How to Offer Constructive Criticism to a Freelancer Without Hurting Them

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Sometimes when you hire a freelancer in Dubaithe quality of the work submitted might not be at par with your requirements. The next step would be to give your feedback as you decide on the next course of action to undertake. 

It is much easier when you have a direct line of communication between the two of you. However, it becomes a lot tricky when you have to leave a negative comment on the writer’s profile when using some of the sites that offer freelancing opportunities. This is because negative feedback attached to a freelancer’s account (which might be hard to delete in the future) might jeopardize their online career since some other prospective clients might not want to hire them. 

So how do you offer constructive criticism to a freelancer without also hurting them? Here are five ways you can achieve that:

1. Start by telling someone what you like

To make someone open to hearing out a comment that they might find injurious, you may have to begin with an honest compliment. You should challenge yourself to find something positive about the freelancer’s work and acknowledge it. Even though they didn’t really attain what you had in mind, it would be prudent to let them know that they tried.

2. Pause and reflect on your intentions

Providing feedback is one of the ways clients can help freelancers to grow in their careers. However, before you offer your criticism, you should pause and reflect on what your intentions are. Avoid hyper-criticism and perfectionist tendencies. Ensure that your obsessive need for control doesn’t drive you into thinking people would match your unrealistic standards.

3. Speak privately

If you run a team of freelancers in the UAE, you must be aware of the best collaboration and communication tools that you can use to relay your messages to the entire group at once. However, it is only fair to offer negative feedback to a freelancer privately, without letting everyone else know about it. 

If you fail to do this, you might kill their driving force and morale to continue working in that field. This would eventually damage their career. The best you can do is to take them aside and converse privately, without telling other people about their weaknesses.

4. Explain in detail what you’d like them to do

This is the moment you explain to the freelancer where they went wrong and tell them what is expected of them in the future. Do not use a harsh tone as this would only damage them emotionally but also might ruin their chances of getting gigs if the comment is posted on one of the freelancing sites. 

5. Be considerate to newbies

Freelancers in Dubai take time to become professionals, and whatever your craft is, you might have also taken some time before you mastered it. Do not expect some expert-level work submitted to you by someone who’s just starting out in the career. Take your time to train them on how things are run, teach them a few tricks that they can use, and be patient too. 

Besides, the fact that you hired a newbie means you probably are offering low rates. If you want top-notch content, you might have to cough out a few extra coins to get the services of a professional.


When freelancers in Dubai feel respected and appreciated, they become challenged to continue growing in their line of work. Take part in their journey by offering them constructive criticism without jeopardizing their career.

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