Thriving as a Freelancer in the UAE Tips, Tricks, and Visa Essentials

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A freelancer is an employee who works on a project basis. He doesn’t commit to a full-time job with a permanent employer, allowing him to work with multiple clients simultaneously.

In the digital world, freelancers are rapidly changing the age-old norms of the employment industry. Instead of tedious, low-income 9-5 grinds, people are increasingly looking to be self-employed.

The United Arab Emirates has always welcomed professionals with open arms; freelancers are no exception. Since the UAE is the world’s 7th richest country regarding GDP Per Capita Income, Emiratis tend to pay more for freelance work. Legislations like free visas, freelance marketplaces, free zones, and ease of taxation have also compelled experts to register as UAE freelancers.

In this blog, we shall teach you tips, tricks, and visa essentials to become a successful freelancer in the UAE.

Tips and Tricks for UAE Freelancers

The first part of becoming a freelancer is learning the trade’s tricks. Unlike routine jobs, you constantly need new work from different clients in freelancing. More than mere subject specialization is needed; you should also know about branding, negotiation, and sales.

Follow this 5-step formula to become a freelance success story in UAE.

1. Build a Strong Network

As Porter Gale famously said, ” Your network is your Net worth.” In freelancing, you should build a web of people around you to learn, improve, and grow as a freelancer. It should include field experts, peer groups, clients, social media followers, and potential customers.

A significant share of your freelancing opportunities comes from active networking. This is how you can build a strong network.

  • Always show commitment
  • Find Co-working spaces
  • Join trade shows and exhibitions
  • Stay in touch with past clients
  • Be active on social media
  • Volunteer

2. Find the Right Gig Platforms

As a freelancer, you should know about all online platforms in the UAE. They offer jobs within the UAE and also across the globe. These platforms help you get frequent clients without the trouble of physical visits and negotiations.

The top sites for UAE freelancers are:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Bawabba
  • Truelancer
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • Ureed
  • Work Crowd
  • People Per Hour

To judge your credentials, people can see your profile rankings, job completion rates, and reviews on the online platform. If you check these boxes, you should expect a reasonable hourly rate.

3. Create a Brand Identity as UAE Freelancer

As a freelancer, you should build a strong, eye-catching brand identity. It builds your relationship with the audience, which can be translated into permanent clients. A brand identity helps people remember your name while awarding projects.

To create a brand identity, freelancers should

4. Work on Time Management

As a freelancer, time management is the key to success. It helps you complete the tasks and achieve long-term goals. Also, without effective time management, you can’t achieve a work-life balance as a freelancer. The pending tasks can cause undue stress and restlessness.

Here are our tips for time management as a freelancer:

  • Make a Schedule
  • Break down your task into small steps
  • Track your time to improve efficiency
  •  Utilise Project management tools
  • Create templates for necessary documents like invoices, proposals, referencing, etc.
  • Take Regular Breaks

5. Upgrade Yourself

Freelancing is a fast-paced world where things can change at any instant. To stay on top, you should always be ready to adapt and learn new things. It helps you improve the quality of your services. People pay more for new technologies presenting diverse solutions to their problems.

In the modern world, the knowledge of AI software is becoming critical for freelancers. Every freelance field is getting assistance from modern AI tools to deliver bulk work in less time. As a freelancer, you should incorporate these skills into your arsenal.

Visa Essentials for Freelancers in UAE

UAE is offering freelance visas for 1-5 years for freelancers. The emirate has designated free visa zones that offer freelance permits, which allows you to work here as a freelancer. The free zones offer tax and duty regulations to freelance individuals and companies. Based on their permit, you can apply for a freelance visa.

These free zones are located in various locations of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras AL Khaimah Economic Zone, etc. See the list of free zones below:

Freelancing - 3

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma with documented proof of earning more than AED 360,000 in the last two years is eligible for the visa.

The process of getting the visa involves these steps:

  • Gather necessary documents (Resume, Photograph, Bank Statement, Valid Passport, Health Insurance, etc.)
  • Apply for a Free Zone Freelance Permit
  • Apply for UAE establishment Card
  • Apply for Freelance Visa


Freelancing is the present and future of professionals in the UAE. It helps them to make their own profile and generate sustainable, up-scaling, and highly rewarding long-term careers. This blog emphasizes the importance of a strong network, the right platform, brand identity, time management, and skill upgradation for your success as a freelance worker in the region.

Reach out to Bawabba if you want to capitalize on the benefits of free zones, ease of taxation, and freelance visa provided by UAE. We provide the region’s premier market for online service providers. Join us for building a freelance dream career full of accomplishments.


1. What is the average salary of a freelancer in the UAE?

The average salary of a freelancer in the UAE is around 9,000 AED per month. However, developing the right profile, contacts, brand identity, and credentials can also scale it up to 20,000 AED/ per month. It also depends upon the industry and type of job.

2. What are the Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in the UAE?

In the UAE, the top 10-highest paid freelancers are:

  • Tutor
  • Freelance Personal Trainer
  • Makeup or Hair Stylist
  • Freelance Interior designer
  • Web Designer
  • Freelance Sports Instructor
  • Freelance Journalist
  • Life Coach
  • Professional Marketing
  • Freelance Nanny

3. What are the benefits of a UAE freelancer visa?

The UAE freelance visa grants a stay in UAE without a resident permit or local sponsor. You can choose any field and earn. You can sponsor your family and children. It also includes multiple taxation and excise duty relaxation for professionals.

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