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Are you a freelancer in Dubai looking for ways to make extra cash, just from your skills, but with zero investment? Well, opportunities for freelancers in Dubai are unlimited. The online space offers so many possibilities for people who desire to work online.

For instance, you may want to quit your job and take a leap from full-time to freelance. Making the move may feel terrifying at first, especially for someone who has never been self-employed. You may wonder how you will earn your first dollars as a freelancer or, worse, where you will find jobs.

However, Dubai has plenty of online job boards that post numerous gigs for freelancers with the right skills. Some are ideal for beginners, while others are built for experts. Nonetheless, you can pick any job depending on your skill and expertise.

Freelance evolution in Dubai

Dubai has seen some sort of ‘‘rising freelance revolution” over the last few years. Unlike freelance companies in the US and other places that focus on remote-able tech skills like web design and SEO services, Dubai’s freelance scene is more inclusive since it accommodates commercial and retail clients. In Dubai, housewives have particularly benefited from the boom in freelance jobs where they can sell their skills while working at home.

Precautions one should take before accepting work-from-home jobs in Dubai.

Before you get your first freelance contract, there are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself or your potential client:

What is your capacity?

Freelancing can be challenging, as much as it is rewarding. The search for profitability might lead to burnout due to long working hours. As a freelancer, you need to draw a clear line about how much work you can take without overworking yourself.

Determine how many hours you wish to work in a week so that you can have time for your family, spouse, and friends. You can plan your calendar early enough to ensure all your work is done within the week so that you don’t have to push yourself on weekends due to crunching deadlines.

What are the client’s expectations?

It is essential to know what the client expects so that you can deliver satisfactory results. Have in-depth knowledge of what the client wants by asking questions and seeking further clarity. You can go the extra mile by doing your due diligence to pinpoint to the client some of the things they might have omitted in the instructions.

Do the rates align with your financial goals?

As a beginner, you are probably going to charge lower rates. However, it is important to be clear on your income goals to establish your rates from the onset. Your value for service should increase as you establish yourself in a particular niche.

Here are the top 6 best work-at-home jobs without investment that you can venture into in Dubai.

1. Transcription

Transcription entails listening to recorded audio and converting them into written text from what you hear. The most common transcription jobs are in the medical and legal fields.
To be a successful transcriber, you need to have attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and of course, a good pair of headphones. A lot of speed and efficiency are also required to produce transcripts of the highest standards. Most transcription jobs are paid hourly, and the average monthly salary of a medical transcriptionist in Dubai is 3542 AED.

2. Data entry

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs you will find on the internet. Though it is not as glamorous, data entry is quite straightforward, especially if you are a good typist with quick hands. It is a good starting point for freelancers in Dubai to gain experience before moving on to jobs requiring administrative work.

Data entry involves the following:

  • Sorting documents for data entry
  • Carefully entering data into database software
  • Developing data backups as a contingency plan
  • Testing new software

Most freelance companies in Dubai will not ask for degree/diploma certificates as a qualification for data entry jobs. However, basic computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office, and attention to detail are a must.

3. Social media consultant

The advantages of social media marketing to a company cannot be played down. Social media consultants help engage users, get them to be interested in a product, and generate quality leads to build a company’s online presence.

Understanding the art of social media marketing and advertising to build relationships with clients and improve sales will help a company achieve its goals since numerous people use social media daily. According to Indeed, the average monthly salary of a social media manager in Dubai is around 5085 AED.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing persuasive material to motivate people who read it to take some form of action, such as clicking on a link or subscribing for more information. You may not realize it, but in the digital world, a copy is everywhere.

Copywriting can take many forms, including emails, blog posts, landing pages, websites, headlines, lead magnets, and product descriptions. There are many resources online on how to be a good copywriter and find writing jobs that you may want to look at.

To succeed as a copywriter, you will need the following:

  • Good writing skills
  • Business skills
  • Admin skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines

The average monthly salary of a freelance copywriter in Dubai is 4242 AED.

5. Web developer

A web developer is simply someone who creates websites. You have probably come across a website with everything fitted well, from the graphics, colors, images, and special effects to easy navigation. A web developer does all that. The job entails meeting with clients and agreeing on how they want their site to look. You can also build your own website and learn how to generate passive income from your website.

Prospective clients may prefer someone with a Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field such as computer science. Relevant certifications such as Certified Web Developer and Certified Internet Webmaster may also suffice, but relevant work experience and previous work may be quintessential.

How to become a web developer:

  • Find a niche
  • Start building: Some employers will want to see previous work done.
  • Build your portfolio
  • Become organized
  • Build your skill/experience one project at a time

Web development and design skills:

  • WordPress
  • HTML and CSS
  • Popular front-end frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Server-side languages: Python, Java, Ruby
  • MySQL and database management
  • Development tools and software

To start, you can look at some beginner jobs that you can land quite easily and use to build your portfolio as you gain more experience. The average monthly salary for a freelance web developer in Dubai is 3953 AED.

6. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) handles routine administrative tasks for business owners who don’t have the time or skills to handle them. They include customer service, replying to emails, scheduling appointments, freelance accounting, and digital marketing.

Browsing job postings and sending your resume only won’t get you your first virtual assistant client. You will need to know the best places to look for jobs and the best practices for applying for those jobs. Strong communication skills, resourcefulness, efficiency, and ability to meet deadlines, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Office, will make you a great virtual assistant.


The flexibility, diversity, and income potential that online jobs give has led to an increase in the number of people turning to freelance in Dubai. The start-up costs are minimal to non-existent, and the number of jobs is many depending on your skills and expertise.
Actualize your dream today by being a part of the many freelancers in Dubai who make a living through online jobs.

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