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10 Beginner Jobs Freelance Web Designers Should Offer To Start Earning Immediately 

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As a beginner web designer, you may find it challenging to get high-paying web designing projects. Most clients will look for experience and a good portfolio when awarding gigs, which automatically disqualifies beginner web designers. Before you can be viewed as a freelance web designer Dubai expert, you will need first to build your portfolio as one of the ways to land your first job. As opposed to looking for the well-paying gigs that are difficult to come by, you can create your portfolio by focusing on the jobs established professionals are less likely to seek.

Beginner Gigs Web Designers Should Seek To Build Portfolio

1. Build a mobile website

With mobile technology changing almost daily, there is a growing demand for a mobile freelance web designer Dubai expert to modify or build a new mobile website. Although most websites today are designed to scale to different screens, there are still institutions and businesses that run an independent mobile version. Looking for clients who need a mobile designer can mean that you are always occupied as you build your portfolio. It will also help overcome the financial difficulties that are usually common during the early days of a freelancer.

2. Design functional, attractive web icons

Website owners are always looking to improve the functionality and appearance of their websites to make them more appealing to their clients. Icons are an integral part of good website design. They make it easy for clients to find the website, especially when they are using multiple tabs on their browsers. Popular websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter can be easily recognized in the tab section of the browser. You can build your portfolio by helping businesses and institutions customize the appearance of their website through the use of lavish and bright pictograms.

3. Design a Facebook business page

Facebook is a popular selling site for many businesses. Unfortunately, most businesses do not know how to get the best from popular social media. It is also easy to sell your ability to set up a professional Facebook account. If you add this service to your skills, you will have endless opportunities as businesses are always looking for an effective way to promote their business. Customizing a Facebook page to make it more professional and engaging can help increase brand awareness, improve SEO, and even build a community around the business. If you help businesses to sell more, you will be the first person they contact when they need bigger projects.

4. Customize Facebook page tabs

Almost every business is running a digital marketing campaign on Facebook, which has created massive competition. In an attempt to outdo their competitors, social media marketers are open to any idea that will help differentiate their business and capture their target audience. Since most established freelance web designer Dubai professionals are only interested in big projects, you can win clients by helping them customize their Facebook page tabs according to their preferences.

5. Create a custom Twitter background design

You can quickly build your portfolio by helping businesses swap the plain Twitter backdrop with an exciting custom image that will leave followers impressed. A customized Twitter background will help businesses build their brand and leave an impression. With your web design skills, you can easily find a clientele that will help you build your portfolio. Some of the clients that you customize their Twitter could also end up giving you bigger projects if you do a good job.

6. Design microsites

Microsites are small websites that businesses can use for different purposes. They are different from the main websites, and they are used to achieve a temporary purpose. Most businesses use them to promote a product or launch a campaign. Depending on the business preferences, a microsite can have its URL or run from a subsection of the main website. Businesses prefer running short-term campaigns on microsites as it helps visitors to focus on the main product, unlike the main website which is full of different content.

7. Design portfolio sites

A portfolio site is different from the main website. The portfolio site’s purpose is to showcase the work and demonstrate the experience and achievements of a person. The portfolios can be anything from written essays to photography, visual art projects, and projects created electronically. The portfolio may also feature awards, certificates of acknowledgment, and any other information that promotes the achievements and success of a person. Almost every professional from freelancers to career-driven individuals will need to showcase achievements. Offering portfolio site design can help you earn and survive the difficult first months of a freelancer.

8. Create landing pages

With businesses regularly running marketing campaigns, you could start your freelancing journey by helping businesses create effective landing pages. Whether a business is promoting its products through Facebook, pay-per-click, or direct mail, it will need a landing page. A landing page is a powerful tool when it comes to sales conversion as it features specific actions, unlike a website. Designing landing pages can guarantee you regular jobs as businesses launch marketing campaigns every few months or weeks.

9. Create banner ads

The banner ads have been running since 1994, when hotwired.com today’s Wired Magazine launched the service on October 27. The ad would take the user to a microsite that runs an AT&T campaign. Since then, banner marketing has moved from the web banner ads still present in publications to the more engaging ads you see on social media platforms. Today, banner ads take different formats that range from animations to videos. Offering banner ad design can be a reliable way to earn money as the demand is skyrocketing every day. Furthermore, you only need to be creative to create an ad, which makes them ideal for beginner web designers.

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