10 Recruitment Strategies to Make Hiring Freelancers Work For You in 2019

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The freelancing world has over the last few years grown to immeasurable heights, with many opting to go for freelance work in dubai than full-time jobs.

Dubai has not been left behind. with tremendous growth in the sector in the last few years,  many people are seeking job opportunities in Dubai.

The success of any project depends on the hired professionals. For this reason, picking the right candidate for the job is the first priority for any organization or individual.

Here are strategies that can help you hire the right freelancers in Dubai:

1. Determine your goals

Before embarking on picking a freelance candidate, establish your goals for the recruitment. The goals should mirror the objectives which your business operates on or what the project aims towards. This will help you in getting the right freelancers with the desired skills to assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

2. Clearly lay down the details of the job

Having straight forward instructions for your project is important. The candidate should be well briefed on their deliverables, deadlines, payment schedules, costs incurred and other minor details that contribute to the overall success of the work. This clarity helps in removing any misunderstanding that may arise.

3. Have a complete job description

Once you have the instructions laid out, have a complete job description that will summarize the project needs.  Clearly describe your requirements and what’s expected. As reported by Forbes, it is easier for candidates to pick out a well-detailed job post. This helps candidates have a clear picture of what is expected of them.

4. Study their portfolios

Just like any other staff employee, freelancers should be able to demonstrate that they are able to handle and successfully accomplish an assignment. Every well-prepared freelancer should have samples of their previous work. This will give you an insight into the kind of skills the freelancer will bring to your organization. It is always a good idea to hire someone with relevant experience and expertise.

5. Check on their references

It is always advisable that you check on a freelancer prospect with his/her references. This will ensure that you have a good fit since they have been involved in similar jobs before. Established freelancers are likely to have worked with many clients before. The referees can testify to their commitment and performance. It also gives you the chance to find, if any, red flags that might have surfaced in their previous jobs.

6. Visit skill-based marketplaces

Technology has made it easy for anyone seeking employment and vice-versa. Visiting a marketplace densely populated with the type of freelancers you seek will give you a perfect start. E.g., if you are seeking for freelance writers in the UAE, Bawabba will be the best place to pick them. For designers from all over the world, 99 designs offer these services and you can easily pick the most qualified after having gone through their sample works.

7. Organize an offline/online Interview

An interview with the shortlisted freelancing candidate is essential to find the best freelancer. It might not always be possible for a face-to-face interview, but organizing an online interview or a video call can be easily arranged. It is key to explain to them about the details of the project and let them ask questions if any. A good freelancer would want to know more about the project they are about to undertake to understand the requirements and goals before taking the job.

8. Offer a smaller project

Offering the candidate to work on a smaller part of the larger project you are offering is another way of gauging how prepared one is for the bigger challenge. Such pilot assignments are mostly useful when you are hiring freelancers for bigger projects, or considering hiring one for longer periods because of the anticipated amount of work. You can choose to let them know that the assignment is a test for bigger projects so that they can deliver their best, which will help you gauge their level of commitment and efficiency.

9. Read on their reviews

If you are using a freelancing platform to pick a candidate, take time to check their reviews from past clients. Reviews might not always be accurate, but they will give key pointers on the candidate you are looking into hiring. Find out if previous clients had issues with them. If they have been lowly rated by a good number of clients based on their work, you will be forced to consider other freelancers.

10. Check on their timelines and availability

Freelancers work for different employers. In most cases, they will take jobs from different clients, meaning they have to juggle between two or more assignments at any given time. Before you start working with the selected freelancer, always seek to know whether they are able to deliver within your set timelines. As Freelancer.com notes, one way of ensuring your freelancer employee is working within your set time limits is checking on them if they are on track. You can do this by asking them to share some of the work completed. It is not advised to hire a freelancer who has too many jobs in hand. If you want a freelancer who can focus on your work and is available when you need him, then hire a freelancer who is not engaged with too many hirers.


The highlighted ten tips will help you pick the right candidates for your job. However,  take your time in selecting the most suitable freelancer as he will play a vital role in achieving your overall goals.

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