5 Best Online Training Courses Freelancers In The UAE Should Take

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Every freelancer knows that working hard is not enough to improve his or her earnings. Many industrious freelancers in the UAE cannot meet their financial obligations because they are struggling with underpaid contracts, or do not have the right skills to attract well-paying jobs. With the industry getting more competitive, it is time to boost your career by strengthening your freelancing skills through online training courses. 

Freelancing needs you to master plenty of skills, including time management, marketing techniques, financial management, business organization, entrepreneurship, and negotiation skills, among others. Therefore, learning these cutting-edge skills can increase your online presence and ensure that you start earning a significant income from home. Take advantage of these five online courses for a thriving freelancing career;

1. Marketing In A Digital World

Success in the freelance industry comes when you market your services as a brand. Coursera offers one of the best online marketing courses for freelancers. Through this online training program, you can master the concepts of strategic marketing, along with the tools you need to deal with brand communication in the digital world. 

The program will equip you with the latest aspects of the digital marketing environment, including;

  • 3D Printing
  • Analytics in digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Completing this course will give you a richer perspective of the foundations in the changing digital marketing landscape. You will also avail of new concepts, tools, and a set of stories to assist you in creating, distributing, promoting, and pricing your products and services in the freelance industry. 

The approximately 29-hour online-only course is a beginner level of the MasterTrack Certification program, offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. The full online training costs about $3500, covering both Coursera fees and Illinois tuition. 

2. Introduction to Time Management

The demands in your freelancing career can be overwhelming, leading to the non-delivery of targets. Time management is the most critical aspect of freelancing, without which you cannot make your life in the industry. Nevertheless, the introduction to a time management online course by Alison makes it easy for independent contractors to master the art of planning better for their freelance endeavors. With this knowledge, you can Start a Freelancing Business in Dubai While Working Full-Time for a truly fulfilling career. 

Signing up for the program guarantees you the best foundation in the basic concepts of time management, which will transform you into a time optimization professional. The course covers different useful topics, including:

Signing up for the program guarantees you the best foundation in the basic concepts of time management, which will transform you into a time optimization professional. The course covers different useful topics, including:

  • The advantages of time optimization
  • The benefits of planning 
  • The importance of prioritizing activities 
  • The art of delegation
  • The benefits of being in the right state of mind

If you dream of becoming a high-achiever in the freelance world, start by signing up for this one to two-hour course. The free online-only training comes with an assessment and certification upon completion. 

3. Learning How To Learn

The University of California San Diego training via Coursera offers powerful mental tools that can help any freelancer in mastering tough topics. The course avails of invaluable learning methods, which experts are using in different disciplines such as:  

  • science
  • music
  • math
  • art
  • literature 

Whether you are trying to become a freelance DJ in Dubai or learning the science of writing catchy pitches to clients, this is the course to take. 

The program teaches two essential skills, including:

  • Functions of the brain in two different learning modes
  • How the brain captures new ideas

Regardless of your current skill levels in the topics, you would like to learn, this training could transform your thinking and your life. As an online-only course, you can start immediately and choose your learning schedule. Besides, it only takes about 12 hours to complete the whole study program. 

4. Money Essentials

Making your living as an independent contractor involves constant learning and hard work. The sacrifices are enough proof of how UAE freelancers cope with unstable finances. With the Money Essentials training, you can move from coping to the proper financial management of your freelance earnings. As an easy-to-learn e-course, Money Essentials provides an excellent start in your journey to financial intelligence.

The online-only course covers various topics, including:

  • How to get a job
  • The art of budget creation
  • Buying a home
  • Investment tips for newbies
  • Retirement planning 

With no tuition fees, the CNN Money training course is a free way of boosting your current freelancing skills with additional financial expertise. Take the free online program, and you will know exactly how to manage your freelance earnings. However, you should get ready for some reading because the training does not have video tutorials. CNN Money only provides notes to learners.  

5. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

We all agree that negotiation is a critical element of business success and freelancing is a business like any other. All businesses survive on profitable contracts. In a company, negotiation skills can spur career advancement. For that reason, the essential strategies and skills on successful business negotiation training at Coursera could be the perfect training program for freelancers in Dubai who wish to advance their freelance careers. 

In this training, you will learn:

One of the best things about this course is that you can choose flexible learning schedules and start instantly. You will need approximately 15 hours to finish the entire online training. The program from the University of Michigan through Coursera is available online for free, though with a paid certificate.  


Your professional growth in the freelancing industry comes with several investments, including learning new skills for the job. It does not matter whether you are an experienced freelancer or a newbie; these online training courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to up their skills. Along with the universal skills, the programs are also excellent for cash-strapped freelancers who may not afford to pay tuition fees to gain new knowledge.

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