22 Freelance Jobs You Can Start Today in the UAE

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In the 2018 economy, more and more professionals are rejecting the traditional 9-5 job roles and are seeking flexible, part-time, or freelance work in search of more a fulfilling lifestyle that grants opportunities for both career growth, creative autonomy, and personal time management.

With the increased interest in non-traditional career roles, we thought we’d offer a list of 22 freelance career paths that you can start today in the UAE:

Are you a stay-at-home mom with a knack for cooking, or simply a weekend chef whose friends constantly sing praises along the lines of “you should open up a restaurant”?

Upon approval of certified kitchen space and a catering license, you can begin selling your delicious talents to a variety of consumers.

Bloggers are one of the most popular types of freelancers.  From video blogs (vlogs) to outsourced blog writers, to influential bloggers, this seems to be a constantly growing industry.

If you have a barrage of your own ideas and experiences, you can build a strong personal following and notoriety that can be marketed for branding purposes.

If you’re simply a great writer, tons of companies are investing in talent like you to help represent their ideas.

One of the most tedious tasks of a business owner is managing their accounts and books.  This requires data entry, client management, and organizational skills.

Although it’s not an extremely difficult role, it alleviates a lot of pressure off a manager and allows them to focus on more important elements of running a business. Some of the other freelance accounting services may include:

  • Financial reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Preparing Budgets and financial forecasts.
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Auditing
  • Freelance Childcare

If there’s one industry that will constantly experience an influx of demand, it’s childcare.  As long as children continue to be born, parents will be in need of someone to help.

Whether it’s date-night babysitting or full-time caregiving, childcare service is a great option

  • Freelance Consultant

New technologies and trends are emerging every day and companies are eager to stay ahead of the curve.  The problem is, they simply do not have the resources to assign personnel to constantly study every change in their industry – so they hire consultants.

By staying ahead of current trends, you can offer consulting services based on your niche set of expertise.

  • Freelance Direct Salesperson

Hiring full-time sales staff is a risky task for most businesses.  A great salesperson can completely turn around a business while a poor salesperson can be extremely mentally and financially draining.

As a Freelance Salesperson, you potentially unlock unlimited income potential without burdening an employer with the risk of a salary, insurance, or visa.

  • Freelance Editor and Proofreader

The Devil (and expense) is in the detail.  

90% of writing is simply in proofreading and editing.  As an Editing and Proofing Freelancer, companies are able to send over documents, proposals, articles, and website copy for your perusal.

By saving companies the time of proofreading and editing, you’re essentially saving them money – money that you could be raking in!

  • Freelance Event Planner

Companies benefit from organizing a variety of events from speaking opportunities, networking breakfasts, awards ceremonies, company parties, and training workshops.  The challenge, however, is that there’s rarely a staff member who has the available time, resources, or expertise to adequately source the right suppliers, venues, or caterers as well as recruit attendees.

Corporate Event Agencies, Wedding Planners, and individual companies can all benefit from a freelance event planner.

  • Pet Groomer

Grooming pets can be expensive and inconvenient.

Similar to cutting your own hair, most people tend to stay loyal to their same trusted stylist.  As a freelance pet groomer, you can simply develop a core clientele and enjoy consistent, reliable income.

No website or social media page is complete without high-quality photo and video content.  As professional photography studios have invested in cameras, equipment, lighting, assistants, and sustain monthly overheads, the cost is typically passed down to their clients.

Freelance photographers/videographers have the flexibility of avoiding large overheads and working with clients on either a project or a retainer basis. You could choose various types of photography depending on your interests. For example:


Business owners have a lot to worry about.  Amongst others, they need to manage to hire the right team, training staff, managing finances, growing their company, finding new clients, and managing workflow, so posting quirky memes on Instagram is not exactly a tier 1 priority.

As Social Media is continuously proving to be a necessary channel for marketing, a freelance Social Media Manager is the perfect solution to maintain a strong social presence without sacrificing time for more pressing tasks.

  • Freelance Fashion Stylist

Got style?  Share it!

Fashion is more than simply wearing the most up-to-date trends and brands.  Executives, business professionals, expecting mothers, and many others are constantly faced with unique situations that require the fashion input of a professional.  

Team up with these niche segments and you’ll be able to add value to a clientele that may not have considered such services in the past.

  • Travel Agent

Fact: People spend more time researching travel plans and how to save money than they do research on how to make more money to afford better travel arrangements.

As a freelance travel agent, you’re able to save people time and money and give them the peace of mind of knowing that their transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and food are all taken care of ahead of time.

  • Freelance Voiceover Artist

Have you ever heard a commercial on the radio?  Of course, you have!

Every day, companies are paying money to advertise their businesses on the radio and someone needs to be the voice that does the talking.  

Benefit from that silky smooth voice of yours and start pursuing roles as a freelance voice actor!

Websites are an essential part of the business’s marketing assets, however, it can be very expensive to hire a professional agency to build and maintain.

As a freelancer, you’re able to offer web development and maintenance services to clients who are unable to afford big agency fees or may be interested in a modest website maintenance contract. Some of the web development services you may offer are:

  • Website designing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Website maintenance
  • Removing malware from your website
  • Setting email accounts on your domain.


Graphic Designers are the rockstars of marketing.  

From Social Media posts to website designs, to advertisement banners, to brochures and flyers, to business cards and logos, to pitch decks and company profile presentations, there are countless ways that a company can benefit from a Graphic Design Freelancer. Here are some of the tasks, you can perform as a freelance graphic designer or a digital artist:

  • Design professional looking presentations.
  • Design attractive banners
  • Design creative logos for your brand.
  • Design professional looking business cards, brochures, letterheads etc.
  • Design cover photos for your social profiles.
  • Personal Trainer

There are certainly career opportunities for those of us who think of fitness as more than a casual hobby.

With the popularity of Social Media, the pressure to attain a great physique has never been stronger.

If you know the secrets to six-pack abs or buns of steel, perhaps a step towards freelancing as a personal trainer is your ticket to success! 

  • Artist

What home or office is complete without artwork?

Artwork from department stores is generic and uninspiring while artwork from galleries is expensive and impersonal.

Freelance artists have the opportunity to sell their own creations as well as customize artwork to each individual client, which is a great way to earn a full-time or part-time income while generating great value.

Lots of us love sports, however, very few of us actually have a chance to make money from playing sports.  

If you are a talented athlete at one or more sports, sports coaching may be for you!

From coaching recreational teams to conducting private lessons, to taking a role as a part-time sports coach at a primary school or university, there are plenty of opportunities to convert your talent into cash.

  • Private Tutor

Were you someone that excelled in school?  Is there a subject that you excelled in?

Countless children struggle daily to keep up with their school material and private tutors are genuine lifesavers.

Helping students succeed in school is one of the most rewarding roles you can pursue and if you can tap into the right market, it can also be one of the most lucrative.

  • Voice/Music Coach

Music is one of my most difficult industries to succeed in.  Everybody wants to be a rockstar and few are actually able to achieve the level of success required to support themselves financially.

Fortunately, if you’re a talented musician, you can tap into a whole network of artists who are hungry to improve their abilities and achieve their dreams.

  • Swimming Instructor

Many adults today still struggle with the ability to swim confidently.  People who do not know how to swim are at a much higher risk of putting themselves and others in danger.

By teaching swimming lessons, you are not only able to potentially save lives, but you are also able to help children and adults experience the fun and joy of swimming more confidently.

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