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5 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Conversion

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It is a sad tale to hear business owners complaining over and over claiming to have hundreds of clicks but almost no conversions to show for it. Even after triple-checking for faulty submission buttons or broken links and analyzing the target audience further, the results remain the same.

Whenever such errors occur, it would be prudent to have professionals analyze your website to identify the root cause. In some cases, you’ll find that the main reason behind the low conversion rates on your site is a poor landing page.

Although there are many ways freelance web developers in Dubai can help you to increase conversion rates, the one thing that stands out the most is having a good landing page. Landing pages are crucial to a company’s success as they form an integral part of each inbound marketing strategy.

When a visitor lands on your page, they only have a few seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave. The only way you can increase conversion is by grabbing their attention and appealing to them. Basically, a landing page can make or break your business within seconds.

To be on the safe side, having a quality landing page is most likely to make your traffic purchase from you. This is why it is paramount to beware of what exactly constitutes a poor landing page and how you can avoid such mistakes. Here are five landing page mistakes that are killing your chances at conversion and why you should avoid them:

1. Having unclear CTAs

There is nothing more uninviting than a generic call-to-action (CTA) button placed on your landing page. CTAs such as ‘submit’ and ‘click here’ is not convincing enough to your page visitors and they might end up not doing as you wish.

Although it seems unimportant, the words on your CTA have a huge impact on your conversion rates, which is why it is crucial to invest a lot in your landing page CTAs. For starters, having certain keywords strategically placed on your CTAs helps the visitors to have a glimpse of what they should expect next. Such expectations are key to building stronger customer relationships.

If your call-to-action buttons are vague or unclear, it will put off your readers, preventing them from taking action. Always be clear on your choice of words, and instead of using generic terms such as ‘download,’ you can opt for more specific phrases such as ‘Get your Free Ebook Now.’

2. Loading time lag

The speed of your website is another crucial element that not only helps you rank through search engine optimization (SEO) but also in appealing to your traffic to convert. 74% of your site visitors are likely to drop off if the page they’re searching for takes more than five seconds to load.

You may have great content, cool offers, and a plethora of goodies for your visitors, but if the page doesn’t load faster, you’re likely to lose them. All your money and effort towards building the site and business will go down the drain if website speed isn’t taken care of.

To guide you on where exactly to look, some of the factors that freelance web developers in the UAE recommend looking into include:

  • A slow hosting provider 
  • Poor image optimization
  • Unclean web coding
  • Too many server requests
  • Huge web files

3. Overly-complicated forms

It is not news if you’ve ever loaded a page, only for it to request you to fill up a form. Although not many understand this, having overly complicated forms on your landing page might put off a huge chunk of your traffic. There are sites that require the visitor to fill in everything but their blood type, which is a turn-off, as many people are usually so protective of their personal data.

In most cases, whenever someone arrives on your landing page, they are still in the awareness stage of a buyer’s journey. They’re looking for solutions to problems or questions they might have. You have to show them that you’re ready with their answers and not planning on giving them another rough time.

If there must be a pop-up form that your readers need to fill in, only request them to fill out their name and email address. Start small, as strong relationships are built over time, both in the physical and digital worlds.

4. Crowded design

When optimizing your landing page, always have in mind a conversion-centered design. Narrow down all your options to only the specific action you’d wish your visitors to take. Simplicity is key, and having a crowded design will only put off your page visitors who will drop off, thereafter increasing your site’s bounce rates.

In the digital world, reading is almost becoming obsolete. Therefore, ensure that you narrow the text to only a few letters so that whenever the readers scan through your page, they’ll know exactly what you offer and what a particular action gets them. Avoid using hard-to-read fonts, jarring colors, and a distracting format, and stay away from too many headlines that might be competing with each other.

5. A disconnect from your ad design

It is not hard to attract hundreds of clicks to your ad, but the main problem comes when trying to convert the traffic. Another huge mistake marketers make is by disconnecting the ad and the landing page. For instance, you might have come across an eye-catching, beautifully designed ad that leads to a landing page with a completely different feel and looks.

Once you detach these two, be sure that the visitors will get confused due to the disconnect between the two. Avoid having a visual disconnect to allow your page visitors to feel the connection, hence increasing their chances of conversion.

What Next?

Although creating a good landing page shouldn’t be rocket science, it is prudent to have an expert curate the best one for you. You can easily find a reliable freelance web developer in Dubai to design the perfect landing page for you at affordable rates.

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