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Top 10 Best Platforms for Building Mobile Apps for Freelance Web Designers in Dubai

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According to the Media Lab 2019 statistics, at least 98% of people can access the internet in the UAE. This is a clear indication that the use of mobile apps is inevitable. Every day, businesses in the UAE work towards acquiring an online presence and occupying the most significant market share. As a freelance app developer in Dubai, your prowess exposes you to a large pool of jobs ranging from creating apps to designing websites. To build customized and high-quality apps, you need to know what platforms are excellent in terms of features and pricing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the ten best platforms for you. 

Effective Platforms for Mobile App Creation

1. AppMakr 


Building mobile apps requires some coding knowledge. However, this is not always the case. AppMakr is an example of a platform that allows you to create content-based native apps for Android and iOS by simply dragging and dropping texts and graphics. 

This platform has features like RSS and Application Programming Interface that power the content of the app. Audio, images, video, and text are examples of the type of content you can add to your interface to create an app. Apart from a free trial, the platform has basic, gold, and platinum packages that cost $18, $36, and $60 per app per month. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. GameSalad


As long as young people exist, gaming apps will always be on-demand. GameSalad provides an incredible guide on how you can transform your imagination and creativity into a mobile app. It supports android, iOS, HTML5, and OSX. It has three packages; GameSalad basic, Home Edu, and Pro which go for $17,$8, and $25 per month when paid annually.

This platform has a user-friendly visual programming Interface that’s more suitable for design students. If you want to become a freelance web developer in Dubai.

This app may be perfect for you since it favors beginner web developers. Here, you can learn skills like programming, game design, and digital media creation.

3. Apps Builder


For an aspiring freelance app developer in Dubai, you may want to create apps without necessarily utilizing your programming skills. Apps Builder is a platform that gives you the ability to make apps from scratch without coding. It also allows you to integrate your apps with analytics, and marketing and monetization platforms. 

The integration gives your apps an upper hand in the internet market and hence, earns you some cash. Apps Builder offers a free trial for visitors. From there, you can subscribe to your preferred package depending on your budget and the features you want to access. The Bronze package costs 9Euros per month.

4. Bizness Apps


With the e-commerce market growing every day, business apps will always have an advantage in the app store. The majority of e-commerce stores have apps, both web, and native. Bizness Apps is a platform that allows the user to build business-based apps. It has unique features like third-party integration, e-commerce, push notifications, and app analytics, among others.

The user interface is friendly and allows you to make customized apps of your choice. Once you’ve created an app, you can make numerous changes any time you want. The platform offers a free trial, after which you can choose a standard, gold, or platinum package for desired features.

5. The Appy Pie


It’s a platform that gives inexperienced web developers a chance to create mobile apps without any coding comprehension. It is a top-rated app, especially among small businesses. It allows the creation of business apps, church apps, wedding apps, restaurant apps, etc. The platform offers the basic, gold, and platinum packages at $30, $36, and $60 for every app per month.

The Appy pie supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, Fire OS, and Windows operating systems. The platform permits you to display your apps on it. You can also integrate your app with social media as well as photo and video editing features. Push notifications and navigation directions are other features that clients may want. It also allows beginner web designers to start learning for free.

6. Nevercode


For skilled professionals working on multiple projects, Nevercode is a platform that makes everything possible. It has sophisticated features for control and automation. It supports the optimization and integration of third-party apps for efficiency. You can integrate Nevercode apps with tools like chrome, Apium, android, Jasmine, iTunes connect, and others.

Other features include parallel testing, release automation, automatic set up of projects, concurrent builds feature, data encryption, and a flexible app development process. Nevercode is a platform that every freelance app developer in Dubai should use as it starts with a free trial. It also has startup and superstar packages that go for $99 and $299 per month, paid annually. The startup package allows the creation of two apps concurrently while the superstar package allows unlimited apps.

7. ShoutEm


This is a content-based platform that has incredible features for the integration of apps and other services. Once you create an app in ShoutEm, you can add photos, videos, podcasts, and even stream radio. You can also integrate maps, check-ins, events, and places to give the user a worthwhile experience. 

General information like directories, about pages, blog articles, news, and books can also fit in the apps. The platform has push notification features that aid in marketing. It also has android only, standard, and professional packages that offer free trials. They go for $49, $79, and $149 per month respectively.

8. AppFactory


If you’re looking for a platform on which you can create a native app in less than 10 minutes, then AppFactory is here for you. It is more suitable for building content-based web applications. The platform also permits you to update content on your app using the website automatically.

It also provides cloud services partnering with Google Cloud Platform and other platforms. Other features include an Application Programming Interface and third-party integration. 

9. AppMachine


This platform allows the user to create mobile apps using more than 35 pre-coded building blocks. It has navigation templates, a layout manager, and styling templates for easy building of apps. Once you’ve created an app, AppMachine expects you to take a screenshot to acquire a store license for your app. After which you can post your app on the store for display.

With AppMachine, you can create sports apps and integrate them with third-party platforms. You can also design your own layout, import excels data, and connect your app to web services. The platform allows the creation of plus apps and pro apps which cost $49 and $69 per month respectively.

10. Mobile Roadie


This platform is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as it integrates app creation and mobile marketing. You can build an app on anything you wish. It can range from music, entertainment, hospitality and travel, sports, business, media, and events, among others.

The platform has a smooth and clear procedure on how to create apps. You simply need to choose a category of content for your app and get started. It has features such as in-app purchases, interactive maps, augmented reality, third-party integration, etc. Here, you can either choose a pro or superior package depending on the kind of features you want.


Building mobile apps is a paying skill that you can acquire overnight. With very simplified features in different app-building platforms, you can easily make apps and sell them. You can also create apps for small businesses as a freelancer. Clients are always on standby. With the right platforms and some web designing skills, you can earn your living from the comfort of your home. Need some mobile apps without much hassle? Get an experienced freelance app developer in Dubai.

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