Is hiring freelancers in Dubai an effective strategy for startups in the UAE?

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Having a startup business can really be stressful especially when you are at loggerheads with yourself on how the work will be handled. In most cases, the main question is whether to have employees or hire freelancers. 

This post will take you through some of the reasons why we think hiring freelancers in Dubai is much better than hiring employees. However, we will also look at some disadvantages you may face as a startup when you use freelancers over permanent employees. Let us jump right in.

Benefits of hiring freelancers

Gone are the days when freelancers were regarded as ‘temporary’ or ‘inexperienced’ people. They are not just SEO writers, copywriters, virtual assistants, etc. but are also highly experienced people with skills you can tap in order to make your business grow. So what are some of the benefits of getting freelancers in Dubai for your startup?

1. Availability

Thanks to the many platforms there are for getting connected to freelancers, you will most likely have your work done without having to source out for workers for long. Traditional methods of looking for employees involve tedious processes of advertising for the job, getting numerous candidates, starting off with the vetting process before taking ages to get through the numerous interviews. All this will cost you a lot of time and finances. 

2. Flexibility

If you have a startup in Dubai, then you understand why time is very precious for you. Due to many other competitive companies, you will have to dedicate more time to your work. If you have freelancers working for you, they will even work at night, on weekends, or over the holidays. The 9 to 5 tradition will be scrapped off. 

3. Diversity

Having an employee is okay, but what happens when you need a project done but lack the skills? In order to avoid constantly outsourcing for services whereas you have an employee already, simply outsource everything. Freelancers can do a lot of things and you can choose ones that are skilled in a particular field and choose to work with them.

Risks associated with hiring freelancers in Dubai

1. Missed deadlines

Freelancers are often working on different projects at a go and this might disadvantage you in the long run. They might delay in delivering your work on time and you might already be way past the deadline. Freelancers will most probably work on high-paying jobs with strict deadlines at the expense of others. Your in-house employees can be guided on which high-priority tasks to handle first. 

2. Ownership

Freelancers who are working on a contract will not have any sense of ownership when it comes to the company. Your own employees will have a sense of ownership which will assist your company to grow. Lack of commitment from some freelancers is also a big issue resulting due to their lack of ownership of the company. They might drop your project midway without any explanations, something your employees would not do. 

3. Security

According to the 2018 Risk value report, many people have stated that freelancers or temporary employees are the biggest security weak links to their companies. This is because these freelancers might have access to important company data and may take advantage of it since they do not have any commitment to the company. 

Over to you

So many people are looking for freelancing jobs in Dubai. Most of them are dedicated to hardworking people whose skills you can tap. Having gone through the pros and cons of getting freelancers for your startup, the ball is now in your hands and only you can decide how it is played. 

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