Highest-paid Freelance professions with low competition

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If you are a freelancer in Dubai, you ought to prepare for the hard truth that freelancing is very competitive. To get you a clearer picture, Bawabba is one of the largest and most used freelance platforms in the United Arab Emirates. There are millions of freelancers on such platforms and probably a thousand more who have the same skillset and qualifications as you do. 

Whenever a client posts a project, almost hundreds bid for the same task. Out of which, only one will be awarded the job. Do you now see how competitive the freelancing world is? If you still want to pursue freelancing in the skill you have, you may want to make yourself stand out as a freelancer in the UAE

To make a good living as a beginner freelancer in Dubai, you should look wider and search for the least competitive jobs available. This not only helps you to get clients quickly but also enables you to build your brand easily. This is called the Blue ocean strategy where you find the path which is less taken and capitalize on every opportunity you get. Here are the top 10 least competitive freelance jobs in Dubai

Freelance 3d Designer in Dubai

Freelancing - Balls 1779069 1920

If you have a creative, artistic mind mixed with a love for technology, 3D design is the path you should follow. With the rapid rise of the need for animations, films, movies, clips, etc. both in the marketing field and in the entertainment sector, 3D designers are in high demand. In Dubai, many people have focused more on other types of design such as in graphics, meaning there is a whole gap that needs to be filled there.

Dj Jobs in Dubai

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You will be surprised to learn that DJs are some of the highest-paid entertainers in the world. The truth is, gigs are always there.  People party non-stop. Whether it is a corporate event or a casual party, a DJ is most likely going to be required. If you possess any deejaying skills and wish to make a living from them, get started in the freelance world. 

The majority of DJs in the Middle East look for gigs in common joints, through advertising, and the physical movement in search of jobs. With the advancement in the freelance world, clients; especially from the corporate field, are now searching for DJs online. Make good use of freelance platforms as they are not packed with other DJs, making getting a job quite easier.

Make-up Artist in Dubai

Freelancing - Makeup Artist 487063 1920

Beauty therapy has been around for quite a while now.  The beauty industry has expanded due to an increasing population and a variety of demands for services from the people. 

A considerable percentage of make-up artists in the United Arab Emirates are self-employed. This means that the majority of these beauty artists in Dubai depend on temporary jobs for a living. One thing that has not been realized by many make-up artists in Dubai is that such posts are also in high demand in the online freelance world.

Subscribe today and take advantage of the low competition. Build your brand in the make-up industry.

Sports Coaching Jobs in Dubai

Freelancing - Coach 551584 1920

A sports coach is more like a physical trainer. This is a very lucrative job, and one can seldom go without getting a good job. There are very many sports one can pick and become a trainer and earn some good cash. Corporate companies have sports teams which you can take up as their trainer only by signing up on freelance platforms. You can always be notified when a new client is looking for a sports coach in the field that you are familiar with.

Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

Freelancing - Stencil 1508277 1920

Dubai is a fast-rising city in the Middle East. Sooner or later, it will be one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of advancements and architecture. Today, Dubai is the number one tourist destination city in the world. This means that luxury hotels compete looking for fresh, brilliant luxury interior designers.

Not only are luxury interior designers in Dubai in high demand in the hotel and hospitality sector, but they are also needed in other commercial buildings. A well-decorated building is deemed to attract more clients.

Since the industry will not be flooded any time soon, now is your chance to make your name stand out in the freelance world. 

Home Interior Design in Dubai

Freelancing - Living Room 2583032 1920

A home interior designer is one of the most sought-after professions in Dubai. The available space is shrinking quite rapidly as the number of city dwellers increases day by day. The efficient use of the small space has become a necessity, hence the high demand for home interior designers in Dubai. 

Due to the improved standards of living and the increasing number of the younger generation living in Dubai, more homes require the professional services of a home interior designer. 

The reward for being an interior home designer in Dubai is pretty high, and the jobs are in plenty. You need not be convinced further on how taking this up is a good idea.

Residential Interior Design in Dubai

Freelancing - Fireplace 416042 1280

A residential interior designer is more or less related to an interior home designer. They are just differentiated with the scope of work. The city life is being appreciated as almost all major jobs are found there. A residential interior designer job is not easy to get when you start walking from firm to firm. Your best shot is going fully freelance. You will be amazed at the number of jobs that are up for grabs.

Villa Interior Design in Dubai

Freelancing - Villa Design 2731059 1920

Regardless of the size of the villa, you will need good experience before getting to work on it. Experience is one of the significant reasons locking out talented villa interior designers from working with major firms in Dubai. Should that happen to you, worry not, as self-employment is even more rewarding. There are very many clients currently looking for freelance villa interior designers in Dubai, do not be left behind.

Office Interior Design in Dubai

Freelancing - Office 594119 1920

There are uncountable office spaces in Dubai, as major companies keep on registering more and more branches in the city. Several commercial buildings and offices to let are also being put up almost at any point of the day. Businesses need good-looking offices to attract more clients. Building owners need good-looking office spaces to attract more tenants.

Your skill will get you more jobs. If you have the expertise, the talent, and the creativity to make different offices look amazing, do not wait for the industry to be flooded. Join as soon as possible the freelancing world of an office interior designer in Dubai.

Maternity Photography in Dubai

Freelancing - Pregnant 775036 1920

Did you know that very few photographers in Dubai have specialized in maternity photography? This type of photography requires additional skills and more marketing. Establishing yourself as a freelance maternity photographer is more likely to earn you more gigs than regular photography would.

Take away

These career choices are not in any way competitive. People are just realizing them. Before it, all get flooded like the case of many other fields, get yourself started. Head on to Bawabba now and build your name in one of the career choices above.

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