Trending Work From Home Jobs In Dubai

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Here are popular home jobs trending in recruiting sites in Dubai;

  • Virtual assistant.
  • Freelance writer.
  • Social media manager.
  • Web designing.
  • Transcription.
  • Graphics designing.
  • Videography.
  • Freelance auditing.
  • Data entry.
  • Online tutor.

A while ago, working from home looked so unprofessional. However, with the pandemic, and social distancing, many people opted to work from home.

Some people have no idea about the types of home jobs (freelance jobs) to venture into.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. We have taken the task of identifying trending works-from-home jobs that you can carry out.

This article will outline the most popular home jobs in Dubai, together with the skills you need to undertake them.

Here we go;

Trending work-from-home jobs in Dubai

Many people around the world are making millions in the comfort of their homes. And, It’s no different here in Dubai.

With this in mind, there are different types of jobs you can do in the comfort of your couch.

These jobs include;

1. Virtual assistant

If you have worked as a personal assistant before, being a virtual assistant is perfect. If you are a beginner, it may not be easy to start. To get started, you can take online courses, free or paid, to get the basics. You will learn more while carrying out the actual job.

The roles of a virtual assistant may include:

  • Executing administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering phone calls and emails, making travel arrangements, and basic data entry jobs.
  • Making purchases and maintaining a budget on behalf of an organization or client.
  • Booking appointments on behalf of the client
  • Creating basic reports and Organizing files
  •  Following up with clients and organizations

Basically, a virtual assistant can work for a company or a business from your home.

With the pandemic effects, many organizations prefer working with a virtual assistant rather than employing a permanent personal assistant to work from their offices.

So, if you are looking to join the freelance industry, you can opt for a virtual assistant

Also, having content writing skills can make you a competitive advantage over other freelance virtual assistants.

2.  Freelance writing

Are you good with words and can weave words into a creative piece?

Well, you can try freelance writing. This kind of job entails creating engaging content for a client or a business.

To start as a freelance writer, you need skills such as;

  • Writing skills.
  •  Researching skills
  •  Understanding of user experience. And
  •  SEO skills.

Internet resources can help you gain the above skills and improve them. Though, it’s recommended to take a paid online course or get trained by a seasoned writer.

Freelance writing is broad; while you need to earn, you can’t be an expert in every writing sector.

Take it easy, though. Am going to outline each sector of freelance writing available in Dubai so that you can make an informed choice. That is if you’re a beginner. Let’s get started;

3.  Content writing

Article writing requires you to create, write and edit different types of content. There are many opportunities available for article writing. So, if you want to venture into freelance content writing, you may consider article writing.

Other roles of article writer may include;

  • Formulating engaging content meant to capture the attention of a particular audience.
  • Creating content that promotes business products or services.
  • Create content that drives traffic or sales.

Content writing comes in different forms. It can be in the form of blog writing, product reviews, landing pages, email marketing, and many others.

4.  Academic writing

Many students in college are earning from academic writing. If you want to venture into academic writing, you have to learn how to write with a formal, concise, and objective tone. Also, you have to learn referencing styles such as Chicago, Modern Language Association(MLA), and American Psychological Association(APA).

5. Blogging

Blogging is becoming a popular source of income. Before I let you know how you can earn from blogging, I will define what a blog is.

A blog is a platform that allows people to write their articles in a specific niche they are passionate about. You can start from free platforms such as WordPress then you can monetize it.

There are many ways you can earn as a blogger here in Dubai. For a first-time blogger, you can place ads on your site and make money from people who visit your site.

For seasoned writers, you can sell online courses and e-books.

If you are committed to your blog, you can earn a decent income.

6.  Social media manager/marketing.

If you love engaging people online, then social media marketing can be an excellent career for you.

Statistics show that over 420 billion people are active users of social media. Most people spend a lot of time online. In fact, customers prefer to communicate with brands online instead of visiting stores.

That’s why social media marketing is essential.

A social media manager/ marketer builds the social media presence of a brand or business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, if you want to venture into this job, you need excellent writing skills, research skills, and customer care skills.

The roles of a social media manager include;

  • Interacting with online prospects and customers and dealing by answering inquiries and complaints.
  • Running social media campaigns hence enhancing engagement and generating leads, and sales, and maximizing profits.
  • Coming up with and implementing strategies that build and maintain a decent image online.
  • Create engaging content for social media posts.
  • Adjusting social media marketing strategies whenever essential.

6. Web Designing

Are you creative and want to see it come to life? If yes, then web designing might be for you. Every company needs an online presence. And this can be done if a company has a website.

A website acts as a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Meaning, web design jobs are not ending any sooner. Jobs are available in plenty.

Basically, a web designer plans, creates, and codes the layout of a website. The good news is, you don’t have to be a wizard in coding to be a designer. You can work with a web developer on the coding part. However, if you want top success as a web designer, you will have to code.

I know you don’t want to go back to college to learn to code. But, you don’t need a web developer degree to be good at coding. You can take an online course, then keep learning till you perfect your art.

As a web designer, it’s your role to ensure that the website is functional and stable across all devices such as Android phones, tablets, and desktops. You can liaise with a web developer to ensure the website surpasses the client’s expectations. That is if you aren’t good at coding.

7. Transcription

With the advancing technology, it’s now possible to record everything from meetings, phone calls, court sessions, and conferences. These recordings can be converted into word documents, and this is where transcription comes in.

If you want to venture into transcription, you need potent headphones, a laptop, software to improve sound quality, and a good internet connection.

The main roles of transcriptionists include:

  •  Listening, interpreting, and transcribing an audio recording. Also, you might need to translate any jargon like legal terms and any medical terminology.
  •  Making sure content is complete and correct, then making edits where necessary.
  •  Reviewing and submitting final documents to clients. You may also be required to make changes upon request from the client.

If you want to venture into medical or legal transcription, you will need training. Why? Transcription in that line is kind of hard since you will need to translate some medical terms.

As a transcriptionist, you will need to maintain a high level of secrecy, especially when handling your client’s personal recordings.

8. Graphic designing

Imagine a marketing campaign on social media without graphics? Looks dull, right?

Graphic designing is one of the most highly sought careers here in Dubai. Here is why;

Companies and brands create promotional and marketing content all the time. This content needs graphics to look more professional and compelling. And if you have a background in graphic design and you are an expert in using design software, you will love working as a freelance graphic designer.

As a designer, you will determine the project’s scope and utilize digital illustration, layout software, and photo editing software to create designs.

A graphic designer can create logos, illustrations, and original images that will help promote products and services.

9. Videography

Many brands use videos for marketing their products. This means there are many opportunities for videography freelancers. However, videography is broad. And if you would like to venture into the industry, you have to choose one niche. This is because all clients will ask for samples of similar shots before hiring.

Before starting as a freelance videographer, you need the following skills:

  •  Computer literacy.
  •  Proficiency in editing software.
  •  Outstanding interpersonal skills.
  •  Proficiency with camera equipment.

You can get these skills through online courses or apprentice with a seasoned videographer.

The roles of videographers may include filming events, ensuring that equipment for a particular shoot is present and functional before shooting, and professionally editing the footage after production.

10.  Freelance auditing

UAE is one of the fast-growing economies in the world. So, freelance auditing is one of Dubai’s most demanding jobs. This is because auditing plays a significant role in business integrity and financial security.

So, if you’ve done a bit of accounting or business administration, freelance auditing may be your ideal home job.

Some of the duties of a freelance auditor may include:

  • Detecting fraud in a company.
  • Ensuring that a company complies with taxes and regulations.
  • Preparing financial reports and statements.
  • Examining and analyzing the levels of financial risks of a company.
  • Assessing assets and liabilities of a company.
  • Documenting and explaining audit findings.

11. Data entry

Are you an efficient typist and would like to put your skills to use? If yes, then data entry may be a perfect fit for you. Data entry is one of the most accessible freelance jobs here in Dubai. You don’t need any particular course or professional qualification to do the job. If you have basic computer skills such as using spreadsheets, word processing, and computer software, you are good to go.

Some of the roles of a data entry freelancer may include:

  • Preparing, organizing, and sorting documents.
  • Converting a document from paper to a computer file through typing.
  • Verifying and logging in receipt of data.
  • Maintaining client’s filing system.
  •  Protecting a client’s confidential information.
  •  Backing up data regularly to ensure security and preservation.

Data entry, if done consistently, can provide a decent income. So, if you want to start freelancing without any skills, you can opt for data entry.

12. Online tutoring

Many students are considering private tuition rather than regular schooling. Meaning, there are many opportunities for online tutors here in Dubai.

You may be worrying because you think such jobs need a college degree. College students and people with high school diplomas are already earning from online tutoring. So, you don’t need a college degree to do this.

This kind of job is fulfilling. What do I mean? As an online tutor, you get to interact with students of all ages ranging from kindergarten to college. You can tutor on a wide range of subjects, and get to learn new stuff.

An online tutor is required to;

  • Assess, teach, and assist learners.
  • Provide feedback to learners’ questions.
  • Prepare and assess online assignments.
  • Communicate with learners to provide progress updates and reports.
  • Track learners’ attendance online if necessary and report absentee students to their guardians.

People are making a decent income from online tutoring. And if you love teaching and imparting knowledge, online tutoring can work for you.


We can all agree that freelancing has tons of opportunities, flexibility, and income potential and that many people are opting to join the freelance industry. The best part is, you don’t need a college degree or any complex course.

If you want to actualize your dream of becoming a freelancer, sign up today on Bawabba and start minting money. Lastly, if you are a client searching for people to handle your projects, Bawabba has top-notch freelancers who can deliver high-quality work that can surpass your expectations.

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