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Now that you have finally made up your mind to start your freelance career and set up your online portfolio, it is time to start looking for clients willing to hire a freelancer in the UAE. It is normal for starters to be a little lost on where to start hunting for lucrative freelance jobs, but that is something you can navigate with little research. Your chances of landing freelance jobs in the UAE will depend on many factors, including how well you have written your portfolio. However, your skills will be vital in getting you long-term job contracts. The best freelancers are always looking to add the highly sought out freelance skills to remain relevant in the job market.

List of the Popular Websites where Freelancers Start their Freelancing Career

1. Upwork: 

Probably the most popular freelancing site, Upwork has all types of freelancing jobs from website design to programming and writing tasks. It is always a good starting point for freelancers as you only need to have a good bidding pitch to land a job. It also lets you choose how you would like to be paid, whether it is per hour or a set milestone. It has the largest pool of contractors willing to hire a freelancer in the UAE, but the competition is also high.

2. Onlinejobs PH: 

With most freelancing jobs paying on a commission basis, the Onlinejobs PH is a big relief for freelancers specializing in sales and marketing, writing, and multimedia among others. The platform only provides freelance jobs that are salaried.

3. Women Who Code:

With most women spending some of their active years nursing children, the Women Who Code platform ensures that they continue to earn while spending time with their young ones. The platform was started to encourage women to excel in technology careers, but it has grown to become the primary source of income for most stay-at-home mums. It provides women with remote jobs from some of the best organizations.

4. Remotely Awesome Jobs:

Awesome Remote Job is a resourceful platform for freelancers still learning about freelancing. It is more of an everything platform with an extremely helpful list of remote jobs and freelancing resources that include videos, articles, books podcasts, and interview guides to get your freelancing career started.


Workana can be described as an Upwork alternative. It is almost similar to Upwork in that you have to bid for jobs. You also get paid at a fixed-price or hourly rate, but since it is less popular than Upwork, your chances of getting a job as a beginner freelancer could be higher.

6. Torre Remote: 

The goal of Torre Remote is to make working fun and fulfilling. It works by matching jobs with skills to ensure that you are getting jobs that you can deliver quality work. The site offers both part-time and full-time freelancing jobs.


Finding local jobs is not very easy for most freelancers. Workhoppers help to bridge the gap between local companies and local contractors. While using a precise algorithm, the platform lets you work for local companies while enjoying the flexibility of working as a freelancer.

8. Dynamite Jobs: 

Dynamite Jobs is a helpful platform for those individuals who like working remotely. The platform has jobs that you may not find on other platforms. It helps people develop their remote careers by providing jobs that match their skills. The platform also goes a step further to recommend individuals to managers looking to hire a freelancer in the UAE.

9. TopCoder:

If you are good at coding, you can join a community of about 1 million web developers and software engineers at TopCoder. In addition to providing developers with a community forum to share the developments in the industry, the platform further offers competitive challenges on development, design, and data science where winners get generous prizes.

10. Remoteleaf: 

When you start getting jobs, you will find that you have less time to keep checking different job boards for new postings. RemoteLeaf comes in handy for most top freelancers as it aggregates the best jobs from various job boards and delivers to your inbox, ensuring that you will not miss an opportunity to grow your career further.

11. Thumbtrack: 

The platform is the home for professionals. It is the place to go if you are passionate about home improvement, pet grooming, and event planning, among other services.

12. CodementorX: 

CodementorX is the platform for the best freelance developers. You must be good at coding to be accepted on the platform, but it offers large freelance projects, which makes going through the rigorous signup process all worth it.

13. Key Values: 

If you are not only looking for freelance work but working with a team that has the same value as you, the Key Values is your perfect website. The site lets you choose the most important value to you upon which it lists companies that promote your ideology.

14. Creative Circle:

Creative Circle is for individuals who love everything about working at an office but hate the hustle that comes with it. The site takes care of the paperwork letting you focus on your job. The site goes beyond what freelancing sites offer by providing medical insurance and retirement plan on top of their weekly payments.

15. VIPKid:

Finding teaching jobs is not easy if you are a freelancer, but VIPKid is becoming a reliable source of income for most freelancers. The platform offers you an opportunity to earn as much as $22 per hour teaching students across China.

16. 99Designs: 

If designing art is your passion, 99Design is your perfect home. It has plenty of creative jobs like designing logos, business cards, websites, promotional materials, and tattoos, among other creative tasks.

17. Freelancer: Like Upwork and Workana, Freelancer is another platform for all types of freelance jobs ranging from writing to design, software development, coding, legal services, and data entry, among others.

Wrap Up

If you have the skills and your freelancing profile is one of the best, finding a freelance job in the above-discussed sites will not be difficult. However, it is helpful to know the sites that are looking to hire a freelancer in the UAE without experience as some have a rigorous signup process to filter less experienced freelancers.

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