5 Freelancing Traps That Can Hinder Your Success

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Everyone makes mistakes. You can potentially make blunders that are more destructive as an independent contractor than they would be as an employee. Some errors can go beyond affecting your clients to impacting you and your business.  Before taking the plunge to work on freelance jobs in UAE, take your time to read this post. You don’t want plenty of freelancing traps stopping you in your tracks.  

Unscrupulous businesses are often exploiting gig workers to avoid paying a fair rate. Our article assembles a collection of phrases that most self-employed professionals will encounter. In existence is a learning curve concerning working for yourself, which can be quite steep in the beginning. Therefore, we have selected five of the most convincing traps we feel you should know. 

The Five Trap-Phrases To Avoid When Obtaining Freelance Jobs In UAE

We have all heard the cautiously formulated, manipulative statements tailored to exploit freelancers where they are most vulnerable. Areas such as risk management and job instability define the gig worker’s weakest points. We put together these five phrases, so they do not start to sound convincing, especially during the start of your learning curve in the industry. 

1. “The company doesn’t have a budget for this project, but we’ll have one for the next project.”

The phrase comes first among our red flags. Never fall for such statements as they admit their work is worthier than the offer, and acknowledgment comes after proving yourself. Can you walk into a pizza place and take a bite of your order then say, “I won’t pay because it is not what I hoped?” Business doesn’t work that way, and you have no reason to. It would help if you never ignored the reality of honest, ethical business in pursuit of the manipulative carrot of opportunity. 

2. “Only, Simply, or Just…”

Whenever you get a project request prefixed with the words “simply, just, or only, stay vigilant. Most unscrupulous clients try to reduce their requests to suggest it involves less effort. While it is not often intentional, the statement can be very misleading. Take the two scenarios for example;

  1. “Hi, Tom! I’m contacting you because I have a business that needs a logo. It’s only a small thing, nothing too complex.”
  2. “Hi, Tom! I’m contacting you because I have a business that needs a logo. Do you think we could find time to discuss the way forward?”

In the first description, the writer casually manipulates Tom by compressing the effort he’ll need for the project. You would never tell a doctor how to go about a medical case or try suggesting its complexity. It would be best if you stayed in the driver’s seat as a professional because you understand how much resources, effort, and time you will devote to the task.  For that reason, you determine how to quantify the bid, which makes it essential to know how to respond to clients who think you are overpricing. It’s vital for clients to feel that you are the specialist who appropriately understands how to tackle the request. 

3. “We have an urgent project to start us off.”

Understanding the powerful trends that can make freelance life easier is vital. Most of us hear the phrase severally in our freelancing career. The instinct of most independent workers is to help a client. However, taking on a rush project from a new client often sets you up for adversity. For starters, the project is disorganized, along with not knowing each other well. You will have no room for exploration or mistakes. 

Also, the phrase is a red flag for the consistent flow of urgent projects. Jumping in is setting yourself up for a rush relationship, which you may never end. Usually, say no if it is a new client with an urgent project. You do not want to promise and not to deliver for a client; it is bad business.

4. “It should really not take too long.”

 We keep falling for the no- or low-budget tasks that it becomes embarrassing to reflect on the inevitable mistake. Some essential freelancing tips from experienced independent workers could be helpful. We are often charmed by sweet or flattering requests. For instance, a colleague, friend, or relative whose website you can’t bear to see being designed elsewhere. In your mind, you convince yourself;

  • “It’s for a good cause…”
  • “It’s his first website, so…”
  • “It should really not take too long, so…”

Always say, “no, thank you.” Remain polite yet firm. You are saving yourself from a less than fulfilling experience that comes with a displeasing piece for the payoff. The project isn’t worth it, and it often takes longer than you anticipate. These 4 promising freelancing trends in the UAE should stop you from signing up for low or no-budget tasks. 

5. “We are offering you a chance to grow with us.”

Who is ready to work in trade? Whenever a gig worker sees this, they ought to run. The phrase became popular when Craigslist was a common platform for freelancers seeking opportunities. Before establishing Emirates-based freelancing sites, Craigslist had several client project requests concerning freelance jobs in UAE

During this time, it wasn’t uncommon to see clients with “brilliant business ideas” looking for web design or building work. They would trade off a chance for assured work when their brilliant ideas paid off. A client requesting work in trade is earning on the back of the website they are asking you to create. In that case, their business should be money. You deserve a piece of what you build because it generates revenue. 

The Wrap Up

The saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ often rings true. Freelancing needs lots of exploring, learning, planning, and putting into practice. Forming the decent habit of frequently referring to plans will ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals. Plenty of the statements designed to lure you into traps are sweet and flattering. We often fall for the phrases because we abandon our plans in pursuit of unrealistic, unplanned goals for quick returns. Formulate your goals and plan for action. After that, you can sign up on one of the domestic platforms like Bawabba for freelance jobs in UAE

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