How to Set up a Home Office in 2021

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There are many benefits reaped by freelancers in Dubai for working from home. One gets to set their own working schedules. Moreover, they get to save on many things such as the time that would have otherwise been used to go to the workplace and the amount that would have been used during the work commute. 

Moreover, in the wake of the novel CoronaVirus pandemic, people have been advised by the authorities to work from home if they can, in order for them to curb the spread of the disease.

However many the benefits of working from home are, there are also definite downsides to it. One of the major drawbacks is the lack of knowledge on how to maintain discipline while working from home for you to maximize productivity. One can always be tempted to jump into Netflix and find themselves binging on a show. Moreover, there are other distractions everywhere, including a very inviting bed.

It is a no-brainer that not everyone has an office at home and, therefore, becomes a little challenging to cope with remote working. Fortunately for you, setting up a home office is not a difficult task, and it does not create much of a dent in your finances. The bottom line is that you just need a good office that will boost your productivity. 

Here are some solutions for designing a workable home office to ensure that you get focused on what really matters. 

1. Identifying what you need

The first step to undertake if you wish to make a good home office is to identify what you will need. The materials required are dependent on the type of work that you do, especially since there are many jobs you can take up as a freelancer in Dubai. Understanding what you will require for your office will dictate how much space you need. For instance, if you are a freelance content writer in Dubai, you basically need space for your computer, and that’s it. A power source should, however, be close by. 

A consultant needs additional cabinets for file storage and might also have to prepare space where they will be meeting with their clients. A freelance photographer in the UAE will have to get a bigger space to create an in-home studio. Certain professionals such as photographers & videographers, DJs, event managers, etc., should look for storage space for their equipment and props.

Before you claim a corner in your house to start using it as your home office, you should make a list of all the materials you will need. 

2. Choosing the space

The best way forward is to convert an existing extra room in your home into an office. However, many people may not have access to such space; therefore, it forces one to become creative. With limited space, you can identify a part of the house that is not frequently used, and try to set up your working desk and chair there. 

Ideally, your office should be in a place that is free of distractions such as frequent interaction with family members & pets, noise from outside, etc. There are many ideas that you can use to create an office space if you have limited room available. 

One of the most applicable methods is to get floating or corner tables that do not require any floor space. This makes it possible to make an office for yourself even in your bedroom if it is the only room available. Lastly, if you have the right skills to decorate a room at a low cost, you will have created an oasis of an office. 

3. Have proper lighting

Having access to natural lighting in your working space has a huge impact on one’s mental health-boosting their energy and creativity. Apart from improving someone’s creativity, exposure to daylight reduces the strain on your eyes; hence, helping you to avoid unnecessary headaches. 

If you do not have an office space that has access to natural light, ensure that it is at least well lit. Working under poor lighting conditions will cause a lot of eyestrain. Furthermore, if your work involves virtual meetings on video call platforms, the low light will only make you appear unprofessional.

4. Separating your business life from your personal life

Having a clear line between your personal and business lives is quite paramount for the success of your remote work. To begin with, your office (or dedicated workspace) should be out of bounds to non-work-related matters. Furthermore, your family and friends should be made to understand that your office ought to be respected, especially if you have children. 

5. Comfort is key

If you will be working from home, it means that you probably need to set aside several hours a day. Your comfort should be one of your key considerations, especially when it comes to proper airflow in the room, temperature, and most importantly, the furniture you use should be comfortable. 

The posture you use and the way you also sit while working affect serotonin levels in your brain. Going for an ergonomic chair, one that is built for the comfort of your body helps to boost your creativity and productivity. If the chair is easily adjustable, it is much easier to work for longer hours, not to mention the benefits it has to your bone structure. 

Bonus tips

Other factors to consider when setting up a home office include:

  • Go wireless and avoid clutter. You not only make your office appear neat, but you also help to prevent future accidents.
  • Have a working office phone, separated from your personal line. When working and need to focus, you can always switch off your private number and vice versa.
  • Get a high-speed internet connection
  • Design your space with energizing colors. Having dull colors will make you appear dull, hence killing your morale to work more.
  • Keep good track of time and manage your activities with some of the best tools used by freelancers in Dubai.
  • Add some house plants, e.g., flowers. They improve the air quality in the room and are also known to add a sense of calm to people.


Having a streamlined and personalized workspace fills the environment with positive vibes that will help you to remain focused on being productive. Once you are all set, you will have an easier time working on your portfolio and even secure yourself gigs as a freelancer in Dubai.

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