Freelancing Tips in the UAE

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Freelancing isn’t for everyone but a selected few. If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer, congratulations. Being your own boss is highly rewarding and, importantly, a good way to grow. Working flexibly enables you to decide when to work, what to work on, and the pay you want. Despite the idea of freelance in UAE jobs being attractive, only a few people take the leap. This is because the career is scary. 

As a freelancer, you are typically running your small business. You will be responsible for searching for clients, convincing them to hire you, and have to deliver quality work timely. That aside, the idea of not having a regular paycheck may not go down well with everyone, but working full-time as a freelancer in the UAE is possible. If you are just starting out, the tips below can help you grow your career;

Tips on Starting a Freelance Career 

1. Get Organized to Show Your Skills 

Before making the decision to quit your daily job to join the world of freelancing, you should gather all the necessary freelancing tools for ascertained success. Most freelancing careers, such as graphic design and copywriting, require that you have an impressive portfolio. This is what will convince clients to hire your services. That said, peruse through your previous work, selecting pieces that you think can best describe your skills to be included in your portfolio. 

You should then start investing in various equipment and technology that come in handy for your freelance career of choice. For instance, if you decide to work on web development, read extensively on the various web development tools and top web hosting companies you would recommend to your clients. You may as well want to cultivate a professional image. Have a LinkedIn profile and a website or a blog that you update regularly. Finally, decide where you’d want to work. Having a dedicated workplace makes a significant difference in your productivity. 

2. Don’t Short-Sell Yourself

Bragging is ideally bad. However, in the world of freelancing, you should talk yourself up. Without this, you can’t convince clients to hire you. One thing that most successful freelancers in Dubai do is back their claims with facts. A case in point, if you are trying to convince a client that you can do an excellent copywriting job, send samples of the previous content you wrote before. 

3. Set Goals and Develop Plans to Achieve Them

Before making a decision to become a freelancer, you should decide what you want to accomplish. If you are leaving your daytime job to start freelancing, making enough money to support your daily needs is probably among the primary goals. Therefore, figure out how much you should charge, the number of projects you need per month, and the clients who can provide such work. 

Since you will be managing the projects on your own, you should employ the use of free or inexpensive tools such as ToodledoInsightly, and Google Calendars to help you schedule and submit your assignments on time. 

4. Market Your Services across Various Platforms

Don’t be comfortable once your website is up, thinking that clients will find you. You should advertise your services across multiple platforms. Try sending pitches using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also sign up to various freelancing platforms such as, and more. 

5. Try Networking and Avoid Being a Loner

The fact that you are working alone doesn’t mean that you isolate yourself. You should always be a networker. Like regular jobs, people will tend to trust recommendations coming from people they know. Make an effort to attend conferences and networking events. It is through this that you can introduce yourself to your next client. You should also practice some word-of-mouth advertising. Professional networking events are the best place to meet other freelancers and ask for advice to succeed in the industry. They will also likely share the freelancing do’s and don’ts based on personal experiences. 

6. Request Satisfied Clients for Testimonials

With freelancing, you don’t have to talk up your skills alone, especially if you have satisfied clients. Getting a recommendation from a client is a good way to win trust over new potential clients. So, the next time a client sends a message thanking you for the good work delivered, ask them politely if they would be willing to write a short testimonial about the services they received. Most clients understand the importance of testimonials, and they will be more than happy to write. 

The Bottom Line 

Freelancing may imply skipping the tedious commute to work and working in yoga pants. However, you should work hard for hefty payouts. Following the tips above can help you become a good freelancer in the UAE. Once you’ve notched the skill, be on the lookout for more ways you can earn through freelancing. Like any other profession, freelance learning is continuous. 

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