Working from Home: A Beginner’s Guide

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Working from home is incredible, a fact approved by millions globally, hence the increased number of freelancers in Dubai. For many professionals, working from home is a luxury, only a few companies accord them once in a while if it even ever happens. This is the ultimate dream for the majority of people. You save up on cash and (in theory) can also save up on the time that would have otherwise been used to beat commute, for pointless meetings, etc.

Remote working is as appealing to the employees as it is to the employers. Today, more and more companies in the UAE prefer to work with freelancers, because they are becoming aware of the benefits from their side of the desk. 

According to recent research by the Havard Business School, companies that have a work-from-home policy can boost employee productivity. Furthermore, having their work done remotely reduces their turnover and organizational costs.

However, working from home is as challenging as it is rewarding. Without the right strategy, you may end up not being productive at all. In the gig economy world, the more work you do, the more you get paid. 

Without any set-out plans on how you will handle the work, you might just watch as the days go by while you’re drowned deep in other activities. In a nutshell, the reality is a little more complicated. So how do you become successful working as a freelancer in Dubai? Here are five tips that will help you to maneuver the challenges that come from working from home

1. Know the ground rules

Before you begin working from home, you ought to understand the ground rules first. How flexible is your job? Will you be required to work at odd hours? Which tech tools are you needed to have for the job? 

It is best first to understand the nature of your job so that you get all the necessary materials needed for a smooth operation. Some of the most important tools for a freelancer include a computer and a stable internet connection. Other tools are determined by the nature of the work that you do. It is also paramount that you take into consideration the legal implications for a freelancer before you begin working. 

2. Set up a functional workspace

Not everyone will have a functional home office, especially when just starting out. However, you can find some private space with a serene environment to help you focus on your tasks. The place should help you concentrate on your work, and it should be quiet ‒ away from all the noises and other people in the household. 

As time goes by, or if you have enough capital, to begin with, you should get some furniture for your office set up. If possible, other people in the household should also recognize your office and accord it the respect it deserves by not taking part in certain activities in the said space. 

3. Figure out when you are most productive

One of the most liberating aspects of freelancing is that you do not need to work during the traditional weekday hours. It is no brainer that sometimes you may be forced to work, even when you totally don’t feel like doing so during a full-time job. 

However, when you join other freelancers in the UAEyou have the freedom to pick the times that best suit you outside the confines of the standard 9 – 5. The beauty of remote working is that you can work whichever time you feel productive. The majority of tasks shared by clients to freelancers have reasonable timelines for their completion, so you will have enough time to balance out your work and your private life. 

The bottom line is that you can work whenever you feel like so, and can always take a break if you feel that your productivity has flagged.  

4. Set a schedule

Just like any other formal job, freelancing should also be taken seriously by having a working schedule that should be adhered to. This is the only way one can instill discipline upon themselves, as long as they train to follow it to the latter. Your schedule should provide enough work-life balance so that you can dedicate enough time for both.

While the working structure is important, you should give yourself some room for modifications to the schedule. Furthermore, you can also decide to work over the weekends if you wish to. 

5. Take a break

Watch out not to burn out yourself working. It is even good for your health to take breaks at times, to recover the lost energy. Go out for lunch, meet with friends, go for networking events, etc. Do not let yourself be engulfed with work at all times, as this will wear you out, not to mention distancing you from social life. Even if you love your freelancing job, do not let it eat you away. 

If need be, if you are a freelance content writer in Dubai, you will be hit by writer’s block. At times, the best way to deal with such a headache is to simply take a few days off. After all that, you will come back, feeling much better, fresher, and more productive. 

Over to You

Working from home is no more different than working from an office, with the exception of more freedom. Join other experienced freelancers in Dubai and land your first gig, whatever your profession is. 

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