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A Job-Finding Guide For Freelance Web-Developers: Everything You Must Know To Start Earning  

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If you’re a beginner Web developer, freelance is probably the best place to start in your quest for expertise. Web development internships and full-time placements are not available everywhere. The internet, however, provides an endless source of prospective clients with a demand for your skills. As a freelance web developer, you will find that per-project payers are a fantastic resource for beginners. Web development in Dubai is at the peak of its desirability as a tech service. Therefore, enclosing yourself into one full-time employment may be cutting off earning and growth opportunities. 

Instead, you may want to take your knowledge to the web, where platforms exist to display your skills to thousands of interested parties. However, it can be challenging dealing with the first freelancer “client-drought”, which will occur as a result of lack of experience, expertise, or an empty profile. Therefore, it is imperative to know the projects and jobs you are least likely to fail to obtain. 

In the following article, you will find guidance on beginning your freelance developer career, as well as our selection of beginner-friendly development jobs. 

Building An Appealing Profile & Portfolio 

Before you can consider the jobs you want to apply to first, you will need to have a strong web profile and a convincing portfolio. Regardless of the site, you chose to register,  you will need to write an appealing description of your services calling for the attention and trust of interested parties. The language employed in your description should be consistent with that of your project cover letters and proposals. 

You will also need to have a robust portfolio, which should involve updated records of completed projects. As a beginner in Freelance in Dubai, you may not have had enough experience to build a solid collection of your work. Therefore, you may need to be willing to take pro-bono or lower-paid jobs at the beginning to earn work experience you can record. 

Our Additional Tip: 

Make sure your profile mentions your willingness to share your portfolio with prospective clients for added credibility.

Deciding On A Specialisation 

Your specialization or “field of expertise” will define the types of jobs you can apply to. You will need to do thorough research and practice work to find the area of web development in which you are most comfortable. Web development is generally a well-paying occupation. However, Web Developers in Dubai are paid the most according to skill. A survey by a popular tech site found that web development for the cloud is the top paying skill on the market, with an average income of $105,000 per year among both full-time employed and freelance developers. 

The viability of your expertise will also depend on the computing framework you operate with. Scala and Spark are known to bring in the most demand and revenue. 

As most web developers will know, mobile development has become the top-earning web development occupation. Therefore, to earn the most job as a beginning freelancer, you may want to specialize in mobile website design in Dubai

Beginner-friendly Jobs, You Should Apply For

As a freelancer, you will find that most jobs you get are project-specific. Therefore, to best illustrate the type of work we believe you should consider, we have based our chosen examples on real freelance web development requests from real clients. 

Something Easy – The Scrollbar

Website and business owners frequently have mild bugs that will require immediate fixing. A lack of a horizontal scrollbar, for example, is a common programming mishap that makes websites practically impossible to navigate. You will find that such projects, which involve minimal but urgent work, will offer a fantastic per hour rate. This will allow you, should you choose a bid/negotiation-based freelance platform, to drive your own bargain down and secure your first project. Furthermore, such a task will help you perfect a skill you will always need a freelance web developer in Dubai and the rest of the UAE: providing solutions to minor website display problems. 

Straightforward But Tedious – The Development Of A 4 Page Website 

A popular ask on all freelancing platforms is the development of small websites dedicated to individual service or product sales. The fewer pages the site requires, the more detailed and reliable the instructions provided by your client are likely to be. You should also note that cheap website design in Dubais one of the most demanded services in the UAE. Therefore, you will need to be versed in effective website development early in your freelancing career

Easy But Underpaid – Improving The Design Of Existent Pages 

Individuals who run websites are often amateur developers themselves. Therefore, they are likely to have coded certain pages of their sites themselves in need of assistance in making the pages more appealing. Because these tasks are simple and common, they are likely to provide very low pay. However, they will grant you the experience and positive reviews you will want as a beginning freelancer

Experience-providing – Converting PSD files in HTML Pages 

Because this is an expertise-based task, your prospective client is likely to know that cheap labor from fast-paced professionals can be found on the web. Therefore, the pay is likely to be a little disappointing. However, it will provide you with experience building responsive sites, which can become a great source of future income. 

Complex But Rewarding – Making A Consult Platform (backend-front-end Development)

Fluency in backend languages is likely to earn you a lot of jobs from the very beginning of your freelancing career. While it is a rather complex specialization, it is often paid relatively well, with the provision of extra time for research and self-training. Most projects of this kind will require more than one freelancer, and clients will be willing to provide up to 90 days for the completion of basic projects. This is the type of project we believe working student developers should take to expand their expertise. 

A Concluding Note

Our community of experts will tell you one thing: beginning freelance work requires patience and perseverance. In the first stages of your career, you will want to be steered towards job offers that do not take advantage of your lack of experience or expertise. Therefore, you will want to sign up for the most reliable, professional-empowering freelance platform. 

We connect skilled professionals to reliable employers and interested parties are welcome to consider our resource of young, sharp web developers. Rather than splurge on a web design company in Abu Dhabi or the rest of the UAE, contact our freelancers for the best rates on the market.

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