Why UAE Companies Are Starting To Prefer Freelancers in Dubai

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In recent years freelancers in Dubai have gained a lot of trust in several industries. Back in the day, it was unheard of to change companies after two or three years. Rather, people would stay at one company for upwards of ten years or twenty years. Millennials started changing this, moving to a new company every couple of years.

Now a new trend is appearing. The freelance era where companies are employing fewer permanent staff, and rather making use of freelancers in Dubai.

This has become especially popular in the UAE after the government started issuing freelance permits with a visa. Foreigners can now call Dubai home and flourish in their freelance careers without having to worry about all the legalities of starting a business or being a full-time employee. They just need to apply for their freelance permit. Organizations have also responded well to this change, outsourcing more tasks to freelancers in Dubai.

There are a number of reasons why companies prefer making use of freelancers in Dubai

 Top 6 reasons why more companies are turning to freelancers in Dubai:

Extra resources as you need them

Projects vary in size and the number of resources needed to complete them. Receiving a big project can leave an organization in a pickle if they don’t have the necessary resources to complete the project. Luckily it is easy to hire freelancers in Dubai to assist with specific projects.

Extra resources are instantly available without the long-term commitment of a full-time employee. They can simply come in, help an organization to complete the project and then leave again. Freelancers in Dubai are usually also available immediately which helps to cut out lengthy recruitment procedures.

Fresh, new ideas


Bulb Implying New Ideas


Sometimes full-time employees get so used to the work regime that they stop being creative and coming up with new ideas. Making use of freelancers in Dubai is like injecting fresh blood into an organization with a fresh look at things.

Freelancers in Dubai are involved with numerous other organizations that expose them to different systems and ways of doing things. In a long-term relationship with a freelancer, they can bring valuable inputs and new ideas to organizations that will ultimately help the organization grow and improve its client services.

Any freelancer who is worth their salt will not leak sensitive information. But, their exposure to numerous companies gives them a unique perspective on things and can help you find new and better ways of doing certain things.

Provides flexibility in services offered to clients

There is often times a misconception that only writers are freelancers when in fact, most industries have freelancers with a variety of skill sets. Bawabba has for instance freelancers listed from 24 different industries.

This gives organizations access to new skills that they might require for a specific project. It helps organizations provide more turn-key services to their clients which in turn will lead to better client satisfaction and return business. This relationship with freelancers can be either short-term for a single project or develop into a long-term relationship with numerous projects.

Tapping into the global market


Globe With Two Men Over The Phone


Despite numerous industry specialists calling the UAE their home, there are still a number of specialists who are not based in the country, nor interested in moving here. Technology nowadays makes it easier for companies to work with freelancers from anywhere in the world. Specialist freelancers in Dubai can now be consulted for single, or multiple projects while they are situated in a different country.

Taking exchange rates into consideration, this can be more cost-effective than hiring local freelancers in Dubai and provides organizations access to a global pool of specialists from numerous fields. Which company wouldn’t want specialists available on demand without the monthly salary that accompanies them?

It is more cost-effective

This is the biggest reason why more companies in the UAE are turning to freelancers. Numerous new labor laws have been introduced into the marketplace over the last couple of years. Added to that, companies now also have to pay VAT on their revenue. This makes thriving in a somewhat unstable economy difficult. Most organizations have started cutting down on unnecessary costs to keep their heads above water while others had to close their doors.

Unfortunately, companies need people to get the work done. Having to supply gratuities, medical insurance, visas and other expenses associated with full-time employees can become quite costly. Freelancers immediately cut out these costs. Now companies only pay for the work that is done and not for downtime in the office or holiday breaks. With fewer staff members smaller offices are required.

Conducting work in different countries

This might not be applicable to all companies, but sometimes projects require organizations to conduct certain projects in a different country. Think of a company in the UK that wants to do a video shoot in Dubai or a business that wants the exposure of a stall at Gitex without paying for the travel expenses associated with sending a whole team to Dubai for a week. Companies can send one employee to the country for a project and recruit freelancers to help complete the project. They can easily hire more people for the same cost of sending their entire team over.

Companies will always require people. No company can operate itself 100% without someone managing the work and bringing in new business. There is certainly room to outsource certain tasks. The demand is definitely there, and the supply is steadily increasing. People are seeking more work-life balance – something that freelancing offers. 

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