommon to come across clients who complain that freelancers spend days or hours before they can reply to their emails. Unfortunately, it is worth noting that different times in different regions of the world can lead to poor communication. For example, if you are hiring a web designer freelancer in the UAE, and you are in America, you should not expect freelancers to communicate the way they would communicate with local clients. Instead, you should both agree on the most appropriate time to have a conversation noting the inconveniences that could be caused by the different timeframes. For example, it is not reasonable to set a communication time when the other party could be already asleep. Even if they would be willing to wake up to respond to your email, they could miss an alarm. It could also affect their productivity the next day due to a lack of adequate sleep. Learning how to communicate effectively with freelancers will help improve your experience.

4. Lack of commitment

It is increasingly common to come across clients complaining that their freelancer does not seem committed to their project. While it could be true that some freelancers fail to commit to certain projects, you should not expect your freelancer to have the same commitment as an in-house employee. An employee is only dedicated to your business, but the freelancer could be handling other projects that could even be paying better than your project. The problem is usually common among short-term projects. Short-term projects do not guarantee long-term income to the freelancer, and thus, you should expect the freelancer to have other long-term projects, or they are looking for a long-term project. The best thing to do in this scenario is to communicate with your freelancer and be reasonable about the situation. You should demand a 100-percent commitment if you have a long-term project that is well paying.

What should you do if you are dissatisfied with your freelancer’s work? 

You should not be a bad client simply because you have a bad freelancer. Instead, you can try to look for solutions, especially if the cause of conflict is not quality-related. The biggest cause of conflict between most clients and freelancers is the lack of concise instruction. It is not reasonable to bombard your freelancers with endless edit requests unless the instructions were clear from the onset of what they needed to do. If you feel there is something you would like added to the project, which was not part of the initial instructions, you should request the freelancer to make the adjustment and even pay for the additional work.  

Wrap Up

The major causes of conflicts between a client and a freelancer are lack of clear instructions, delayed payments, and unreasonable demands. It will help if you do not make your freelancer guess what you want. You should always give clear instructions to a freelancer in Dubai to ensure quality work within the specified time. You should also be prompt with your payment. If a freelancer notices that you are quick to demand edits and strict on delivery but poor in making payment, the freelancer may stop taking your work with the seriousness it deserves.

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