A Freelancer’s Guide to Managing Job Uncertainty During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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As the world grinds to a halt over the Corona Virus (Covid-19 pandemic), governments have discussed sweeping legislation that is meant to help companies and their employees. Still, freelancers in Dubai are left wondering, what next for them?

The gig economy has continued to soar over the last couple of years, something that can be attributed to technological advances, especially in the communication sector. Even though this field contributed over $1 trillion a year to the world economy, many people still treat it as a hobby or side hustle, compared to other ‘real’ jobs. 

This can be evidently seen from the laws many states are passing regarding the working force in the wake of the Corona Virus disease. Very few countries have actually taken freelancers into consideration.

Whereas the freelance community might be well-equipped to survive to work from home, job uncertainty is still a major concern. So how does one weather the storm, amid the shaky and uncertain climate of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Here are 5 tips that may help you:

1. Evaluate your finances

If you’re lucky to have had some money saved up in your account, this is the time to evaluate them and rethink your expenditure. Times have changed, and the usual lifestyle that you are accustomed to might have more detrimental impacts on your finances. It is wiser to cut them back immediately and only focus on the basic needs.

Moreover, if you do not have much saved up, then you might need to work extra hard and smart to save up while you still can. According to the experts, it can take up to 18 months to develop a Coronavirus vaccine. This means we might be stuck under these circumstances for long, so start saving up whenever you can.

2. Think about alternative work options

There is a huge storm of uncertainty not only for freelancers in Dubai but also from the entire globe. With businesses shutting down, you can never be too sure when your current employer will also be forced to close their company. Without a contingency plan, you will be in for a shock. 

The best thing to do is to become well-prepared by seeking alternative work options, while still keeping your current employers. Diversifying your skills is also an excellent idea during this pandemic. If you are good at something, why not look for freelance job opportunities on it?

If you are a freelance content writer in the UAE, there are streams of revenue that you can consider, such as being a social media manager, scriptwriter, personal trainer, etc. This is the time to start learning new skills and diversifying your knowledge. You never know, maybe your new skills will direct you to a new career choice once the pandemic is over. 

3. Use the time for planning and training

While the situation might escalate, one thing for sure is that we have faith in our scientists, and things might get back to normal very soon. If you are unable to find extra work (or new clients for that matter), you shouldn’t fret. Take this time to learn ways of becoming a better freelancer and how to build your professional portfolio. 

You should also make use of this time to plan how you will handle your future freelancing tasks, how you will land clients, and most importantly, figure out how to make working from home more comfortable by building a proper home office

4. Keep in touch with your network

Since much of your time may not be used on working, why not channel that energy towards building a network? Have a vibrant presence on popular social media platforms that are mostly used by people in your field. 

Here, you will learn better tips on how to become successful as a freelancer of your type. Moreover, you will also get to meet new people that will be of much importance to your professional career.

5. Stay connected but watch over your mental health

Staying connected with your loved ones is the most important thing at this time. However, having a social media detox is essential for your mental health. There is too much information out there on the pandemic. All this might end up confusing you and throwing you into the pit of anxiety. Only have a few reliable news sources and limit your time on social media.


These simple tips will help you get through the Covid-19 pandemic as a freelancer in Dubai. Times have changed, and you’re better off diversifying your streams of income. Sites such as Bawabba have various options to choose from, with a seamless registration process and fast payouts. Keep following government directives, and all will be well. Stay safe.

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