10 Courses by Established Freelancers That Will Make You a Thriving Freelancer, All Under $40

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Deciding to quit your job and start a freelancing career requires a lot of courage. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and into an unknown world, but the rewards are worth it when you succeed. Although the journey has its ups and downs, there is no excuse for why you should not venture into the freelancing business as you only need to have a set of skills that are in demand to start making money. You can look at the popular freelancer UAE jobs to have a clue on what services you can offer. The popular freelancer jobs in Dubai are those in high demand by businesses and institutions like web design, programming, and photography among others. With a few freelancing tips,  you can get started like a professional. If you are still feeling lost on where to start, you should take advantage of these affordable freelance courses by successful freelancers to learn how you can become a successful freelancer.

Top Freelancer Courses by Successful Freelancer Entrepreneurs

1. Linkedin-Freelancing Foundations 

This course by Tom Geller prepares you for a successful transition to freelancing. The seasoned freelancer and author Tom Geller help you start your freelancing journey by aiding you to set your career goals. Through this course, you can learn how to organize your resources, optimize your portfolio and estimate the costs to avoid making losses. You also learn how to expand your client base with effective marketing, which positions your business for success. The course is a comprehensive guide on the basics you should know before starting a freelance business. 

2. Skillshare – Freelancing for Creatives: From First Leap to Finances

This course by Margot helps people who are thinking about quitting their jobs to start a freelance career. The course gives you the courage and skills to make the first step. Through this course, you will learn the different approaches that you can adopt when working with different clients. This course is perfect for artists, designers, and illustrators among other individuals interested in freelancer UAE jobs. The course focuses more on the financial aspect of a freelance career, which is essential in the early stages of a freelance career. It further covers client management and teaches how to balance life and a freelance career. 

3. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

To succeed as a freelancer, you will need to add negotiation as part of your business skills. No business or individual can succeed in a freelance career without negotiation skills. This course by George Siedel not only helps you to survive in the competitive freelance environment, but it gives you the power to succeed and advance your career. The course covers four sections; prepare, negotiate, close and perform and evaluate.  The course has a practical section where you test your negotiation skills with a friend or a partner from another part of the world. 

4. Creativelive – Freelancing 101: Turning your Side Hustle into Cash

If you are feeling lost on what you should do as a freelancer, this is the course for you. Andrew Whelan through this course empowers people to take their skills and monetize them. The course helps you identify your competitors and price your services. Whelan helps you nature networking skills, which are critical in helping you get your next project. After the course, you will be able to tell whether you should charge hourly, daily, or project rates on different projects. Other critical skills you will learn to include knowing when to increase your rate, negotiate value and when to say yes or no to a project. 

5. Udemy – Freelance Bootcamp – The Comprehensive Guide to Freelancing

If you are looking for a course that focuses more on practical, this course by Jordan Hudgens uses 100 percent practical real-life experiences to prepare you for what you should expect as a freelancer. The course focuses on three aspects of a freelance career; preparing to launch, how to get clients, and managing projects. The course helps you create a portfolio that is attractive to clients and craft a list of template proposals. You also learn how you should schedule your business launch among other aspects necessary to succeed as a freelancer. 

6. Creativelive – Becoming a Successful Design Freelancer

Arianna Orland helps freelancers develop the business side of their skills. As a freelancer, you will need more than skills to become successful. The most difficult part of a freelancer is usually getting and keeping clients. In this class, Arianna covers the tools, tips, and strategies that you will need to put in place to succeed as a freelancer without getting overwhelmed. Without proper management, you can easily get overwhelmed but Arianna through this course helps you learn how to stay on top of your projects and time. 

7. Udemy – Personal Branding Master Course – Become the Go-To Person

As a freelancer, your success will largely depend on how you brand yourself. For you to reach the highest level in the freelancing business, you should build a brand that will help you get the top freelancer UAE jobs. This course by Ronny Hermosa helps you start doing what you love and earn from it. Ronny focuses on helping you create and share content that will help you build a following of 10,000 true fans. The course seeks to make you the expert in your niche to get you noticed and sponsored by Brands in your Niche. The course helps you know yourself, know your audience, build your story and establish your online presence

8. Udemy- Beyond Upwork: How to Find Freelance Clients Outside Upwork

This course targets individuals already established in the industry but who only rely on bidding sites like  Upwork and other similar platforms. This course focuses on helping you find high-paying clients. You learn useful tactics and techniques that you should use to get clients to respond even when they do not know you. Through this course, Lex DeVille gives you insights on the best places to pick clients. 

9. Start a Freelance Business: Take Back Your Freedom Now

This course by Lex Deville focuses on helping you transition from a novice freelancer to a successful professional by giving you the insights that successful freelancers use in their careers. You learn how to get started while still working. The course teaches interview techniques that will make you get projects with higher rates and application tips that will get you hired soon. 

10. Udemy – How To Start Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business

Getting the first client is usually a tall order in the highly competitive freelancing world. This course by Eric John Campbell and Dan Johnston teaches you how to market yourself and get your first client. You learn the mindset behind great copywriters, how to set up your own professional website and how much you should charge clients.

The Wrap Up

In the freelance world, nobody starts their freelancing career as an expert. You do not need to be perfect to succeed but you must know the ins and outs of successful freelancers to win the best freelancer UAE jobs. You should know how to negotiate projects, create a selling portfolio and maintain your clients to succeed. The courses in this guide will help you make the next step in your career at zero cost or under $40.

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