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5 Qualifying Steps To A Successful Career In Freelance Web Development In The UAE 

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Web development is one of the most in-demand fields in the tech employment market. Skilled web developers come from all over the world to try their luck at Dubai’s web industry. However, many find that classic employment is not the solution they seek. Instead, through alternative means, they apply their expertise to freelancing work. 

The freelancing economy is worth billions of dollars. When it comes to finding a steady revenue stream, Dubai is no different; the UAE is gradually moving towards a gig-economy along with the rest of the tech world. However, this need not amount to a loss in skill and quality of service. Instead, an increasing number of freelance professionals are looking for varied training and accreditation opportunities to strengthen their expertise. 

Being hired as a freelance web developer in the UAE will require ample convincing that your client can trust in your qualifications and knowledge base. The most professional way to carry out this “sales pitch” will be by listing your qualifications. Naturally, they must be up to par. 

The following guide will take you through 5 required web development qualifications and provide information on how each may best assist you. 

Background Information 

In order to understand what this field requires and the necessity of official qualification, consider the following features of a standard career in web development. 

  • A web development career requires either an associates’ or bachelor’s degree in web design, information technology, or similar fields.
  • A web development career requires the creation of websites matching clients’ purposes and artistic eye.
  • Web development has seen job growth of 27% since 2014. According to data published by, this growth is set to remain constant till 2024.
  • The average salary of a qualified web developer is a little over $60,000 a year. 
  • A web developer must be versed in programming, database management, mathematics, and web design.

Required Qualifications 

The following qualifications are required in order to earn your work permit as a freelancing professional in the UAE in the field of web development. 

1. A High School Diploma 

You will need tertiary-level education in order to earn your certification as a web developer. This will require graduating from high school. You will need to use your algebra, trigonometry, and English training to prepare yourself for computer education. Without a solid foundation in Mathematics, English, and perhaps art, you may struggle to obtain a degree in a web-development-related field. 

The higher you score upon your high-school graduation, the better-ranked the institutions you may attend to earn your degree will be. Graduating in a computer-related field from a top university or other accreditation body can be a key incentive for prospective employers. 

2. A Degree

An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Web Design, and Development or a closely related field will be required to legally offer your services as a web developer. This will require attending university or a “concentration college” for a minimum of 2 years and earning an end-of-course certification. 

Your chosen degree is likely to entail a lot of coursework. The latter will teach you about programming and design using HTML, JavaScript, Interface Design, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling, Web Application and Database Management, and an array of relevant skills. You will also be offered, through your coursework, the opportunity to develop a specialty before you leave university. 

Generally, adjacent skills will be required of prospective web developers during their learning process. These skills – ranging from communication to social science – will allow web developers to apply their training to a variety of sectors, dealing both with conglomerate employers and small business owners

3. A Completed Internship 

Though it is arguably more of an experience than a qualification, a web development internship is a box that must be ticked to earn steady employment. A completed internship will most likely come with a reference letter, which will matter almost as much as your official accredited qualifications in finding employment.  

A lot of degree programs will necessitate the successful completion of an internship program for credit points. With this training, you will gain insight into the web development employment world, build crucial connections, and possibly be granted a long-term position. If you’re looking to get into freelance, you may begin obtaining freelancing experience during your internship. This will allow you to earn your certification soon after your internship completion. 

4. Full-time Employment 

Even when operating freelance as a web developer in Dubai, you are acquired to have some full-time employment experience (1-3 years) to guarantee the services you offer a reliable. Usually, university students will be advised to seek both an internship and prolonged employment by selling their profile to institutions they have been familiarized with at university talks and conferences. You will need a strong, professional CV, as well as a cover letter explaining your willingness to engage in a short-term internship. You will also have to mention your ultimate desire for long-term employment. By completing your given tasks effectively, you can almost be certain to automatically earn it. 

5. Official Certification 

While this is not mandatory to practice as a web developer in other locations around the world, Dubai Freelance work requires licensing, which is heavily dependent on certification. Currently, the certifying bodies are as follows: 

  • Oracle (the Sun Certified Web Component Developer or SCWCD credential)
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer or MCPD designation)

If you plan on using Java Technology for most of your web development, the SCWCD accreditation is the one for you. If, on the other hand, you will be using the .NET framework or Visual Studio extensively, you will want to opt for Microsoft’s MCPD designation. 

A Concluding Note 

To offer your services as a freelance web developer in the UAE, you will need both expertise and the qualifications to attest to it. Web development requires an array of skills either highly technical or relatively creative. Therefore, hands-on experience with training internships and full-time employment will be necessary for building your profile as a reliable professional in the field. 

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