Understanding What Clients Look For In a Freelancer Profile 

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A freelancing profile is a powerful tool for freelancers in Dubai. It helps to showcase your talents, qualifications, interests, and ambitions to potential clients. Profiles can be seen as online billboards that will make clients notice your presence. They also have a marketing element as they need to convince potential clients that you are the right candidate for their tasks. Your profile might be the only point of contact the employer will have with you, and thus, it should be well detailed, engaging, and professional. A good profile helps you take advantage of the changing employment shift. Businesses are moving from traditional office employees to building successful freelancing teams that can work 24 hours, seven days a week.

The top freelancers in the UAE can be easily distinguished by the quality of their profiles. Furthermore, people with complete, engaging profiles tend to attract more potential clients, resulting in finding well-paying jobs. Beginners with a quality profile are also more likely to get jobs than experienced freelancers without a good profile, emphasizing the importance of having an engaging profile. Before you start looking for freelancing jobs, you should optimize your profile for maximum industry visibility and job opportunities.

If you are one of those freelancers who do not put their best foot forward when crafting a profile, you need to know what employers look for in profiles. Once clients receive applications, they sort them based on the most fitting profiles or those that do not meet the expectations. However, beyond the skills and experience, clients use profiles to learn more about the applicants. In this article, we emphasize the need to have a professional profile by highlighting things clients look for in freelancer profiles.

Things Clients Look For In Profiles When Looking For A Suitable Freelancer

1. Qualifications match the requirements

The first thing recruiters do is to match competent and qualified individuals to the job. If they are faced with many applications, they use keywords that are relevant to the job they are trying to fill. You should make it easy for the recruiter to understand your expertise by including examples of your relevant skills and accomplishments. Remember that the client will only choose the best from the pool of talent that applies for the job. You only stand a chance to get the job if your skills are well defined with examples.

2. You are accomplished

Most people make the mistake of using adjectives in their profiles, which is usually counterproductive. Using terms like ‘team player can work against you as recruiters are more interested in knowing what you have achieved through your career and not how you describe yourself. Instead of using terms like an experienced leader, you should highlight how you have led a team that was able to meet a specified target. Do not include buzzwords that fail to demonstrate your achievements in your profile, as that can be a turnoff.

3. Red Flags

Although the purpose of posting a job is to find a highly skilled task force, being the most skilled or experienced does not necessarily make you the best candidate for the job. Employers look for other skills and characters to ensure that you will fit in their job. They are also looking for a candidate that will stay in the job for a prolonged period. If your profile has some glaring red flags, the recruiter will pass you irrespective of your skills and experiences. Some of the red flags clients look out for in freelancing profiles include:

  • Inflated job titles: Exaggerating job titles can make you look untrustworthy and untruthful, which will diminish your chances of getting the job. Becoming a vice president after working for only two years is almost impossible. Avoid titles that do not look possible in modern-day working places.
  • Job hopping: It is acceptable to move from one job to another, but excessive job-hopping can work against you. One or two short stints in your CV can be reasonable, but if you are switching jobs every year, it can mean that you are having trouble relating with co-workers.
  • Inappropriate language: You should always keep your language professional. The use of suggestive or profanity language can make you look unprofessional. Professionalism also applies to the status you like and the articles you share.
  • Incomplete profiles: Most freelancing sites enable users to start applying for jobs immediately after they register for an account, which can be tempting to most people. Unfortunately, if your profile is incomplete, you would better spend your time uploading your profile than applying for jobs. By looking at your profile, the client should be able to tell your name, country, main skills, spoken languages, availability, experiences, and rates.


A professional profile is an essential tool for freelancers in Dubai looking to have a successful freelancing career. You should use every part of the profile to showcase your skills and demonstrate your talents. Every part of the profile should be optimized to look professional without being wordy to capture the attention of clients and win projects.

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